Always Awake? All Ways A Wake? Be Realized, Realize Your Being

EmilysQuotes.Com-wisdom-amazing-great-Eckhart-Tolle-awakening-evolution-life-future-consciousness light-rays-awakening-or-activating-12-strands-of-dna soul-awakening awake ur blessed awakeningposter%281%29 awakening awakening-to-divine-purpose john-donne-quote-keep-us-lord-so-awake-in-the-duties-of-our-callings francis-wright-activist-awaken-its-powers-and-it-will-respect rev-irene-dryer-quote-its-a-matter-of-reawakening-the-consciousness Why are some of us always awake? It seeks to imply and accentuate the core essence, which is the following. Why are some of us all ways *a wake? (*in the wake of a storm? in the wake of a hurricane?)

In the wake of refers to the epicenter of the storm, within the heart of the storm or the hurricane, but why entrench ourselves in such an unpredictable manner and situation?

When we have incredible gracious wisdom and know how to distinguish between what is right and what is wrong; to diligently discern between what is fair and what is correct, so why deviate from our life’s conventionalities, duties, etiquette, norms and protocols?

And this goes on, day in, day out, keeping awake to precipitate the wake within ourselves? Remember, this is not the sum, it is the some of us who are indulging in this devious practice, but why?

Let us seek to get involved that we get evolved, that we experience our evolutionary growth in grace and wisdom, not that we are involved to show others that we did not sleep all night? That we did not wink a blink? What did all that anxiety filled moment fulfill?

Did it help attain any meaningful or prestigious objective or goal? No, so why defy nature, why go against the nature within and all around us? Seek to realize that no wants any purported propaganda or pretentious behavior, we are all living in real societies where we are advancing forward and constructively utilizing each and every moment of our lives resourcefully, responsibly, tenaciously and wisely, not any longer in acclaiming or proclaiming and living in any state of denial or ignorance or even negligence.

Awaken to the true essence of your being, completeness and wonderfulness for your life is that which you make of it, take charge, carpe diem, seize the moment and effectively prioritize, be in touch with reality and the true essence of your lives for its about being awake when we need to and not just being a wake that is precipitation a conflagration of undesired eventualities, take care and be well, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Allah, Heal the Middle East, The Heartbeat of Divinity, Remember Every Life is Truly Precious and The Heartbeat of God


Life is everything. Life is God. Everything changes and moves and that movement is God. And while there is life there is joy in consciousness of the divine. To love life is to love God.

When all say ahh, life says Allah, then why are so many innocent lives being sacrificed and facing enormous hardships please?

How can so many innocent Children and Families keep facing so many years of conflict please?

The heartbeat of creation cherishes life.The life of every heartbeat enshrines the divine, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Ego trip? Ego strip? Ego trips? Ego strips? Ego, holding on? Clinging on? Let go! Let’s go! Get going! Realize the True Essence of Life As it is, Has it is

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Kindly note, this is not my ego versus your ego, it is my consciousness along with your divine consciousness that humbly seeks to put aside all illusions, delusions and myths or suppositions and seek to realize the true essence of our lives, how much more time do we need to realize the incredible facts, genuineness and authenticity of our lives please?

Do we need an entire lifetime or more than a whole lifetime to embrace the creative magnificent completeness of our true nature, of our true self and our divine essence pleas? God bless.

©2015 Vashi  Chandi