Seeking Blessings? You are Bliss, Don’t Just Bow To Anyone and Everyone, Do Not Allow Some Tantriks (Mendicants) All of a Sudden to Touch Your Head


It is a respectful practice being observed; bowing to religious individuals to seek their blessings without even knowing anything at all of the concerned person being approached?

Remember that your Parents blessings; your Guru’s (spiritual master’s) and God’s blessings as well as good wishes are always there with you, so why go about bowing here, there and everywhere? Remember and carefully realize that you are abundantly blessed, there is the cosmic grace and gracious wisdom always there with you, so do not despair or feel empty or pretend or fall for any sweet or melodious words, consciously awaken, be alert, be diligent, be prudent, be tenacious, be responsible, be wise and be in an utmost alert and safeguard mode of the true essence of your being at all given moments attentively.

The head is the strategic sacred part of a human being where the crown chakra (life force energy) also called in Sanskrit as the Sahasrara (the thousand petaled lotus) is situated. This is where the pineal gland is and is supposed to derive the cosmic energy whose divine essence sustains the gracefulness of our being.

Now when some unknown mendicant/tantrik happens to touch your head, first of all you do not have any clue who that person after all is? Then you ignorantly/negligently bow to that individual and seek their blessings innocently, little knowing or realizing that by the one touch of your head, that person could possibly attain/cunningly/mystically without your awareness or consent – try to through their devious powers attract/snatch away the graceful energy that you so amazingly possess for themselves? But why please>? Why allow someone, somewhere to take command of your graceful divine essence and snatch away what legitimately has been ordained to you, for you to develop and expand your consciousness please?

That is absolutely unfair, since the cosmic grace is legitimately entitled to you and you alone and no one else ever has any authority to ever claim, acclaim or proclaim any authority over that sacredness of your being. So, please be aware that you are infinitely and abundantly blessed already and do not need to in ignorance, negligence or desperation ever bow down to some unknown tantriks/mendicants and let them ever touch your head, for your head is extremely sacred and truly deserves its pure sanctity.

Now if someone has already touched, let it be and if someone you know very well and respectfully regard as your near and dear and respectful spiritual guide, then it is different; but never for anyone else, who just all of a sudden appears and then you just want to give away enormous importance, consent or authority/regard to.

These are small matters and may appear insignificant but no one wants to go through the experience of mysteriously undergoing any untoward experiences or complexities, so please be aware, be precautious, be vigilant, be wise and truly safeguard the true divine essence of your being graciously, be well, take care and God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

God didn’t Create You by Chance, God Created You by Your Divine Choice; So Prove to God that God’s Choice Was Absolutely Right; Live Your Life Fulfillingly


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2f64bdad9027e87bb8f3a266f0e75decAttention – Everything does not mean harming anyone whatsoever! It means letting go of the negative tendencies, the negative and destructive habits, the over indulgence and reckless consumption of erratic habits or a sedentary lifestyle; the victim paranoia and the self pitying syndrome; whatever is negative, what is not good, do not fool anyone including yourself that it is knot good for once you tie the know with certain habits, then no one can ever help you, for you are your own architect of your own destiny and also “liable” to pay the price and consequences for whatever decisions you may think, take and commit; whether in thought or deed, so please be completely aware and not rely upon pretentious excuses or wayward process of living mysteriously.


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Be truly utmost aware of the choices and not the chance, for it is the choices and not the chances that actually make, shape and represent the outlook of your lives.

If we ignorantly live our lives in the anticipation mode of capitalizing on chances, then we might at times be waiting our entire lifetime and the choices will keep getting neglected and astoundingly overlooked, but why?

It is not just about the carpe diem; seize the moment approach or strategizing in honing, sharpening and maximizing on the opportune instance that life unfolds. We have to carefully understand that life is a fair, unequivocal, equanimous, just and righteous process of creation where every element of nature will come forward to support our visions that contribute to the greater goodwill, harmony, progress and welfare of the universe as one loving family.

It is not about you and me only, it is about we and the we is about all of God’s creation, all forms of living beings represent the essence of this gracious creation of God that we calls as the cosmos, as the universe, as the world.

Each and every person has attained what they have been bestowed and endowed with through the auspices of diligently striving with profound commitment, conscientiousness, courage, diligence, determination, fortitude, foresight, prudence, principles, righteousness, sincerity, tenacity, values, vision and their gracious wisdom. They have toiled night and day, with a devoted and disciplined focus upon reaching one prestigious milestone after another not because of the acclamation or proclamation of fame and glory, but rather to ensure that they lived their fullest potential in each and every breath they took, to absolutely ensure that their lives were, are and will always be a shining example for our youth to emulate and thereby walk in their footsteps and likewise create greater good for one all all consistently.

It is to be carefully realized that we don’t create life by chance, we create it by choice. We don’t create destiny by chance, we create it by choice; we don’t celebrate by chance, we celebrate by choice; we don’t make appointments by chance, we make appointments by choice; we don’t get elected or win any competitions by chance, it is all attained by choice; we don’t enjoy by chance, we enjoy by choice; we are great not by chance, we are great and grateful by choice; we are happy by choice and not by chance; we are aspiring and desiring not by chance but by choice; we are attaining and fulfilling our destinies not by chance but by choice; we feel not by chance but by choice; every breath that we take is not by chance, but by choice; everything that we visualize is not by chance, but by choice; and so on and so forth, because we are forever in harmonious alignment with the cosmic rhythm of creation as it choose, so we are likewise making identical set of choices and then voila, we are delighted by the fruition and manifestation of our deepest beliefs and envisioned expectations resulting in triumphant set of successful developments gloriously. So whether we realize it or not, we are actually attributing to the unfolding of enormous experience, incidents, instances, occurrences and scenarios right across all our lifetime, whether with awareness of non awareness, but in being idle or being consciously engaged with some constructive endeavors, we are consonantly performing one faith of time to fulfill itself as the destiny of our lives, it is about yielding the courageous potential that is ensconced with the realms of our higher consciousness and remarkably utilizing our gracious wisdom in ever conscientiously being constantly aware of what we think, of what we do and of what we express responsibly, radiantly and righteously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Creating our Bodies? Embodifying Creation! Let Your Grace Flow

Free woman enjoying freedom feeling happy at beach at sunset. Beautiful serene relaxing woman in pure happiness and elated enjoyment with arms raised outstretched up. Asian Caucasian female model.
Free woman enjoying freedom feeling happy at beach at sunset. Beautiful serene relaxing woman in pure happiness and elated enjoyment with arms raised outstretched up. Asian Caucasian female model.

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We cannot create our bodies, however when we truly believe that we are the embodiment’s of creation, then the creativity of evolution gracefully flows through us, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Did you back up your Data? Its your Theta, Remember this is the Divine Scientology of Life’s Consciousness

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You know and backup your favorite music and data files, ensuring an upto date maintenance is duly scheduled; well that helps, since when needed, you are able to retrieve from the cloud backup or otherwise.

However, here what is more importantly being referred to is theta; theta rhythm refers to the brain wave frequencies. We may be aware of alpha, beta, delta and various other referential names/terms; but where it concerns our brain, what is significant is the theta waves that can  play an instrumental role in regulating the incredible pulse and impulses of our brain functionalities.

The point is that if we don’t understand, we cannot realize or be able to establish any connection or improvement whatsoever. Now, no one is trying to be using scientific jargon and fancy names or terms, in simple language it is all during the awakening stages that we are accumulating a lot of data that is being loaded and then we are carrying and caring for so much that truly does not matter at all?

Did you know that that on any given day and moment, many human beings are either mostly in the past or the future and time and again we are noticing so many philosophical quotes all beseeching us to be grounded, to come back to square one, to be right where we are and be in harmonious alignment with all that we think, do and express conscientiously; but do we authentically/genuinely take the initiatives to adhere to this disciplined form and state of living in harmonious consonance with our trueselves please?

When referring to true nature, some of us may think, so what? Its not so what, its what sows and then those seeds that are sown across tend to remarkably affect us across each and every moment of our lives. Look I am not a qualified practitioner or any doctor or any psychologist or any eminent scholar to reflect on this subject, my intention is purely seeking to refer to the divine essence of our lives, that is what tends to time and again emerge from within each and everyone of us, at various given times of our lives.

Once we are embracing our completeness, which is our greater potential, then we are flowing along with the rhythm of nature, like here, I had no clue, no intention, no – absolutely no hint at all, what data? what alpha? what beta? what theta till a few moments ago. It intuitively flashed and all that I am writing now is something that is being reflected through the words that I am seeking to share, if there maybe someone who is more well versed in this subject and provided that it is helpful to carefully help improve one another’s lives, then it is most welcome that they remark, and not any debate platform where we are contradicting or discriminating since here it is not about who knows more or most; rather it is truly about who knows what the truth is, that pure truth that they have experienced themselves in each and every moment of their lives and if it could help someone, somewhere to improve their lives for the better, then so be it, but never any negative or any mysterious practices since none of that is ever acceptable or condonable, we are living in a world that diligently oscillates with observance of the respective laws, rules and regulations; there are certain protocols, there are certain guidelines and they must be principally honored and complied with explicitly, for we cannot go against what has been proclaimed by national and international jurisdictions regarding law and order please.

There is one factor that theta brain waves are imperatively relating to the memory of our brain, so when we seek to practice on a daily basis, during our early morning meditative consciousness schedules, as we expand our consciousness and raise it to the level of the divine light within our higher consciousness, then we are nourishing and revitalizing the true essence of our being for the memory of our brain, our nerves, our neurons, our remembrance, our improved brain functionality is certainly welcome, we are not doing anything other than harmoniously regulating the flow of energy; we are not taking or indulging in any intake of any substances whatsoever, we are not going somewhere far away, we are right where we are, we are performing our respective duties in a orderly, conscious and responsible manner; and this meditation that we are practicing is something that we are doing during the early morning hours, before we commence our daily routine, where we are not trying to multi task and keep glancing at our smartphones or doing anything else, it is purely remaining still and being one with our being as our being has always been one with us ever since time immemorial, let us enjoy the true essence of our being and live an abundant life by fulfilling our dharma (duties) in order to experience our karma (deeds) gloriously.

The cosmos shines, the moon shines, the starts shine, the sun shines, when will you shine as you always shined; be true to your nature and nature to your truth, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi