Don’t tie Yourself, You will Tire Yourself! Remember the Baby Elephant Syndrome, it is Being Tied with a Small String and All its Life that String Becomes the Strongest Rope that Restraints it?

donelephant-5-638shinementality-cover2  dalai-lama-yesterday-today-love-believe 34f8d290eae9402e841d9e5ae0b41118 download c9a8f3c32e897d4f7590e648dd1bd3a8 e01b6ca63eb7488555e8c9848ac806d2 Pema-Chodron-quote-let-go-for-elephant-journal-250x250Om Shree Ganeshaya Namaha, With all due respect to the elephant’s gracious wisdom; human beings have the liberty to make the (astral/horoscope) planets and stars oscillate around them instead of us going from one planet to another to seek favorable benediction.

We may run from pillar to post in desperation but nothing will ensue, all that will happen and unfold is like how the elephant’s predicament keeps re emerging mysteriously. We are able to see that it is only a small string beholding the elephant that can easily break free of that string, but the elephant’s mindset has been so pre conditioned from childhood/infancy to believe that the string beholding it is a strong rope?

Who can make the elephant understand? But you can for sure realize that no one has ever tied any strings or ropes. You are liberated and living in the free world where there are incredible opportunities and possibilities, but to experience them, you will need to fulfill your respective duties, objectives, obligations, responsibilities, studies, tasks and vocations devotionally; remember work is worship.\

Those mysterious anxieties, fears, phobias, resentments, negligent tendencies might all be tying you up more and more for the more you resist, the more they persist as the saying goes. However, if you at each instance, take one reasonable initiative to work in the direction of liberating yourselves by doing what is essential, doing what is correct, doing what is righteous and doing what is wise; then gradually, step by step, the respective aspects, whether it be a disease; the financial hardship; the search for employment; the yearning for the contentment of fulfillment state of being and feeling; whatever it maybe, as far as it is reasonable will manifest in your lives and the respective healing will take place once you have paid the price. Price does not necessarily only mean the monetary price for money cannot buy everything, money can buy any thing? but not everything, for there are certain things that money could never ever buy and that is where the virtue of devotion, faith, goodwill and your gracious wisdom steps in to reveal and shine forth its gloriousness within as well as all across your lives; however you need to be a conscientious and responsible participant that carefully observes and follows the divine principles as well as the divine vision of life. IF there is need for any help, do seek it as possible but do not before seeking declare that people are like this? people are like that? so on and so forth, stop that negative mental chatter, realize to be grateful for what you have and can created; but also to be alert, diligent, prudent, responsible, sincere, tenacious, vigilant and wise with+in all that you think, do and express consistently, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

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