All day Short? All night Long? Managing our Awakening and Sleep Patterns

sky.freedom.fullerposter Sometimes, for some of us; all that we are doing is actually keeping us in an unusually awakened sub conscious state of being almost all night long? instead of being able to avail of the usual sleep patterns.

Then some other times; yet for some others; all that we are engaging with our inability to sleep, tossing and turning; spilling over into our all day long?

We are keeping ourselves awake and are then wondering why we are being kept awake? When the questioner puts forth the question, the query/answer both belong and remain with the seeker and not beyond, but unless the realization dawns, enormous days/nights might be spent without getting to the core resolutions that could help remarkably alleviate and heal one’s ownself of any distorted perceptions, delusions, illusions, ignorant notions and mysterious patterns of living and regulating.


Its not about creating or innovating, rather it is more about clarifying and carefully understanding the true essence of what one is facing and then actually phasing all along integrally;until or unless one honestly realizes and owns responsibility, the heap of innumerable queries may keep intensifying and including their own mystified sets of perplexed states of being; when possible, when reasonable, one must take the genuine and authentic initiatives of introspectively reflecting/analyzing and doing what is reasonable and legitimate for life operates and functions along with the principles, orderliness and values of observance of certain disciplines of life and living conscientiously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

The Heart Disk Thrive? Catching, Caching Up? Consciously Regulating and Disciplining Constructive Engagements and Worthwhile Pursuits

img_8939Sometimes, we have a hard time catching up? Sum times, we have a heart time caching up? Overbearing and overburdening our hearts can exceed our hearts pace/speed and endurance.

There is no creching up here since the heart does not need a nursery or infancy, it is mature and full of gracious wisdom, however we cannot keep on piling up mundane aspects to impede its immaculate functionality.

Carefully realize that our hearts were created for fulfilling and not just for feeling or storaging enormous sets of theta bytes of mysterious phenomenon.

Liberate our hearts to be at peace so that we can blossom along with the evolution of our life’s gracefulness conscientiously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Well, Life Completes One Chapter; The Chap There Competes With Life?


The chap there respectfully seeks to refer to someone = somewhere all of a sudden just embarking on a risky and dangerous mission, jeopardizing and putting everything at stake?

Life cannot be casually handled or just regarded as an over the shelf purchase, what others have diligently striven for and attained with profound discipline is what was their calling, but all of us do not have to undergo similar trials and tribulations in order to prove ourselves.

The world recognizes the wisdom and scorns upon the foolishness for no one will ever remember what folly, what foolish escapades you ever indulged in, is it worth the risk, just to get some attention, to get some media publicity, to indulge in any reckless actions or irresponsible behavior please? No, for sure No, then why take peril and indulge in any sort or type of dangerous actions please? Remember that even some of the most ordinary things could be done extraordinarily well and truly deserve enormous commendation and praise, applause.

Enjoy the competition with your life, not compete in tension; in joy means enjoy. Be safe and wise for the competencies of life seek to strengthen us and not straineth or hyper intensify us.

Be cognizant of your endurance but do not push the boundaries and limits just because your mind, your heart or any challenge sets you to; remember your and other’s lives is/are precious.

Let a competition remain a competition truly and not just a completion of some objective to win a prize or precious milestones; for life is lived fully and fulfillingly in the moment very most endearingly, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Money Matters, Money Met Us

289036   the-people-who-make-a-difference-in-your-life-are-not-the-ones-with-the-most-credentials-the-most-money-or-the-most-awards.-they-simply-are-the-ones-who-care-the-most.


What truly matters is did you meet you?

For regardless of how much ever money you may have, earn and spend; until or unless you truly meet yourself everyday and have a glimpse of your true nature, of your true self and of your divine essence, all the money in the world cannot bring or buy any real happiness in your lives, be conscientious of the world within as well as all around you, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Sex, The Statement of Life that Refers to the Honor, Purity, Respect and Sacredness of our Gender We Engender; Sixth Sense, Sex Sense, Seek Essence

I am submerged in_wp_2       Reincaration 02 PY Quotes


Everything is the evolution of energy. Once we we carefully understand and truly realize the pure divine essence of the potentiality of the energy enshrined within the realms of our higher consciousness; everything falls perfectly in true its path and place amazingly, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Navagraha, Shiva Shakti Bhava; Nine Planets; The Solar System; The Soul Heart Stem Seeks its Consonance

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hjacksonbrownjr100702Life-Love-Quotes-Sometimes-Were-All-TooPut-your-heart-mind-and__quotes-by-Swami-Sivananda-65 The gracefulness of our life seeks to experience its completeness. When we are fulfilled from within, there remains no lack or scarcity, we are able to abundantly express and connect ourselves with all the amazing energetic forces of evolution.

The nine planets that govern our astrological charts humbly seek that we fulfill our respective commitments with a sense of awareness, conscientiousness, courage, devotion, diligence, prudence, responsibility, sincerity, tenacity, truthfulness and our gracious wisdom. Our heart seeks its whole heartedness, where we are not being here while being there or being there while actually being here? Life is not a game of musical chairs or quizzes, puzzles or riddles; we need to understand the seriousness of our lives as the see your as knows life, meaning that we have within us the divine vision, with which we are able to perceive and realize far much more than we could have ever imagine; that field of infinite potentiality can be tapped only when we are authentically, when we are genuinely one with our oneness of being.

Planets implies plan its; if we reflect upon the evolution of each and every aspect of all that was, is or will ever be; there is a plan and that plan is sacred honored and focused upon systematically orchestrating various aspects in a synergistic union of harmonious confluence.

Our solar consciousness is not about creating a new world, rather it is ingeniously focusing upon reflecting upon the word a new. This exemplifies the core essence of each and every word in our lives, for from one word is the root and the other word inextricably inter connected and inter linked is the truth; one cannot be separated from the other’s essence.

Some people go across here, there and everywhere; humbly appealing and appeasing the nine planets without ever realizing that all that the governing planets seek is that each of us experience our completeness; this is the divine essence of our being, where we are able to live a life full of our creative intelligence and are tapping the core intuitive consonance of the cosmos, almost as if we are at the heart of the cosmos, aligning with it, in its plan its of evolution infinitely.

Realize that its not love that’s out, its love that is self love, the true love and divine essence of our higher consciousness; likewise, whatever it is, any gracious virtue emanates from within the realms of our higher self, for from the divine essence of creation, the creation of divinity is conceptualized; for the divine is about pure, about completeness; about wholeness; about abundance; about self fulfillment, about self realization, so during meditation, when we expand our consciousness and raise it to the level of the divine light ensconced within our higher selves; our true selves, we are remarkably amazed by the incredible wealth of gracious wisdom that elucidates the art, the heart as well as the soul of our being one with the oneness of our being, ever harmoniously united by the divine grace, the divine vision, the divine will and the divine wisdom that elevates our sense of reasoning, our sense of understanding and our essence of unfolding to the graceful essence of our being the cosmos as the cosmos is being us by and within itself conscientiously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Uh? Uh Huh? Hu, Hoon, I am that I am, The True Divine Essence of Being our Graceful Wisdom

The nature of thingsthe-ego-is-monkey-catapulting-through-hua-hu-ching

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The nature of things



When we state uh, Life states uh huh. Sometimes we think so and say uh and then yet again life revert with hu!

However in that saying, life expresses itself by stating, uh huh; I think so; sow I think, so I am taught and the cycle keeps going on evolving as we keep instating and reinstating numerous oppositions, prepositions, propositions and suppositions of our lives?

Why not sometimes habitually repeat hu, hu hu; this implies the translational definition which seeks to exemplify the core essence of our being “hoon” – which means, “I am”; “I am that I am”. One of the transnational definitions of hu refers to the tiger, here it seeks to refer to sharpening one’s intellectual proficiency, to remain ever alert, ever tenacious, ever vigilant and ever wise in all that we think, do and express conscientiously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi