Guru Purnima, Shree SatyaNarayan, Question to Albert Einstein. Albeit, I’m still on the Quest, The Heart of our Thinking; Create Creativity, True to be Born, Born to be Truth; Create a World that All of Us Love, Love the World that All of Us Create

Albert EinsteinEveryone of us have absolutely remarkably brilliant creative intelligent capabilities that we need to resourcefully utilize towards consciously awakening to the potential of the amazing greatness exponentially ensconced within the realms of our true nature, our true self and our higher consciousness amazingly..

We have billions of creative souls that are looking ahead towards experiencing life’s greatness while expressing life’s great nice. So what is it that is distancing some of us from those fabulous ambitious goals and prestigious objectives?

It is that our commitment, determination and focus isn’t enough? Isn’t our devotion unstinting? Where are we going ahead in our lives, including within this very moment?

Where is our life taking us? Or actually where are we intending to take our lives? Each and everyone of us needs to introspectively reflect and do some soul searching during our daily early morning meditative consciousness schedules to further improve and enhance the scopes of our lives.

Albert Einstein created what the World admires,cherishes and resourcefully utilizes. For us to experience the presence of millions of Einstein’s among’st us, we need to first of all each awaken to the glorious essence of our being and fulfill the wonderfulness of.our evolutionary growth in grace and wisdom conscientiously. This is not at all about religion, rather it is about the reverential sacredness of our relationship with the truth of our lives, of our being and of our gracious completeness that we earnestly seek to find and summon the courageous wisdom to awaken to the infinite potential within us ever so incessantly that we might be looking all around and round all? Whereas the epicenter of our being of creation of the miraculous moments is ever radiantly present within the realms of our higher consciousness and when we expand our consciousness and raise it to the level of the divine light, we experience the infinity of our being expressing its divine oneness that unites all of us as us of all.

Satya hi Narayan hain, Narayan hi Satya hain.The translational definition of this is the following, that Truth is the divine essence of Life and that the divine essence of Truth is Life as well, has divine will. Life refers to all of God’s creations which have each taken birth to fulfill their primordial objectives and when each of us awaken to our incarnate truth and experience the intrinsic essence of our being, our contentious and joyful nature will apparently be able to further radiate the remarkable goodwill that we cherish for millions more to likewise experience unfolding in their lives as well. It is akin to one lamp that is able to contribute to the alighting of millions of lamps, each and every one of us have been duly entrusted with that privileged sacredness that enables us to create an infinite wealth of goodness for one and all for the goodness is that which is equanimous with our mind, our heart and our soul consonantly aligned with the true essence of our being full of utmost devotion, gratitude and purposefulness towards each and every priceless breath and moment of our being.

Guru is the respectful title given to a Teacher and Purnima refers to the completeness. When we completely understand and realize the true essence of our being, then we will each begin to recognize that each and every breath encapsulates the priceless energies of the Cosmos that are reaching within the core essence of our being and infusing, filling and nourishing us with an infinite wealth of the gracious sense of devotion, gladness and well being.

Let us endeavor to each become the shining radiance of our souls for we have been looking all around us whereas our true living begins from right within our higher selves, for within the echelons of our higher consciousness, there remains the priceless wisdom of our infinite wisdom that keeps evoking our conscious awareness to realize and ensure that we are living a purposeful life with due diligence, prudence and our gracious wisdom; where we are ever true to our nature and ever nature to our truth, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi