Can Money Buy Happiness? Can Happiness by Money? Every by? Every Byte of Life seeks Happiness First, Money Next!

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swami_vivekananda_best_quotesSome people think of buying? Keep buying and buying and buying? Do they attain the happiness of the World or does the World of happiness attains them?

They remain proudly thinking that aha they have achieved so much and so much more?

Life thinks of by in; remember we live by what’s within in and not just the bites of some lavish indulgence alone. What is more essential and vital is the bytes of creative intelligence that could help us to resourcefully utilize our wealth that it is able to create greater good for the World and not only for ourselves.

By all means, those who earn fabulous riches have every right to spend as they deem appropriate but the true joy that is derived is by building more schools, more hospitals, more community centres, more sports grounds where the children can safely play and not just keep expanding the real estate to intensify the profitability please.

There are so many people without adequate drinking and sanitation water; there are many other children needing vaccination and other people who are fighting life challenging diseases; there are basically so many people who are struggling to cope with each and every moment, leave alone day, for them each moment, each minute, each hour, each day is a huge marathon for they sleep malnourished and with insufficient means and yet remain ever thankful to God for this precious life; their sense of courage, dignity; their perspective, vision and self esteem is truly commendable.

So the truth of happiness is not purchased or managed, it is earned by creating joy in the lives of millions of peoples households and will remain in the hearts and minds of people forever and ever because when no one thought of them, someone thought of them after all. Indeed, there are so many people and organizations that are helping the needy for which we remain ever grateful to them, however far much more needs true be done for sure since those who have undertaken such noble tasks must be supported by all reasonable means and righteously.

This is not negatively reflecting on what is the state of the World at all, rather it is actually seeking to improve the livelihood of people so that there is true peace, there is greater goodwill, there is more harmony and there is glorious welfare of one and all not only for this generation but for many more generations to come.

We need to more actively instill in place and strongly promote the happiness index of each nation and then we will be amazed by the revelations that are announced for the most productive nations and the happiest of countries are those that are constantly focused upon improvement of the World in each and every initiative. They somehow or the other ensure that what they do is having a positive impact and influencing the World altogether, and if we reflect upon their attitudes, they have enormous wealth, but do not splurge or waste it or just flaunt it; rather they diligently, prudently, resourcefully, tenaciously and wisely preserve and meaningfully re invest as well as contribute in their reasonable ways towards the greater goodwill, harmony, progress and welfare of the World.

Let us do+true our part so that life will do its path, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

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