How are you? What’s up? Who are you? Why are you here? Where are you going? Questions of Inquest?

Motivational Time_Time managementDo not let the questions of your life remain just a quest.

Let the questions of your life always ensure that you are the ion of the quest.

It means to imply and exemplify the following factors; take question, bifurcate it, quest+i+on.

It humbly means that engage to such a context and level with the question that it does not detach you completely from what else you are attending to.

Because in the process of trying to answer one question and not knowing what to answer could thereby deplete and leave an individual drained and exhausted and thereby instead of replenishing the remarkable energies, one maybe ignorantly adding on a heap of mysterious tendencies? But why?’

Some questions answers need the incarnate truth that emanates from within the realms of our higher consciousness, however for other questions, it is not necessary to embark on an crusade or expedition of sorts, rather be genuine and state what is as it is to the best possible.

This means, that when someone asks, how are you; do your best to honestly answer and not try to pretend and keep wailing or raising any set of complaints or long stories.

That individual cordially and courteously inquired, how are you, so reply to that point, like fine, thank you and also could respond, trust all is well with you too, rather than being emotional and trying to pour one’s anguish and agonizing stories over to the next individual.

That individual will never again seek to ever ask how are you for they may be afraid of getting caught into an intense set of negative emotionalism; why not be genuine and take charge of how you are responding for what you are sending across actually comes back like a boomerang and not that people don’t care, they do care, but then they wish that you take true care first of all, for when you truly take care, a lot of what was there actually and remarkably transforms for the much more better after all.

Yet again, over and over again, its all about time and again taking true care, truly taking care, this is not just some fancy statement, it is the very essence of our lives, for when we do not focus on the details, a lot appears quite confusing and haphazardly and then makes one another feel sad? or dejected? or confused? when the reality is not that at all; now who is going to take the initiatives to make some individuals understand? It is an extremely tough task for until some people truly realize, a lot more unfolds in their lives and depending upon how they manage what they were managing so far, they could either keep depreciating what they had all along or further intensifying a mysterious struggle for no legitimate reason after all? But why? Why not truly take care and endeavor to realize the greatness of this wonderful life’s potential please, God bless.

©2015 Vashi  Chandi

The Roll Call of Life, Are you Present? or Absent? Live with Awareness

10050-decide-to-stay-consciously-aware-of-life-everything-is-already When-You-are-aware1 awareness

A lot happens to all of us, all across our lives, but that does not mean we just switch off or keep looking away from what we have been entrusted to attend to.

Life is such that it gives us the privacy, the space, the serene and calmly precious moments when we genuinely seek, however those moments cannot permit anyone to become a recluse and deviate from one’s purposeful living and higher calling of leading a fulfilling life.

Remember if you are not present, you will be tick marked absent and this is not some kind of a joke or mysterious exercise, it is earnestly seeking to reach across to some of us who are so intensely engulfed with what’s unfolding in our lives; so much so that with each aspect unfolding, some people are getting more and more embroiled and lost within the contexts of the various scenarios?

So that means that one is just randomly vacillating all along their lives, not taking keen interest in what is currently unfolding? In what is supposed to be further unfolding? How come? Where did all that interest go? That enthusiasm go?

Come back, for life is ever graciously awaiting your presence and so are all of we, sometimes it is understandable to be absent for a while, but that does not mean to keep elongating and surreptitiously extending the pockets and spaces of time mysteriously, we do not live on an automated mode, we are living in syn-chronic alignment with what was, with what is and with what will be, for although we cannot see or perceive some of the states of being, the being by itself is a great promise, for it willingly welcomes each and every moment of our lives as a present to the presence of our lives fulfillingly, God bless.

©2015 Vashi  Chandi

Are you done? What’s your tonne? Fulfilling Life’s Tasks

the-greatest-weariness-comes-from-work-not-done-quote-1 taskwell done

Indeed, when you are done, when you truly complete something that needs to be done, it actually helps you far much more than you could ever imagine after all.

However, if not done, do not despair and loose courage and diligently strive to maintain focus and attend to what has been impending since long.

When you’re done, its your tonne after all, for it all adds up to serve you back first of all with remarkable sense of gladness and immense satisfaction.

Seek to maintain a check list and a fact sheet, do not overburden your mind or just depend on your smartphone to take care alone, remember when you take the effort to write, life’s rights brightens the scope of the initiatives amazingly.

Its not just write and then expect some miracles, there must be a sense of discipline and strictest focus/devotion and tenaciousness maintained as well, this is not about the actual tonnage of tasks, but the tone, yes, the toneage of aligning with what’s been entrusted by us as well as others upon us; for each task well done is another joyful moment of life’s gracious celebration after all.

Some individuals state, one day will come I will change? And then the day comes, the changes come and go, but those individuals still remain unchanged? Remember getting something done genuinely means that and not substituting and trying to pacify and make up pretentiously, be true and own up to what’s your purposeful living, for life is not a dress rehearsal, it is the real authentic set of moments that brilliantly unfold some of the most amazing miracles consistently when we strive to diligently perform and fulfill our respective commitments conscientiously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi  Chandi

Out of Your Mind? What did You Think? Think did You What? Mind’s Pyschology

tumblr_neqqziIDl91sz8z7wo1_400If someone were to remark, are you out of your mind, the instantaneous response would be one of furious enragement and the highest indignation.

That remark, that statement being expressed could be a deliberate provocation intended to put us off balance and think in the wrong direction? Respond in the wrong manner? Exhibit the wrong attitude?

Why not pause and carefully examine the essence of what is being expressed, is it really affecting or hurting you? Are you willing to accept the other individual’s outlook as if your own?

No for sure, since we are sane and know very well that what is precisely what. The statement out of your mind when looking at it from a more mature perspective is being the observer, where we are domineering our minds and not being a victim of the mind’s psychology, characteristics and traits, habitual behavior.

We are being far more wiser and diligent, prudent and tenacious, knowing that when reflecting upon the statement; are you out of your mind, we take it in the right sense that some of us are actually out of our mind in peering and introspectively witnessing our mind’s activities with a sense of discipline and a keen observer.

Its not an offensive statement here since we are here’ing and not hearing, we are listening and listen in to the essence of our gracious wisdom. Sometimes, a few words could spark off an intense debate and enormous ferocity, but why?

Did we come to this life just to easily get provoked and jump on any ignorant bandwagon of illusive thoughts? No, not at all, rather we have been extremely fortunate and endowed with some of the most brilliant and priceless intellectual faculties, so no need to get unnecessarily provoked, for even the other individual remarking; our of your mind are also expressing the statement from out of their vocal chords without reasoning or realizing what is being expressed, it makes them feel elated for some strange reason, but then some of us know far much more better than to retort back and give into the bait of what the other person is seeking, that we topple our balance and do something they are provoking us to do, do not get tempted and restrain yourselves from any irresponsible words or actions, know that out of your mind hear is referring to the observance factor, where you are able to keenly observe and institute what you want to manifest in your lives and not what someonelse wants to instigate you to agitate, intensify, implant, forment and instigate within yourselves please, remember to mind you’re here, not just hear please; God bless.

©2015 Vashi  Chandi