The Number 9 Always Comes Back to Itself; The Amazing Numerology of Life’s Graciousness

1667c4d0a9cefd0c6d48b51811b4f30aIn nine months, we are born. In nine moments of oneness, we are birthed everyday.In nine hours, we are refreshed after a pleasant sleep cycle. In nine days of consecutive worship, we endeavor to sanctify our being.In spelling universal, it comprises of nine words.

We could keep exploring and keep coming across innumerable synchronicities almost as if whatever appears is humbly emerging from within itself; its source to reflect the amazing resourcefulness.

In  nine seconds, we are able to read the above.What is the pivotal essence of nine, is it only a number or far much more? Whatever it is, we should respect the thoughts and be mindful of what we intend to do at any given time of being for far more important than nine is essential to be benign (gentle and kind; conscientious and observant), God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Knowing What to Speak, Speaking What’s to Now, Moving the Mouth? Minding the Moves!


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Some of us keep our mouth wide open, always ready to retort without giving any thought or consideration or even realizing regarding what is being spoken?

Some others use that power of speech to observe, focus and diligently strive to attain the desired results with utmost devotion on the required objectives very most attentively.

Those who speak too much tend to divest a lot of precious energies, make a lot of noise and try to draw far much more attention but ultimately it is those meticulous and organized  sets of projects and works that are truly appreciated.

Life is not all about noise, sound or sensational oriented strategies; for many people prefer to make use of their time in learning while observing what is being communicated for each and every one of us aspire to achieve and excel observantly.

It does not behove just to create an impact but to be the impact of i’m pact as well as in fact. In fact each time we come across something more refreshing and innovative, we enjoy what is being sought for we are in joy with all that is progressive, efficient, resourceful and constructive.

Next time, if some of us are tempted to boast or just scream aloud with the pretext of gaining attention, it will not help or serve us for maybe we may speak something, cause a sensational stir and lit up the gossip channels, but ultimately when the reality dawns and the authenticity prevails, the next time the some of us attempt to bring forth and genuinely submit something bonafide and interesting, it will be cast away and overlooked for the reason that we have created an impression that we are not focused, that we are just out to play around with ours and others precious times.

Never just speak about anything or something just like that for even if sharing some information or discussing some topic, always seek to ensure that the readers, the practicer, the aspirant, the concerned individuals will further enhance the scope of their lives ingeniously, brilliantly and creatively, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Searching the Searcher, Researching Illusion? Will You Shine Resourcefully?

the-secret-of-success-is-constancy-to-purposeSome of us are constantly searching; so very much so that we completely forget our constancy of purpose; and then start all over again or keep imagining the remotest possibilities that keep ever expanding and elongating far much more than time and space alone.

With constancy of purpose, whether search or any defined purposeful objective in our lives, everything becomes far more interesting and exhilarating, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

God’s Attitude, The Gratitude of the Cosmos, Practice Mindfulness, Jai Ho India

God blessBefore we could not do with what we had? Now we cannot have with what we do?

When will we learn to be content, to be fulfilled, to be joyful and experience our completeness like God please?

Cherish all that you be, have and realize that while doing and having are states of mind; being is the state of mindfulness, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi