The Last Minute? The Minute that Lasts? The Mean it That’s at Last!

The Last Minute We Approach Seeks to Reflect Upon the First Minute We Reproach?The Connected Approaching Continuum Seeks Reality!



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Realize, everything is connected as interconnected has its inter-connections.

Do not get carried away by the big picture, pay careful attention to all details, at all given times with the highest degree of due diligence, prudence, scrutiny, tenacity, vigilance and your gracious wisdom, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Drama or Dharma, Life is Karma? Parikrama! Circumambulating Divineness

BjQCy5ICIAAW6nEDharma refers to our primordial duties, where we are always true to our higher calling of life and purposeful living. Karma refers to our benevolent deeds.

Parikrama refers to the circumambulation; respectful going round and around a sacred shrine with profound respectfulness and honoring the divine within as well as all around us.

Drama, at times; sometimes, in these contexts refers to the over exaggeration or distortion of some facts to attract attention and sympathy. Life is attained through the auspices of fulfilling our oaths, promises and vows relating to the divine essence of our being, so when and if anyone does pretend to enact and recreate a converse situation, their lives actually become the situation itself? And then they run from pillar to post in frantic anxiousness to atone, make amends and rectify?

The main purpose of this complete post is that we should endeavor to be true to our nature as well as nature to our truth for our conscience is witnessing and so is the supreme consciousness that is well aware of all that was, is and will ever be.

Hence, in order to create, we have true be creation, which means, embracing the completeness of our being; the totality of our purposeful living to represent the disciplined and devoted vision of fulfilling our primordial objectives which our higher consciousness always knows and sows very most gracefully, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

The Sole? Soul Identity; Next Time, When I Come Back, No One Recognizes Me? Reincarnating Identities? Identifying Rein Carnation!

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Why do some people get entangled into issuing controversial statements and incessantly debating upon topics that they themselves have no actual clue about please? The soul’s gracious wisdom, faculty of recognition and virtues are far beyond recapitulation, retrospection or definition for they are the divine essence of our being and remain ever amazingly with us in each and every moment of our lives characteristically.

The point is as far as we live this life truly, every other life+time will be the reflection of this very life after all; for what has elapsed or what is to further unfold is beyond us, however this very moment, this very lifetime is the very most precious and the connecting bridge and passage to all that was, is and will ever be gloriously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

I have Just One Hour? I have One Our Just! The Symphonic Power of our Cosmic Energies

thanks-quote-1I have just one hour? Have you heard this? It can be better understood and resourcefully utilized when its essence is completely understood.

I have just one our! Indeed, one our. This hour will elapse swiftly, but the synergy of the our collates the symphonic orchestration of our cosmic forces, which humbly means that we know ourselves as being one with the cosmos, one with the universe, one with the world, one with our country, one with our family, one with our friends, one with our relatives, one with our vision, one with our objectives, one with our obligations; what is missing is – one with our being!

The captioned title is resonating the identical emphasis, that when we rephrase the grammar of our thoughts, of our interpretations and the very definition of our applications, of our processes and of our results transform.

Remember above, the power of “our being” – the power of “oneness” which is our immaculate focus and then the power of “just” as in justice which derives its attainability and attribution from the virtue of righteousness.

That is why, whenever, wherever, howsoever, do not panic, do not loose courage or hope; even in that one hour that you have, be completely one our with your being, do not let your mind to scatter its precious energies in expending enormous attentiveness upon mundane thoughts and expending the essence of being. Focus means truly focus, not just with the eyes, but with the mind, with the heart, with the soul, with the very essence of your being and input your very best in all that you do, think and express, it is channelizing all your remarkable energies into what you are actually doing while remaining aligned with the cosmic forces of creation and that each one hour by one hour which gradually become one our that you truly enjoy and that is truly in joy with you forever and ever gloriously; we want everything to belong to us? when will we belong true everything and every think as well please? For that is when the oneness of our being will speak forth with its gracious wisdom infinitely,  God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Vayu Shakti, Ether, Etheric Energy, Energizing the Space of the Air We Breathe, Singapura, The SigNature of our Divine Essence

the-heavens-declare-the-glory-of-god-psalm-19-1-1080x675The complete universe emanated into existence, deriving its creative energies of magnificent sustenance through the auspices of the one cosmic breath at the advent of time.

As we take each and every breath, we must take it with the profoundly grateful realization that it is the sacredness of the air we are breathing within as well as all around  us.

Remember the vital factor here is that the power of the air is further empowered how it is in use, that means, as we breathe, it is entirely upto us, to accentuate and emphasize the signature of our breath that will further flow back into the mainstream of the universe as the signature of our primordial evolution.

Vayu refers to air and Shakti to the life force energy. Singa in Sanskrit refers to lion and pura refers to complete and also refers to pure; the totality. In these contexts it seeks to exemplify the reference to the astounding complete purity of the energy that is encapsulated in each and every particle of air that we breathe, the atmosphere is replete with the crystallization of its elements that reach us and gracefully flows back and forth through our lungs amazingly.

In more simplified terms, it is earnestly seeking to refer to the nourishment of the sacred energies that are flowing all around as well as within us and it is all the vitality of our breath, our breathing that suffuses us with a greater impetus of experiencing the greatness in each and every breath that we receive, take, co energize and then graciously release back to the cosmos.

Our true nature is akin to the cosmic force of creation that only seeks to enthuse and make us realize that the air we breathe is empowering us with its divine essence. Beyond this, it is entirely upto each and every one of us to align with each breath and synchronize the characteristic evolution of our being infinitely.

Another aspect is to breathe as children do. When we were children, we used to breathe joyfully, without any let or hindrance, not restricting the passage of our breath fraught with an retinue of emotional tendencies, anxieties, hyper tensions or any resentment of any kind/type whatsoever; this means, that we purely breathed with fulfilling our lungs with the divine essence of being without ever realizing or being perturbed by delusion, ignorance or deviation from being with each and every moment as it is; we were ever actively present in whatever it is that we were doing, almost as if fascinatingly, we were always immensely engrossed and creatively interactive with whatever we were doing at all given times; that childlike enthusiasm, always keen to be-true be; it was always a joy true be, to be as we are, hence, we must be inspired by children, how they breathe and likewise enjoy all over once again the joy of breathing and fulfilling our lungs cosmically with the essence of space, of the vayu shakti that energizes us as we intend true.

There is far much more that we attain by channelizing our focus upon the passage of air that we breathe through us, it is the purity that encompasses us as much as we are in compassionate alignment with the divine essence of our trueselves evolutionarily, remember in each and every moment as you breathe, what happened to you is what happened true you, you are happening to yourself as your truth unfolds in each and every breath of your being truistically; breathe along with the cosmos as the cosmos breathes along with you, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi