How much? Match how! Valuing the Process and Not the Price, The Perception of Values

fc2506d88244f1d175939f95cb29c135  There is one thing on everyone’s mind when intending to acquire something, how much?

However, there is one much on life’s think, match how.

We apparently tend to attract various circumstances, experiences, events, factors, happenings, incidents and occurrences to unfold in our lives based so very much and so very match on our perceptions, our attitudes and actions of course.


Beyond what we can be able to envisage is that gracious vision that is able to foresee and determine the precisionality of evolution and mind you this has been going on since time immemorial and will continue to do so with methodical precision that is absolutely impartial.

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So next time, it is not the price or the prize, it is the value of the values, the authenticity that is able to shine true and through across each and every face as well as within each and every phase and facet of our lives ingeniously; as we value, so does life; as our values, so life will you and wills you infinitely, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Behaving as Be Having, Reactance Behavior

image   Why are we behaving as if? Behaving otherwise will author likewise set of results.


Rather than living on an autopilot or in a state of illusion, we need to be realistically practical and grounded, consciously awakening to our respective agendas, assignments, chores, commitments, duties, objectives, obligations, responsibilities, vocations and tasks accountably. a33cea2594f008ebd487420b73b5233c   images

Our behaviour has brought us here, unto this phase and stage, so please realize that reactance might be instantaneous but being pro active and planning ahead with due diligence, prudence, vigilance and a sense of alertness and tenaciousness is better than being shrouded with a victim syndrome outlook; or a I don’t know what will happen attitude.


As harsh as it may seem, the truth is that life wants us to own responsibility for our lives and truly take genuine care of ourselves in each and every moment of our lives and not just keep stating, what if? If what?


Because someday, sometime the avalanche of IF’s might become far too contagious and only lead to accentuating nothing more but a cauldron of more IF’s; its like as if we are training our mind and brain to accept and adapt to a certain mode and psychological way and approach of living absentmindedly?


Think well, be well and well its your being, its your life and not someone else’s; realize that each and every moment of your life is truly precious and through your conscious behaviour, as your behavior, so your be have here.


Now whether the space, the time element between the be+have+here might be stretched across and elongated to allow other aspects of life to unfold is determined by the process of life that impartially governs the process of nature, so come to think of it, what we do=what we true, whether actually, pretentiously or even whether ignorantly/negligently.


There is no excuse, there is no pretext and there is no pseudonym or another entity that can be blamed for the circumstances in your life repeatedly. You have been enjoying your behaviour in a certain way, well then along with the in joy there is an alignment called in join, which is the accountability factor.


This factor measures, weighs and determines meritoriously the share and values that you duly deserve, so whether anyone is looking or not, life is look in true and through, right all along the way, precisely and methodically keep track and pace of each and every evolving intent and trend amazingly.


It is always better to be consciously aware of what we are thinking, of what we are feeling, of what we are emoting, of what we are practicing, of what we are liking, of what we are embracing (ideas/notions); of what we are appreciating, of what we are grateful for, of what we are acknowledging, of what we are attracting into our lives, of what we are aligned with and so on and so forth, all from a conscious, alert and vigilant perspective 24×7.

24×7 does not literally mean the virtual twenty four hours, seven days a week, it means that the disciplined way of living where at all given times, as reasonably as possible to be in complete and total conscious alignment with ourselves and not just deviating from here to there and anywhere?


While focusing upon attending to some tasks of course we need to apply an extremely higher and greater degree of attentiveness, well that is understandable, but then the times in between, when doing nothing at all, do not let or permit the errant thoughts, habits and behaviours to take charge of your life, that is what the 24×7 is accentuating and very strictly emphasizing upon, for a little leverage here or a little escapism mindset of drifting away from one’s genuineness and authentic set of responsibilities could tend to cost and have a far much greater price to pay whether now or further ahead.


Its your choice and well then you are the chosen as well, for when you behave, how you behave all adds up and the maths of life is very simplified and not complicated at all. It knows what is precisely what and due when.


When we behave in soch (thought) a way, then life will likewise be have in such a way as well. Its like as if we taught life to behave in a particular way, but actually all that life is doing is neutrally responding on the basis of a scientific process where even nothing actually is not the nothingness, it is the now thinkness, that is why soch(thought) was brought here in between to imply the extremely incredible significance we keep coming across regarding the thoughts and thinking process, that how remarkably influential our soch (thoughts, thinking) shapes the scope and outlook as well as results in our lives, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi