Counting Sheep to Sleep? It is Understood that What Thoughts we Sleep with Intensely is What we Wake up to Intently!

il_fullxfull.459017454_hb5aSome of us are counting sheep in our sleep?

And then the sum of our sleep becomes the accountability of sheep?

Do we want to keep counting sheep all night long? all life long please?

Realize that as we replace the sheep in our sleep with more powerful affirmations, more motivational and inspiring thoughts as well as passionately goal oriented focus and chant our favorite mantras (sacred hymns), we would be empowering and strengthening as well as sharpening the neurons and nerve cells far more remarkably; think about it for its thinking about you as well, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

The Body understands+connects Better than the Mind


That’s why, while we can relate to the body, relating to the realization of what our mind is formulating is quite complex.

The mind thinks and delves deeper and plunges into the unfathomable abyss of intensity off thought, whereas the body feels and expresses itself quite concisely.

This leads us to reflect upon one of the possibilities that some of the maladies of the body are incurred due to the mental paradigm?

And then likewise, the mind in its innumerable expeditions inculcates various other typical sets of scenarios upon the complete being?

Why not discipline the mind to think healthily, cultivate and embody the true essence of nurturing nourishing thoughts that empower us brilliantly and safeguard ourselves from engaging in any wayward of speculative or aimless thinking, for its thought that matters-met us back as the taught whether to the mind, to the being or to the body; whereas the mind cannot rule the embodiment, the body is not able to command or dominate the embodiment which is the symposium of some of the finest virtues ever known to humankind.

Let us access our embodiment, which is the enclave of our sacred true nature and our true self, for it is from this realm that the gracefulness, the creative intelligence and the abundance of our life’s prosperity emanates flourishingly, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Letter to World Leaders; UFO’s, Alien/Unidentified Flying Objects; Solving the Mystery, Demystifying the Resolutions

E.T. Extraterrestrial Life, Close Encounters, The Mysterious Evolution of the Cosmos


carl_sagan___01_by_aguelmann-d375m3c First and foremost of all, the point that comes to the forefront is that humanity want’s other species of alien life to understand us before we could ever seek to understand them?

Is this a egoistical or a purely defensive approach please? Science has been able to achieve far much more than humanity has been able to completely grasp and keep pace with, which means that as we keep advancing ahead with the evolving times, we keep experiencing phenomenal discoveries, remarkable progress and scintillating revelations that enhance the scope of life on earth and beyond, across the spatial realms astoundingly.

Coming to the main topic, it is about the opportunities; whenever we are referring to alien life, it is once a perspective of fascination; an ever enthusiastic vision to be able to know more well in detail, so that it could help all of us progress together for the greater collaboration of the cosmos.

Now, when having such remarkable intentions, what is underlying, beneath the surface, what we believe and feel from within cannot remain submerged since if we have any other dominant forces that are influencing us to be able to command the alien life; to be able to orchestrate how we deem appropriate? Then this, all of that and whatever it is, will already be transmitted and beamed across almost instantaneously for as God has endowed us with the phenomenal intellectual capabilities, so likewise other alien forms of life will also apparently have some sort/types of remarkable virtues, powers and grasping powers that transcend our sphere of comprehension.

It simply means that if at the bottom of our hearts and across the platform of our mindsets we are having conscientious and good willed intentions, for sure, we would be able to welcome the alien life on our planet quite long ago. Well, there is no particular way that we can beam across messages to them, but the cosmic forces that operate/function and orchestrate the forces of creation and evolution know how, when and why; this means, that when we truly have our shuddh bhav; which refers to absolutely pure intentions; then we will for sure be able to make some remarkable progress in being able to establish and make connections with the alien life and identify the potential possibilities of exploring the great scope of creation and life together.

Remember language is never the barrier, the speech or sign language by itself tells and reveals a lot; we have noticed how when at times we experience the pulse of our impulse, and then voila, we are having some serendipitious occurence unfolding somewhere, and when we get the inkling, we are speechless, for how, when, where and why – how all of the processes particularly chose us to experience and relate-connect to a certain experience leaves us with a profound attitude of gratitude.

Likewise, where the alien life is concerned, putting aside all difference; putting completely aside all expectations and putting aside all fears for why do we think that they are hostile? What vibrations and frequencies we are emitting are thereby getting absorbed by alien life as they observe us harboring certain tendencies and then reciprocating their responsiveness which yet again creates another set of mysterious barriers, but why?

When will humanity truly awaken to the graceful wisdom that is ensconced within the sacred realms of our true nature, of our true self, of our divine essence; of our higher consciousness; of our creative intelligence and make a pact with facts and not an impact with factor and factoring please.

Have we ever thought that like we keep exploring the spatial realms, it could be possible that alien life is likewise intending to explore our planet, but on each instance they are sighted, they are approached, they are instantly having a defensive formation encircling or shunning them away? What could they construe with their equally advanced intelligence and realization that they are hostile? But what if they are not hostile and are absolutely harmless and could in fact help us all to further advance and achieve remarkable progress for the well being of all of us please? When will we trust that as creation has trusted us, creation has trusted alien life as well and provided each and every form of life its dignity to establish its credentials and live gloriously in a spirit of goodwill and harmonious oneness.

Looking forward to the day when the World Leaders will come together in harmonious solidarity to welcome the alien forms of life as our distinguished guests and not just as some alien beings for when we welcome with our hearts and minds full of goodwill, the goodwill of life and creation will likewise manifest in our lives amazingly, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Let us Think for Life, Let us give Life a Thought

3f98019aea57d8f9ededae0f5e5a7436What if we had it? Would our lives be better?

Have we ever thought of and inquired the following as well please.

What if we were better and then our lives had it; that would be far much more magnificently wonderful right; since life has always been contributing to our remarkable development, progress, sustenance and  glorious evolution.

Think how we can make this life far much more better for ourselves and others; and then endeavor to do the needful with a sense of purpose, diligence, prudence, responsibility, sincerity, tenacity, truthfulness and your gracious wisdom, always ensuring to do good for one and all conscientiously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Life and Death, The Other Side from the Other Sight

Celebrate Life as Life Celebrates You, Be Truly in Love with Your Life Infinitely

7e6d02453222656bc72f838335935260For some of us, when we are alive, we are thinking what is death all about?

Then, when we are dead, we are reflecting upon what life was all about?

This all about life and death must be carefully understood, for when we are alive, we must truly live and when we complete our earthly sojourn, we must ascend in such a dignified manner that even the heavens whole heartedly welcomes us.

Its not for us to get entangled into any controversies or discussions; arguments or defensiveness; issuing statements or making any allegations; let us learn to remain still, to be peaceful with ourselves for it is from that serene calmness that the creative magnificence of our life evolves.

Regarding the captioned title, the other side and the other sight is all about strengthening our core values, our principles, being true to our faith; being true to our commitments; being devoted and focused upon what we have been entrusted with; for we are able to gain a better insight of what’s ahead when we complete what we have been entrusted with.

Remember, when we repose and place our implicit trust on someone’s shoulders, we cherish and keenly look forward to satisfactory results; likewise God has brought us into this World to be able to fulfill our primordial objectives which are always belonging to sustaining the visions that pertain to the goodwill, harmony, progress and welfare of the Universe conscientiously.

To sum it up, no one should ever worry about the other side whether from this sight, the other sight or even insight for when we faithfully attend to our respective obligations, then what’s ahead is duly taken care of as well, that is how the process unfolds. But if we insist and want to have a more greater insight or revelation, we would be imaginarily drifting by chasing illusive delusions that may tantalize or fascinate but do remember truly that those are far fetched notions and deviating from the ethical norms, protocols and conventionalities of the process of life; with absolutely no authentic, no genuine and no legitimate or bonafide set of results, convictions, facts or realities of life’s eternity and infinity for when someone claims, acclaims, proclaims what this and what that, we must not get mislead and try to just jump on any bandwagon or latch onto someone else’s delusive set of belief’s; remember and carefully realize that we are all here true live our lives righteously and not to get carried away by any emotional tendencies or sentimental outbursts or even any hocus pocus or any tantra-rituals-shady scams or any practices that defy the true essence of being; be alert, be diligent; be precautious; be tenacious; be responsible; be law abiding; be wise and be truthful.

It is our duty to serve; to fulfill what we have been entrusted and then what realization dawns and what we discover will be far more beneficial and useful to our lives than what information we gleam and obtain from here, there or anywhere.

The point is, when we were being born, we did not know when, where, how, why, because, how come, why not as well as maybe or may not be; there was nothing at all; no inclinations; no intentions; no grandeur or grandiose plans; absolutely nothing at all; we were gracefully born and welcomed the refreshing breath of this gratuitous Universe.

So the point of the appointment is that when we die, we do not have to worry so much about all of this at all for it has been emphasized that where we focus our attention, we energize that particular part and path of our lives. So knowing this very well, what is our primary and most contentious objective is to live fulfillingly, so let us joyously live our lives while ensuring that we remain ever true to our nature and ever nature to our truth conscientiously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

The World is Full of Positive People With Pause it if Words; Remember Your Vibes Attracts Your Tribe!

1a6cc85406fec9e630d9d1b662ce323411e7743 images (1) download 61a9f449d4650626edf080e50d486eaa The-world-is-full-of-willing-people-some-willing-to-work-the-rest-willing-to-let-them 5defd97504e8279c45ae4b94d344fdb3

With all due respect, tribe is not intending to hurt anyone’s sentiments; rather it is respectfully seeking to refer to the vibrational frequencies that we emit, whether knowingly or unknowingly and then we find and experience likewise set of people, experiences and circumstances in our lives.

Regarding positivism and positive people; the positive attitudes, its all about the pause it if, meaning that carefully taking all aspects into realizable consideration and then diligently striving further ahead to do what’s best and what’s reasonably possible in the best interests of one and all, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Sharan Valiram, The Supreme Courage of our Priceless Values

ValuesThe Sanskrit translational definitions of the following remarkable words elucidate the amazing greatness that is enshrined within each and every one of us.

Sharan in Sanskrit refers to enshrine; Vali to courage and Ram to supreme. The following is one of the Sanskrit shlokas/verses; Santoshatulyam dhanamasti nanyat; the meaning of this is that – there is no treasure greater than happiness.

When we may take this into referential context to our present day lives, it implies the amazing renditions of all wisdom that inspires us to awaken to the true divine essence; to the creative magnificence of contentment, joy and graciousness ensconced within the sacred realms of our true nature and our true selves ingeniously, while of course time and again ensuring that we earnestly fulfill our respective primordial dharma (duties) in order to cherish the greatness of our karma (deeds).

Another fabled Sanskrit verse that resonates the authenticity of our lives is the following which is also the renowned motto of the great land of India; it reads as; Satyameva Jayate; its definition is meaning; Truth alone Triumphs.

Satyameva jayate nānṛtaṁ
Satyena panthā vitato devayānaḥ
Yenākramantyṛṣayo hyāptakāmā
Yatra tat satyasya paramaṁ nidhānam.

The translational definition of the above is:-

Truth alone triumphs; not falsehood. Through truth the divine path is spread out by which the sages whose desires have been completely fulfilled, reach where that supreme treasure of Truth resides.

The above when referring to our present day lives seeks to refer to the divine essence of the truth that is encapsulated and embodied within the prestigious realms of our higher consciousness; of our higher self; of our creative intelligence; of our true nature and of our true self consonantly.

When we experience the true divine essence of our being, all that is within us aligns and harmoniously emits its frequencies along with all that’s around us, thereby establishing a sense and essence of equanimity and divine vision to empower our attendance to the various objectives and tasks of our lives conscientiously.

There is also the Sanskrit peace verses which astoundingly resonate the glorious oneness of the Universe; it reads as:-

Om saha nāvavatu
Saha nau bhunaktu
Saha vīryaṃ karavāvahai
Tejasvināvadhītamastu mā vidviṣāvahai
Oṃ śāntiḥ śāntiḥ śāntiḥ

Om ! May He protect us both together;
May He nourish us both together;
May we work conjointly with great energy,
May our study be vigorous and effective;
May we not mutually dispute (or may we not hate any).
Om, Let there be Peace in me;
Let there be Peace in my environment;
Let there be Peace in the forces that act on me.

He respectfully refers to the supreme consciousness and me humbly refers to the collective consciousness.

Satsangatve* Nissangatvam
Nissangatve Nirmohatvam
Nirmoatvam Nishchalattvam
Nishcalattvam Jiivanmuktih

From Satsangha*, comes non-attachment;
From non-attachment comes freedom from delusion,
From freedom from delusion comes self-settlement.
From self-settlement comes liberation (from ignorance).

* Sat (Truth) + Sangham (Company). Means to seek the company of THE truth. In simple terms Satsang is living life with awareness in the company of good minded people with pure intentions consistently.

Its our collective consciousness that encompasses the symposium of our gracious knowledge, we are able to remarkably contribute and come together committedly to sustain the visions that belong to the goodwill, harmony, progress and welfare of the Universe conscientiously.

The following is another Sanskrit shloka:-
kāmamaya evāyaṃ puruṣa iti
sa yathākāmo bhavati tatkratur bhavati
yatkratur bhavati tat karma kurute
yat karma kurute tad abhisaṃpadyate

Brihadaranyakopanishat 4.4.5

You are what your deep, driving desire is
As your desire is, so is your will
As your will is, so is your deed
As your deed is, so is your destiny

All across our lives, we keep searching everywhere to find what is already there so very much within us. Therefore, when we fulfill our respective obligations, then the Universe will likewise play its noble path and make us realize the creative magnificence of our divine oneness.

And this Sanskrit shloka which reflects on the true morality of our lives

santhosh parmo labh
satsang parmo gathi
vichaar parman gnaan
shamohi parman sukham

Contentment is the highest gain
Good Company the highest course
Enquiry the highest wisdom
and Peace the highest enjoyment

And of course the following Sanskrit shloka which particularly refers to the work is worship essence of our lives.

Udyamena hi sidhyanti karyani na manorathaih

Work will get done by acting on it,not by inspiration and dreaming alone.

The above was a very brief overview of innumerable Sanskrit shlokas (verses) that had been compiled several thousands of years ago whose essence and meaningfulness applies even in our everyday lives of now and will continue to do so importantly.

The captioned title seeks to refer to the seed, the pure intent and the essence of our lives; that when we diligently strive to instill discipline and devotion within each and every moment of our lives, the results that we achieve and yield will be commensurate with our good willed efforts and initiatives.

It means that everything, be it a thought; be it a feeling; be it a emotion; whatever it is cannot be just casually or usually regarded and archived onto another set of reservoir of enormous thoughts, feelings and emotions. Rather, it is seeking to be alert, diligent and vigilant; to tenaciously observe and safeguard and empower/strengthen our day to day of living conscientiously; of living with a purpose, for we all have been created to create greater value of the values that have been taught to us.

Its not just about talk, inspiration, motivation and encouragement alone; this is not just trying to focus on the remarkable wisdom encapsulated within the Sanskrit shlokas(verses) alone; take any sacred scripture, all of them exemplify the amazing gracious wisdom of our priceless values and what we value, values us as well.

The true value of our lives will keep unfolding right across our lives, within each and every priceless moment and it depends upon each and every one of us to awaken to the divine essence of our being and live life fulfillingly by accomplishing each and every moment of our lives as if it has only been especially created and designed for us; however here is the catch, when we say designed for us, we need to be consciously aware that designing refers to creating life as we want it, as we aspire for it, as we cherish it, as we desire it and as we yearn for it; but all being done with utmost faith, goodwill and trust in the divine essence of our true nature and true self while ensuring that we are truly living with+in our divine foresight; our divine vision; our divine will and our divine wisdom conscientiously, God bless.

Sanskrit Shlokas/Verses Attribution: Various Contributors at

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Human Like? Human Being, Being Like? Like Being!

quote-Elvis-Presley-values-are-like-fingerprints-nobodys-are-the-106124Some of us want to be like all of us? Then all of us like to be like some of us?

The secret is not being like, it is “like being“. The state of being enjoins with the stake of liking to create the aspired goals.

Realize that we are human being and not human like; it starts with being human and then obviously we like and so on and so forth, but before anything else, the true essence of being seeks its validation for until or unless we be, then only can we further energize and empower.

We hear so much about like being like someone else? Actually the pivotal factor all emanates from the being, for once the being, the self esteem, the self worth is acknowledged, then all else aligns methodically.

Regardless of what evolved or will further unfold, until or unless you authentically like being you cannot attain the being like ever, for it would be a futile attempt, since knowing very well that we are from the magnificence of creation, we cannot magnify creation, unless we live in accordance with the principles and values governing creation; it is adhering to the constancy of purpose; to the true way of living our lives in accordance with the divine essence of truly like being, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Before this? After this? How about Right Now Please?

Moving-on-quotes-8imagesnice-hurt-quotes-thoughts-silent-undestanding-great-best  Picture7Some of us keep dividing the time we have into so many compartments that we allocate and attribute so much to the past or to the future?

How about the time that is right now with us? When will we truly awaken to the infinite potential of each and every priceless moment of our lives, for life is happening right now, right this very present moment; realize its your life; live, its your realization, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

The Time in One Moment, The Infinity of Being

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With all due respect, the above quote should have actually been written, No human, for it is not only that it applies to a Women solely; Men also likewise aspire to attain their greater potential like Women do, actually Women do not complain, they wish to encourage and inspire us to awaken to the divine essence of our true nature, to ensure that we fulfill our commitments to the very best of our abilities conscientiously.


One moment tells us, its time. Another time tells us, its the moment.

We need to be in time with the moment as well as in the moment with time, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Will Gates? The Gates Will! The Gates to Heaven? The Great is the True Having! The Phase Book of this Life Beckons the Facet Book? The Face it Book of all Lifetimes!

Week 21 30-Best-friend-Quotes-Which-Every-Person-Should-Read-19 happiness-quotes-34 great-reason-why-not-having-a-boyfriend-is-worth-it-because-then-your-future-husband-is-like-your-true-prince-im-waiting-for-my-future-prince-charming wallpapers  happy-friendship-day-wallpaper d5dfb5071b391ab944be7306a51376f3 d7254bac851794490d81fdb1fb9aa4d0 images images (1)

Why do you need the route for the gate to heaven please?

Greatness is where heaven resides on earth in the compassionate heart and gracious wisdom of each and every living being.

So, heaven is not so distant after all, it is the very most closest to you, all you need is to authentically and genuinely reach within to experience the completeness, the radiance, the truthfulness and wonderfulness of who you are while ensuring to fulfill your respective commitments with a sense of diligence+responsibility and always living with=in a state of conscious awareness for being somewhere else while all else is happening here is most people’s largest challenging predicament.

If we be great and fair, devoted to what we are doing, then we will experience heaven in this very life itself; for heaven is a state of purity, a state of contentment and the equanimity of being still as one with the oneness of our being; When was the last time that you looked at yourself in the mirror and cheered? voted? applauded? admired the beautifulness and gracefulness of who you truly are?

You looked at the mirror and then glanced for a while and then rushed back to the smart phones and the electronic devices? At the beginning and end of any given day, take at least a few moments to truly connect with your higher self, your divine essence; for you are distancing you from yourself and till that keeps happening, you will keep this stancing all the remarkable wonderfulness of your lives for no apparent reason at all? Its your choice, choose well.

Regarding the captioned title, with all due and utmost respect, all that it seeks to humbly refer to is the indomitable will power of the human spirit; for some of us, it appears to be eluding us? or are some of us eluding it? We look at a gate and then want it to open by itself? We look at a book and then want the chapters to read themselves to us? We want the crops and fruits that grow in summer to harvest and bloom in winter? How can we defy nature? How can we go against the truth of nature within as well as all around us please? God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Don’t tie Yourself, You will Tire Yourself! Remember the Baby Elephant Syndrome, it is Being Tied with a Small String and All its Life that String Becomes the Strongest Rope that Restraints it?

donelephant-5-638shinementality-cover2  dalai-lama-yesterday-today-love-believe 34f8d290eae9402e841d9e5ae0b41118 download c9a8f3c32e897d4f7590e648dd1bd3a8 e01b6ca63eb7488555e8c9848ac806d2 Pema-Chodron-quote-let-go-for-elephant-journal-250x250Om Shree Ganeshaya Namaha, With all due respect to the elephant’s gracious wisdom; human beings have the liberty to make the (astral/horoscope) planets and stars oscillate around them instead of us going from one planet to another to seek favorable benediction.

We may run from pillar to post in desperation but nothing will ensue, all that will happen and unfold is like how the elephant’s predicament keeps re emerging mysteriously. We are able to see that it is only a small string beholding the elephant that can easily break free of that string, but the elephant’s mindset has been so pre conditioned from childhood/infancy to believe that the string beholding it is a strong rope?

Who can make the elephant understand? But you can for sure realize that no one has ever tied any strings or ropes. You are liberated and living in the free world where there are incredible opportunities and possibilities, but to experience them, you will need to fulfill your respective duties, objectives, obligations, responsibilities, studies, tasks and vocations devotionally; remember work is worship.\

Those mysterious anxieties, fears, phobias, resentments, negligent tendencies might all be tying you up more and more for the more you resist, the more they persist as the saying goes. However, if you at each instance, take one reasonable initiative to work in the direction of liberating yourselves by doing what is essential, doing what is correct, doing what is righteous and doing what is wise; then gradually, step by step, the respective aspects, whether it be a disease; the financial hardship; the search for employment; the yearning for the contentment of fulfillment state of being and feeling; whatever it maybe, as far as it is reasonable will manifest in your lives and the respective healing will take place once you have paid the price. Price does not necessarily only mean the monetary price for money cannot buy everything, money can buy any thing? but not everything, for there are certain things that money could never ever buy and that is where the virtue of devotion, faith, goodwill and your gracious wisdom steps in to reveal and shine forth its gloriousness within as well as all across your lives; however you need to be a conscientious and responsible participant that carefully observes and follows the divine principles as well as the divine vision of life. IF there is need for any help, do seek it as possible but do not before seeking declare that people are like this? people are like that? so on and so forth, stop that negative mental chatter, realize to be grateful for what you have and can created; but also to be alert, diligent, prudent, responsible, sincere, tenacious, vigilant and wise with+in all that you think, do and express consistently, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi