The Jump


Think before you jump for or give in to any and everything since what appears fancy might not be what it seems after all; beware and safeguard your interests; value your contributions and whatever associations as well as commitments; and strictly remain ever alert, diligent, prudence, responsible, tenacious,vigilant and wise, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Some People want to Change their Souls? How Ignorant and Unrealistic Can this ever be? Changing Souls? Height of Foolishness, Total Absurdity!

Happiness-dwells-in-the-soul-700x525The soul is pure consciousness and cannot be changed, exchanged or bartered please.

The sanctified realms of the soul enshrine the image of God and is the most treasured essence of our being, so how can we ever give up a part of us that is the integral path of our evolution?

People go back in time to seek the gracious wisdom from their heritage and to respectfully honor those who have walked the paths before, but never to ignorantly utter any foolish words or even ever think of something that will be considered as insanity.

The soul has been our faithful companion, we should always cherish its dedicated affiliation with our being; its remarkable commitment in guiding us and enriching the true divine essence of our being infinitely, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Expand our Minds – but – Then Acts Spamming our Mindfulness, How Come? Practice Consciousness Mindfulness!


Some of us are trying to expand our mind while our acts are spamming our mindfulness?

Until or unless we learn to regulate the conscious awareness of our mind and its indulgence, this could be a discreet affair that keep elongating and entrenching itself inextricably?

The power of our being is in our consciousness that can empower us with the graceful wisdom to better understand the flow of thoughts across our mind and to ensure that we are thinking what is useful and we are resourcefully contributing towards our exponential growth in grace and wisdom evolutionarily, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

The Point, The Appointment; Discipline, Devotion and Wisdom; The App Ointment of Life


The point is we are going on appointing?

The appointment is, we are the point of every appointment of our lives; realize everything begins with us and seeks our earnest disciplined and devoted as well as diligent, prudent and wise focus in all that we think, do and express conscientously, God bless.

 ©2015 Vashi Chandi

Kaaba, Madinah, The Divine Union of Life’s Graceful Wisdom

"Kaaba 2" by Original uploader was Zakaryaamr at en.wikipedia
“Kaaba 2” by Original uploader was Zakaryaamr at en.wikipedia
"Madinah Montage" by MrJoker07 - Own work based on. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons -
“Madinah Montage” by MrJoker07 – Own work based on. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons –

Ab nahi, to kab nahin? The above humbly seeks to refer to the following – If not now, then when? My din has Jeena! My day has the fullness of life. My humbly seeks to refer to our collective consciousness. Every breath that we take is full of life, in this now of our lives, the complete Universe is sharing its precious breath with us.

Just imagine, the complete creation of the cosmos is evoking our awareness to realize the magnificent wonderfulness of our lives; to awaken to our true nature; to our true self; to our divine essence and to the sacredness of our higher consciousness and to celebrate our oneness with God in this each and every very most precious moment by moment of our lives; to contribute to the visions that belong to the goodwill, harmony, progress and welfare of the Universe as one loving Family; for the divine union is always there, we need to gratuitously acknowledge and cherishingly embrace the pure divine potential of our being conscientiously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

From Mobile Phones to Smart Phones, How Smarter Has Life Actually Become?

ng pleaseconnected-traveller (1)Its all up to each and everyone of us to enhance the scope of our lives with whatever we are provided; remember its not just what’s around us that matters, its what within us that integrally counts, determines and matters far much more as well please, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Temperature; Temper-rature? The Key is in “Your” hands, Not Someonelse’s

Quotes-and-Sayings-About-Anger-Beautiful-PicRemember when anger comes, it comes and takes everything else away; so realize that your goodwill, your health and wellness is definitely worth far much more than what someone else may try to deliberately provoke you into reacting or misleading whereby you are furiously treading wrong pathways of life?

Wake up, there is no second chance at times in life; be alert, be diligent, be prudent, be responsible, be tenacious and be wise for it is your life and it is your temperature, not someone else’s asset please, Shiva Shakti Bhava, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Life knows the Mirror? The Treasure of Treasures! Karma? Karam? Dharma=Duties!

NowIt is actually life mirrors the now!

All know how we are, life’s now, how we are how! We may have been; we may further be; however where life is specifically concerned, almost instantaneously consults with what we were (karam) along with what we are going to be ((karma) and yet again comes back carefully to take into conscientious consideration the dharma (the duties of our lives that we are integrally, faithfully and honestly fulfilling and performing) and then in that span of a few seconds another chapter of our life graciously unfolds; it is this very now that thereby determines, who thou “shalt be”.

So whether it was several thousands of years ago, this present moment or yet several thousands of years ahead; the principles, values and doctrines governing the nature within as well as all around us imperatively derives its axiom, its compass and its foresight to a great extent from the now in our lives.

Now is the opportunity to be what may have been; to have what may have; to seek what we may have; to fulfill what we may have been only promising all along? its about respecting ourselves and others; carefully understanding that the now in our lives is not some fancy statement; not some famous proverb and not some oh so what and who cares type of attitude; for when the now arrives in our lives, then we will truly know how impactful; how powerful and how amazing the creative magnificence of the now in our lives particularly is.

This applies very particularly to those who are completely lost, constantly doing something else all the time while something else is facing them, they need to awaken before it is too late and realize the now does not comes once in a way in our lives; the now comes only now, that is it, no action replay, no later please and no sorry please! Now means Now, all those games, those chats, those gossips, those idle pleasures and those time wasting pursuits/tactics/excuses/pretensions or exciting things cannot help when the now in our lives unfolds demanding firm accountability for what we did with the “now” in our lives!

Now has not been just created as a calm pass but is the very integral compass of our life; now is the horoscope as well as the forecast of what all was, is and could ever be there provided we are true our nature and nature to our truth; ensuring that we are fulfilling our respective agendas, assignments, chores, commitments, duties, objectives, obligations, responsibilities, tasks and vocations earnestly and devotionally; with a sense of conscientiousness, diligence, prudence, tenacity, truthfulness and our gracious wisdom that encapsulates righteousness in all that we think, do and express consistently.

So knowing is not everything. Now in, now within, know within, within thy higher self, within thy higher consciousness as well as within this moment now, all the gracious wisdom and evolution of life remains encapsulate, embodies, sustained and gloriously enshrined.

Treat each and every now; the present moment of your lives as if it is the greatest preasure and jewel that you ever had; that you ever have and that you could ever have; and then all your life will be living your life as life’s treasure that life treasures, Shiva Shakti Bhava, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi