Everyone Remembers What’s Gone; Then What’s Gone Remembers Everybody; The Miles Beneath the Smiles and Tears!





With all due respect, this is seeking to refer to how some people perform and live to fulfill each and every moment of their lives amazingly.

That despite all that goes on in their lives, they put on a smile and bravely with remarkable courage face and fulfill each and every moment of their lives.

Just imagine, what it must be taking them to live each and every moment of their lives?

Words cannot describe the anguish or pain, the ordeals or sufferings and also the joyfulness and the greatness.

All of us, right across our lives, come across some poignant moments that will remain with us forever and some other moments that happily remind us of the times gone by that we truly cherished with our being.

Wherever we are and be, we should realize that each moment of life is truly the greatest blessing and to resourcefully utilize all that we have been endowed with for supporting the visions that belong to the goodwill, harmony, progress and welfare of our Universe conscientiously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Heart Attack? Creation Never Attacks! Choose True Be Healthy; Healthy True Be The Choice

aaa293b39d75076fb874333aadc9a9a032bf0747b66ebf4a2e59b3c39c394e53  Because-of-a-great-love__quotes-by-Lao-Tzu-83 benefits-of-exercising-as-a-family-7-638 Quotation-Lao-Tzu-ambition-Meetville-Quotes-174344 When-diet-is-wrong_Ancient-ProverbSometimes, a heart attack does not happen, we create it, but why? Remember that creation creates, whether creation within us or all around us, its objective is to create.

So knowing this very well by heart, let us adopt and create a healthy attitude, belief, discipline,expectation, habit, lifestyle and regimen regarding our eating, exercise and most of all the manner and way in which we handle and manage our emotional tendencies; and not how our tendencies manage us please.

Remember, life creates us as itself, so when we re create along with life as life creates, the subsequent result will be the pureness of being, where we do not let anxieties, fears, gossips, phobias, rumors, scandals, sensations or any sort or type of resentment to harbor any type or form of grudges within our being.

Also this means that we should learn to forgive and heal ourselves from what may have been for being may have whatever it is that we are accentuating our focus upon, for the being does not know what is being clung onto, all it knows is true serve, so when we serve truly, we will likewise experience the corresponding set of consequences/results; remember like begets like.

It could also be that some of us sometimes are so keenly obsessed or over anxious and over stressed that we may not realize that is actually unfolding within ourselves and when we realize, then perhaps it may unfortunately be far too late? Kindly do not neglect your health and well being, for this life cannot be purchased over the counter and sometimes even the best types of treatments may not be able to undo what has been done over and over and over and over and over and over and over……. again across so many years tenaciously, but why? Why impose and burden yourselves with enormous stress or distress? Or for that matter, over indulge in any excessive consumption of certain fatty foods or erratic life style, is taste everything please?

Remember that habits can be replaced, but you cannot be replaced because you are truly irreplaceable and all of us want you to live a long, happy and healthy life fulfilled with joyfulness and the greatness of being your creative magnificence.

Here comes the reminder, remember as mentioned above that creation never attacks, creation creates, so rectify your dictionary if you may have been blaming nature, the environment, other people, institutions or objects or whatever it maybe, it all starts and grows with you as you deem, so will you redeem; hence what is it that you truly seek?

Focus upon your life and its goals, but do not get over obsessed or frantic or panic; be calm and serene, practice meditation on a daily basis and realize that you are truly the very best and so are all of us; that you are truly worth it; that you are truly precious; take care, be well and God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Draw? Withdraw? Being Still!

d1f74e35da972f4ebfd403fc299cabaaThere are some moments  of our lives when the energy exchange seeks to pause and intuitively introspect within the essence of our being.

This is at times that we cannot draw ourselves withdrawing. Then yet at other times, we cannot withdraw ourselves drawing.

The fine line between the drawing and withdrawing is remaining still, experiencing the stillness of our being; which we need to practice everyday for a few moments during our early morning meditative consciousness schedules, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Human Beings, Dividing Nature? Divining Nature! Tapping our Kundalini Shakti, Life Force Energy, The Zenith of our Divine Essence, Gracefully Embracing our Infinite Potential

150211Some human beings are dividing the elements of nature? While some other human beings are gracefully divining the elements of nature.

Remember that humanity is incomplete without nature as nature is in compete with the creative human potential to ingeniously manifest the abundance of universal goodwill, harmony, progress, sustenance and welfare conscientiously.

Before we do somethings, let us realize that we have a greater purpose associated with our being primarily from here within the sacred realms of our higher consciousness emanating the magnificence of phenomenal  wisdom that can help each and every one of us to attain our graceful evolution, that encompasses the zenith of our divine essence infinitely, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi