Life is One, We are Many

imagesindeximages253a1d94a04131e90665d4620The captioned title humbly seeks to reflect upon the incredible preciousness of our lives.

The gist is that  while life is one and straight forward to and with us, some of us are wearing so many identities and re writing the script of our lives as if the masquerading will actually enhance the scope of our living?

With life, it is a one on one basis, which means that our life knows all about us, knowing the now in of our lives, the present tense will help allay and relieve enormous stress from our lives for being present to the moment ensures our attendance to the roll call of our lives.imas

We are not vacillating and daydreaming but very much aware of what our life constitutes and what we could contribute towards its greater development respectively. This means all along that being one as we are and not some one else that life does not know.

Why this is mentioned is because some of us are mystifying our very own selves as well? We pledged so much and faithfully committed that we would devotionally and disciplinarily attend to various aspects of our lives but as soon as the achievement is attained, some of us keep on deferring and postponing what needed to be done a few years ago still to a forwarded illusive date of few years ahead, like leaving the kettle on the stove’s back burner and very well aware that the energy that is being depleted is ours after all, that just by looking away, the look in a way will not appear.


While some of us have many roles to play in our lives, that is understandable, but here it is not about that at all, since the roles we play and fulfill our respective responsibilities is truly commendable. Here it is entirely different, it is seeking to refer to the devious and masquerading approach where some of us are beguiling life with enticing sets of distant fleeting possibilities that have no realization or any element of reality, it is like as if just for the moment to indulge in experiencing the illusive pleasure and then latching onto that particular experience and spreading it across life’s moments – creating a sort and type of vacuum and emptiness?

This is not reflecting upon imagination or aspirations at all, rather it is about the illusiveness in some of us whose intentions are not clear at all and then intending to maximize the enormous advantageability from our lives? Remember that everything is having a price to pay for, nothing comes free at all, meaning here it refers to owning up and living a dignified and responsible life that is aligned with our life’s purposeful goals and objectives conscientiously.


This is not about lecturing or just reflecting upon some casual reflection, rather it is coming to one point over and over and over and over and over again……… which is that our life is one and we are many; this seeks to imply that we have one life but to it “some” of us are appearing as far too many. Its the identity crisis, that we do not know ourselves at all and neither do we take the initiative to carefully understand and realize ourselves and as time goes by, we start creating and imposing certain whimsical egoistical tendencies to take charge of our lives? Remember it is “some:” of us, and we are not going to be able to change that “some”of us until they earnestly take charge of their lives and sincerely put things/matters in proper order; for the sum of us are well contented and living our lives purposefully with our defined set of objectives and goals harmoniously. We do wish them well but then the reality of life is that it is their lives and they will have to honestly and faithfully contribute to the betterment of their lives for they have the courage and fabulous potential well within them, however they need to realize and focus upon fulfilling what their life seeks from them, always ensuring practice of  righteousness in one’s thoughts, feelings, actions and expressions objectively.


However for those “some” of us who may regretfully be treading on pathways that they sadly did not have anyone to correct or guide them, it is for them that this particular topic is intending to reach across for – for them, every moment of life is equally precious but the point is they have erected mazes all within and around themselves instead of ever admiring, appreciating and amazing themselves at all?

We have not lived such a life so we do not know how it feels to experience each moment with the ardent hopes and ardent ambitions to improve our lives but not knowing where to start at all? To reflect back on the essence of what is being discussed, the point is, that once the “some” of us realize and truly be one with our life, then life will likewise be one with us and we will notice various aspects in our lives improving and transforming after all the intense years of criss crossing channel of intermingling channels.


Simple point is be one with life as life is being one with you; be true to your nature as your nature within and all around you is being true to you, but in and across all the process do realize that one means one and not speaking about any oneness or multiplicity or ambiguous references’ for here it is simply about the genuine one that our life knows and when we are one with our life across as well as in each and every moment of our lives, then we will notice that we are experiencing considerably different sets of results.

Perhaps no one told us? Perhaps no one made us realize? But well now some one is reaching across to us with this humble appeal to be grounded, be focused and truly be one for life is one with us and we need to essentially be one as well and not many.most-of-the-shadows-of-this-life-are-caused-by-our-standing-in-our-own-sunshine-13

Yes we are many of us and life welcomes all of us with equal and special deserving attention and remarkable endowments but we will need to diligently strive and achieve what we intend to attain in our lives; our being one is the truth of our lives, where we are permitting our unstinting focus and devotion to be aligned within each and every moment of our lives with the very most purest of intentionality; knowing that this life is one and that we are many of us as well as us of many, all inclined and devoted towards living the one life that we have right now, right here, righteously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

The Heart Disk? Task Drive of our Being


We keep on adding to our being? When will we be the “being” of our addition? It refers to equitably balancing what we think, do, express and react to in our lives.

Whether images, incidents, events or scenarios; when we keep on repeatedly focusing on some aspects of our lives, then we particularly deplete a vital part of our being to allocate all its creativity, focus and resourcefulness upon the concerned aspects accordingly.

Now, if we were to genuinely reflect and observe what serves our productive efficiency and liberate ourselves of the uncalled for anxiety phases or intense procrastination binges, then we might remarkably be aligned with the process and scope of our lives that is consistently evolving.

Its our choice, no one knows what are we actually clinging onto that is either contributing to our goodwill, harmony, progress and welfare at all? However it is essential that we acknowledge the greater purpose and roles that we have to authentically play in our lives for time is going by and just absent mindlessly going on accumulating what is influencing our empowering blossoming and growth in lives could become all that much more distant and appear phenomenal, all because we opted to keep on adding without being the addition

Being the addition to speak of in simple terms here refers to facing the reality of our lives, where we are consciously and diligently aware of what we are thinking, feeling, experiencing and then responding. Where we instill true discipline in each and every moment of our lives, to be in devotional union with our higher consciousness to fulfill our life’s potentiality and calling ingeniously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi