Mind, Acceptance of the Moment As It Is

Understand the Understanding; Being There, That’s Here; Acceptance of the Moment As It Is   mindfulnessMost of us are trying to understand our minds. Most of our minds are trying to understand us.


In between the understanding process,until or unless we are authentically; unless we are genuinely being with our minds, we will not be able to understand after all. The understanding process is a discipline by itself that merits tremendous attention and due importance.


To simplify this, let us reflect all across our lives and review, we will be able to particularly notice that some of the most fabulous moments of our lives kept recurring when we were “being” with+in the moment as it was, is and will be.

Its not pretending to be there or being there to pre=tend, rather it is sincerely about being here, there or anywhere we are at any given time.

By following this process, we will be able to remarkably establish a sustainable platform that nourishes and nurtures the different aspects and facets of our lives ingeniously.


For, we are being truly devoted and focused upon what we are with instead of contemplating and wishing on some fleeting imaginary tract of thoughts that yet again might leave us wondering, for while the thought might be the wonder waiting to happen, it is the wonderfulness of what’s taught that actually happens; that actually unfolds in our lives.

This means that we approached life as a student, keen to learn and engage with our minds very most enthusiastically, but then deviating from the discipline of studying and engaging in playing and deviating from the norms and ethics of our minds protocol, we land up distancing ourselves from the very parts and intended pathways of our minds consciousness.


All across history, right in this very moment and further ahead, all the brilliant minds that create and invent magnificent innovation’s are those that are actually “being” there, wherever there are, all the way, all along the way always.

The soul of our mind is more responsive when we contribute to its resourcefulness by being disciplined in our approach for the mind has been creatively formed and grows and expands its consciousness whether when we are awake or asleep far much more; so much so that when we are asleep, our sub conscious mind is nurturing a greater set of imaginative paradigms which subsequently help us right across each and every moment of our lives tremendously.quote-Ramana-Maharshi-mind-is-consciousness-which-has-put-on-25028

Now, the choice is ours, whether to earnestly contribute to the “being” there; thereby being here as well when the time for being here comes, for whether anyone is looking or noticing or not, how devoted and focused we remain,with what degree of discipline we learn and tend to observe and practice our life’s disciplines, to that specific pinnacle of ascending in grace and wisdom will be attained and meritoriously cultivated, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Pointing Fingers? Figuring the Configuration of Whose Life? Pointless Vacillation


When we like to point our fingers at others constantly just out of habit and no rhyme or legitimate reason?

Then our fingering actually appoints likewise what we are figuring throughout the configuration of our lives back into our lives since beyond the index finger lies the four other fingers that are firmly appointing back what we are instigating and mysteriously implying about other, but why?

Is this what our life was meant to be please? To keep on finding excuses and reasons in unnecessarily embroiling and engaging ourselves in the egoistic dichotomy of our illusive notions please?


Realize and consciously awaken to the true essence of your divine being for life is far much more than we envisage on the surface, there is a magnificent wealth of some of the most priceless virtues ensconced within the realms of our true nature and our true self that amazingly seek us to align ourselves with, so that we can create and experience the wonderfulness of being our true self infinitely, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi