Life from Space, Space from Life, Envisioning the Cosmic Rhythm of Evolution

297259Universe When we look at life from space we right away reflect upon the space in our life.

Well, why didn’t this stark realization dawn all along our lives? Why did it have to take us that expedition all the way to space to realize the divine essence of our being?

Be the infinite spaciousness of your being as it explores the gracefulness of the cosmic constellations embodied within all the symphonies of creation magnificently, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Speak Often, The Softness of Speaking

87306f6f02d800aed87110dd9c36612cSpeak so often, speak oft in, speak soft within. There are so many people who have got accustomed towards screaming and yelling for any and every reason?

Who are they really affecting or hurting after all? Gentleness and softness are virtues of the strong and wise.

The captioned title refers to speak often, however this also implies and exemplifies; actually accentuates the incredible importance of that silent conversation that is constantly ongoing within ourselves 24×7.

Be well in touch and conscious awareness of what that conversation is all about and strictly ensure that it is in the best interests of one and all for anything that starts with any think can possibly lead to anywhere if not kept in disciplined observance and diligent check/control.

Remember, whether its a conversation or the calmer tone of your vision, pay due importance to what is not just going on but as well as ongoing for its not so what after all, there are something below and beneath the surface that might be fomenting and precipitation an entirely different restructuring altogether and that may all have possibly got ignited and sparked off with one single conversation where we were actually heeding and paying careful attention to what was being communicated.

Being distracted by the chit chats, messages, the social interactions and other aspects is not respectful for when someone is speaking with us, they seek our attention as we would likewise seek when we be in their shoes. Realize that no one may tell you or reprimand you but life’s accountability ultimately comes forth to demand firm accountability along with its respective consequences legitimately, take care and speak often that is relating to constructive topics and discussions that will always contribute to the betterness of all of us conscientiously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

All With Me, The Soul’s Odyssey

PaleBlueDotQuoteWhen no one was with me, you were all with me. Now that all is with me, you are no-where?

Does this sound familiar? Its a matter of fact that even then, even now as well as further ahead, know one is always there with thee.

Its not about a religious incantation or a sacred self esteem mantra, but the soul is always faithfully with thee;, then why treat it as a separate entity?

Befriend your soul, speak compassionately through the auspices of your intuitive faculties to it, true it and realize that the infinite journey of gracious joyfulness and realized wisdom is the soul’s odyssey.

Once you fulfill your respective primordial as well as prime ordeal objectives without any disgruntling or intensified set of complaints, regrets and lack of gratitude, then you will experience an amazing feeling of greatness like never before.

Beyond all else is what else that you seek? Contentment and peacefulness right, so well put things in order by first working upon your thinks, your mindset,. empowering and nourishing your thoughts with constructive thinking patterns and living this life with a sense of purpose, due diligence, prudence, tenacity, vigilance and utmost alertness and of course very most importantly your graceful wisdom that is the incarnate reservoir of the greatest potential that is to be ever gratefully cherished and respectfully acknowledged.

There are somethings, there are some tasks and duties that you will always need to fulfill honestly prior to raising or expanding your field of expectations, learn to accept yourself and be consciously aware of your thoughts, actions and expressions conscientiously.

The point that wishes to instill its appointment with us is now being specified and exemplified very most succinctly for each and everyone of us may have come across it and some of us are truly fulfilling it, the point is the following, please note very carefully, devotionally, disciplinarily, earnestly and truly.

It is that everyone wants to be fulfilled, however how many of us actually and truly call upon our soul and ask, how may I serve you? Put a hand across your heart and solemnly swear that you will endeavor to experience your true nature, your true self and definitely ensure to approach your soul and humbly ask, how you could be of service to it please?

It always serves without any expectations or demands, but when we take the initiative, then it is truly remarkable for we are striving to fulfill our soul with its purposeful objectives and completeness; actually it is fulfilled and complete, the realization process if what makes us unfold within our consciousness the graceful evolution of the lotus flower and its petals whereby we expand and raise our consciousness to the level of the divine light ensconced within the realms of our higher consciousness and experience oneness with  all that was, with all that is and with all that will ever be, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Cinema, The Anima of Unraveling the Enigma of Humanity’s Creative Intelligence Potential


Anima humbly refers to the vital principle and true essence of every form of creation, which is the soul.


Indeed, cinema portrays and represents some of the most scintillating moments of our lifetime.


When we watch a movie; a serial;  attend a talk show or even have the privilege of attending concerts, events, networking events, read informative articles, resourcefully interact across the various social platforms; we realize and experience a tremendous shift of our mindsets and expand our understanding and knowledge whereby our gracious wisdom then broadens and enhances the scope of our lives and living as well; remarkably connecting us with the complete picture of what is being communicated prolifically; in such an amazing way and effective method that it is almost bringing the reality of totality into our lives as well.


To paraphrase it, the world of cinema, as well as all the modes and forms of communications including newspapers, magazines, blogs and most of all the educational diaspora; are entrusted with the word of anima that is able to make us realize and experience the world within as well as all around us in its completeness infinitely, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Where are You? Be Here

Truly “Be Here” for Here is Your Being

slide.0631The essence of authentically “being here”.The being here is extremely important whether at home, whether at work, whether during studies, whether traveling, whether serving, whether representing or even whether imagining; and for that matter whatever the weather of life maybe, being here is pivotal.

When you are there, then you will know what being here means.When you are here, then you will realize what being there means. You cannot actually be here unless you are truly here and likewise you cannot be there unless you’re truly there. Just being there isn’t everything, it incredibly counts and matters towards actually being there, truewards being here with the moment as it is, where we are aligned with the moment diligently, prudently, responsibly, tenaciously and wisely.

Now we need to decide and be here since most of us are being far away from our own selves at any given time? Being here is an empowering choice for it helps us, it helps our countries, it helps our world and it helps all of us altogether.

Just being distracted by, engaged with or immersed in something by itself will not help us actually for the being here wherever, whenever, howsoever maybe, we need to honestly be here for the here, as well as the there for the there also by gaining tremendous focal insight by practicing the being here all along out lives.

Remember being here comes once in a lifetime wherever the life of our time and the time of our life may so evolve, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Happy Parents Day, The Friendship of a Lifetime, Celebrating Life’s Miracles

Happy Parents Day, Graciously Preparing to (true) Live all over Again Full of Joy and in Love with Life as Life with Love, Love Life, Live Love


Parents teach us the true happiness of our lives.

Life teaches us the authentic happiness of preparing ourselves through love, true live, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Impressing Others? Suppressing the I’m?

Inspiration-Typography-Picture-Quote-expressAre we living to impress others? Or are others living to impress us?

Make a difference in our lives, it will help us as well as others for we will all be able to contribute the greater good of one another.

Whereas when focusing solely on impressing, we maybe able to capture the attention but then the attentiveness forever remains captured within that particular frame of mind, of time, of being and of essence?

Why not liberate ourselves from the need to impress others solely for attaining popularity or greater likes and authentically and very most genuinely start with first of all truly liking ourselves and each and everything about us.

For in the process of wooing others, life wonders that it created us to live and lead our lives but we are forever constantly scanning and identifying that ahh well yes, today I must be like that millionaire, like that billionaire, like that industrialist, like that leader, like that person, like that stateswoman or statesman? and so on and so forth? The list is endless and by the time we go through all the processes and emerge, we will be draining our precious energies which cannot be restored for we deplete the self esteem, the greatness of admiration and appreciation that we actually had for our very own selves.

Those who have achieved what they have, have diligently strived with tremendous discipline and focus, ever committed towards fulfilling their respective objectives relating to a purposeful living and reaching their highest potential and then further persevering in further contributing towards their and others goodwill, harmony, progress and welfare conscientiously.

Think about it, impressing others? i’m pressing others?Why press when we can express in a dignified and cordial manner that will be able to reach across to others if what we have is apparently of interest and value to them. Let them realize and make their respective choices based upon their complete liberty and free will, for they will feel good and so will we all for we would have thereby created another ingenious association of mutual respect and healthiest admiration consistently.

The value and values that we seek from around us emanate so very much from our very own selves as well, however we need to acknowledge our higher consciousness and be true to our calling and purposeful living across and within each and every moment of this glorious life conscientiously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Black holes, Empty Space, Scientific Curiosities; The Mysteries of the Cosmos

American physicist, John Wheeler was the first one to describe an area of space which was “empty” and which “swallowed everything” including light. – – – – – – A black hole is a region of space where gravity is so intense that even light cannot escape, hence making it black. When a star becomes a black hole, it doesn’t get any more gravity. It still has the same amount of mass. It’s just that all of the star’s gravity is focused in a smaller amount of space, making it strong enough to prevent light from escaping -Xaq

Some of us feel that we are being pulled from all sides? Pulled from inside? Pulled from outside? Pulled from Insight and Out sight and Outright? Pulled from Website and Way beside?

These are states of mind that are inducing certain ways we feel but how about the galaxies whose evolution is driven by black holes? by empty space?


Quote the following – Author Unknown

A regular sized black hole can compact a mountain the size of Mount Everest to the size of a grain of sand or less. Our own home planet can be compacted to the size of an eyeball.  Supermassive black holes are another matter altogether.

They would reduce our home planet to atomic size or less. They have masses equivalent to millions or even billions of suns.  Once anything reaches the centre of the Black Hole it will come to the region of ‘Singularity’ and all objects merge into this ‘Singularity’.


The salient point to focus here where it particularly applies to our lives is to rationalize and live authentically since we blow some aspects completely out of proportion based on what we believe or go about on intensifying on the basis of our emotional tendencies?

There is so much here, incredible pathways of energies on our planet as well as all across the galaxies, even if a particle of energy is appropriately utilized, that much more we eventually empower ourselves and our lives.

We have to learn from the cosmos, the universe that everything, every aspect of creation, evolution and dissolution is intentional, we may not realize the intent but as far as our intention is pure, all that was, all that is and all that will ever be will define the core essence of our lives graciously with remarkable wisdom and creative magnificent moments infinitely, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi