Celebrating Singapore’s 50th Birthday, SG 50, Congratulations and Best Wishes, God bless

Celebrating the Empowering Vision of our Great Leader and Truly Wonderful Human Being, Lee Kuan Yew and the Graciousness of the Singaporean People

fafd8bb926d8069567d635fd6cd1f403At times, we are in that one moment and our entire lifetime unfolds.

And then in our unfolding, that moment becomes our lifetime.

What an amazing life indeed, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Profit and Loss, Sri and Irse; God’s Contract; Honoring our Sacred Principles, Values and Divine Vision

1276925_10151630639111433_1730784842_olead_largeProfit refers to pro fit. Loss refers to loosen. Sri refers to holiness. Irse refers to leave.

Where does all of the above apply in our daily lives? Well, depending on each individual, there maybe different interpretations, but the core essence of all factors points to one clear meaning which is the realization factor; the realization of our true nature, the realization of our true self, the realization of our divine essence and the realization of our higher consciousness.

When we realize, we consider better, we perform better, we regard better and well we are regarded better as well. If we read between the lines and the lines between our leading, its always a matter of faith in our trueselves that has actually brought us so far ahead in our lives and will amazingly do so when we firmly believe in our true nature and divine essence that embodies and encapsulates the incredible magnificence of our gracious wisdom.

Regarding God’s contract, it is our solemn oath, our divine promise and our sacred pledge to live our completeness, to live our totality and to live our wonderfulness in each and every moment of our lives. When we breathe in, we breathe with all our being and when we breathe out, likewise, we are being with all our breath.

God’s covenants do not need any court in heaven or hell for we may have noticed that all of this is/are the states of our mind that we create; duality and non duality, those who “realize” understand and those who understand “real live”.

What the above accentuates, exemplifies and implies is that in this very world that we are living, we are each atoning and paying for our good and bad deeds through one way or another; like the law of karma, the law of sow and reap, the law of what goes around comes around unfolds with methodical precision in+across our lives precisely and how the precision is able to identify who, what, when and why? That is all upto the moral consciousness of creation that deems and redeems what we are liable to; attribute to or even associate with in any way whatsoever; remember that just stating, oh I was just thinking and did not mean bad does not help, for the ill thought is the seed that germinates and then sprouts forth with the malicious intent and conversely the good thought also harvests the blooming paradise of wonderfulness.

Remember God’s contract is God’s contract and not counteract; kindly do not mix up or jumble up the words here and there, the meanings their, hear and everywhere as well – whatever it was, whatever it is and whatever it will be will be for we cannot duplicate or distort the vision and judgment of nature; we cannot elucidate the voice of nature, we can humbly seek to emulate and melodiously intonate by aligning along with nature but cannot personify it to such an extent that we repudiate its authority please; contract means contact explicitly, that’s it. Let us simplify all of this, good begets good; think good, do good, express good, let us practice righteousness in all that we think, do and express consistently for in one moment or another the the right+here+nice unfolds. If someone may want to reflect upon the other side of doing things, that is their lookout for there is a cosmic force that maintains an immaculate record of all that we could ever think of, all that we could ever do and all that we could ever express; perhaps, some of us may think, no one is looking? Look in, its know one, our moral conscience is the first and foremost witness that will always testify and stand alongside the truth, so we cannot think that no one is looking, so what and so forth, let us behave maturely, for we know what is right, what is correct, what is fair, what is legitimate, what is righteous, what is reasonable, what is appropriate, what is lawful and what is true, so let us align earnestly with what is always contributing to sustaining  the visions that belong to the goodwill, harmony, progress and welfare of the universe conscientiously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

God’s Word, God’s World, Translating the Iteration of God’s Terminology In Yesterday, Today’s and Tomorrow’s World

clean-quotes-4God’s word is how we see our world and our world is how we seek God’s word. We get to know God, God’s word and God’s world as we get true know our true selves. God’s word refers to the divine vision ensconced within the realms of our true nature.

There is no altitude, no latitude, no longitude, no hemisphere, no stratosphere, no ozone sphere, no cylindrical, diagonal, hexagonal, horizontal, octagonal or vertical sphere and neither is there any dome; no left or right, no up or down; no side or beside; no sight or insight; What it is. is the attitude of gratitude, the sheer humility, our compassionate heart; our conscientious mind and our consonant soul that is ever immersed in chanting and intonating the gloriousness of God’s greatness within each and every breath of our being who we truly were, who we truly are and who will always truly be; the divine essence of God’s creations, shining forth the creative magnificence, glory, radiance and splendid brilliance of our incarnate oneness, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi