Life Stages, At What Stage of Life is Life After all? Pointless? Unless We Point? Until We Appoint! Passionately Plan Your Lives, Truly Every Moment of it

Your WorldAll of those who are after the stages keep forgetting that life stays ageless in its essence, for when we regard and respectfully consider our lives as our pure consciousness, then an expanded field and set of possibilities fold and keep ever unfolding amazingly. Our bodies experience the growth, our intellectual faculties expand and evolve with incredible wisdom and phenomenally experience the graceful wisdom of living ingeniously.

When we put up the captioned question, we are faced with an infinitely mysterious sets of questionable answer that keep us on an never ending quest in for every stage of life is truly life.Every moment, every breath, every phase of our lives is full of life expressing itself, inspiring us to likewise embrace the greatness of our lives and graciously experience our true nature and trueselves.

Its not that we are young or old in age, but the youthfulness and maturity is a mindset that e are clinging onto and that prevents us from experiencing most of our life, so then what is the point in putting up a question, at what stage when we are ourselves deterring and dissuading our ascent towards the excellence of being?

Think well, do not just pick up on a question thinking that it will stir and create any controversy, no one is the least bothered or interested in sensational gossip for at the core essence of our being, we all want to improve, to achieve and excel in each and every breath of our being.

We realize that we are what we are being and being we are what are inextricably linked, interconnected and intertwined so rather than investing tremendous precious energies upon unraveling mysterious  vortexes, seek to embrace the divine vision that is ensconced within the higher consciousness of your being and transform your lives for the better of yourselves and others conscientiously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

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