Human Being, Being Human, What You’re Wondering about is Wondering about You

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A human being’s system can process well over 11 trillion bits per second. A human brain has billions of nerve cells called neurons.

We could keep on taking account and what would result is more and more amazing set of results; so many of which we may never have ever realized at all. Such priceless, phenomenal and treasured sets of capabilities that are diligently attainable are well within our reach.

So we have been endowed with brilliantly creative and magnificent set of powers; now the point is what are we resourcefully doing within each and every moment of our lives to leverage the exponential possibilities and potentialities that lays before us? God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

The Last Breath, The Breath Lasts, Remember to Flow along With the Breath for Life true Follow


Just when we were actually starting to enjoy, life stopped?

And then, we realized to flow with the moment; the breath of life gloriously resuscitated itself.

Then as we were intending to stop, life enjoined and the harmonious rhythm of life melodiously evolved and kept revitalizing and nourishing us with the infinity of life’s eternality amazingly, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Next Time, We will take Care? Next Care, We will take Time? That Next is NOW

593f25a913420d039fc240206f9b5aeeWhen its care, some of us say; next time we will take care. When its time, then some of us say; next care, we will take time? This next care? next time? might keep overlapping each others till there’s no more next time left at all, and then what?

Will some of us then state back, next care, we will take time? Remember when its time up, its time up and when its take care, its take care as well as when it is take time, it is time that is then and there, not some other next time that might not allow us to be there at all due to postponing our life’s imperative tasks please, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Memory, Catch it before it Caches You


Its about simplifying life as reasonably as possible.

Sometimes, we keep piling so much that without realizing we are intensifying the stress to our nerve cells; our neurons; but if we realistically look at the facts, at times, it is not at all necessary, and there are better ways of doing the right things.

So please do us a great favor, be easy on yourself when possible for when we mechanize our lives, it becomes too over stressful and monotonous, rather intersperse between the serious work agendas, a few moments to pause when safe and reasonable, then take a deep breath, take reasonable intervals to reflect upon somethings that are equally important as well, and that importance is YOU, because in the process of completing everything else, we might forget our own well being and when anything happens, that would certainly affect our productive efficiency; then we are rushing to catch up from the other end of the road in reverse gear? Why do that? Why not simplify your life as reasonably as possible, so that greater work output and efficiency is achieved and diligently maintained, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

You See? You hear? Do I Mind? Respect Privacy!


Some people push their way through, complete previewing what’s there and then out of etiquette? courtesy politely ask; If you don’t mind, can I see?

How cool is that? They completed the whole process in a jiff and then want to know whether they can officially see and hear?

What to answer? If you don’t see and hear, can I mind! They leave no choice other than complicating the scenarios.

Only if they could realize what it means to respect one another’s sanctity and privacy for when life puts one in another’s position, the identical scenario unfolds and then voila, we become either the opponent or the proponent.

Whatever it is, the privacy here seeks to refer to sensitive matters which could mean a lot to someone and therefore whoever intends to barge in just like that without respecting the protocols governing civil etiquette, modicum and conventional behaviour must draw the limits, must draw the lines for curiosity beyond certain jurisdictions is considered and regarded as trespassing on private property and and infringement of intellectual matters as well as privacy.

Here although it is person to person, some people are unable to phrase and tell it straight forward to the others, so putting it in one way, this is for those who stretch too far across and beyond the permissible limits of curiosity, to respect in order to be respected, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Children of God! God of Children? Child Brides? Young Children Sexual Abuse! Shattering the Dignity of Life’s Precious Trust

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Some people amongst us, live and behave as normal people? considering themselves as children of God but are dishonoring the trust that God has entrusted upon each and ever human beings shoulders.

They surreptitiously and very most discreetly engage in some of the most horrible  and shameful actions ever known to humankind. Leave alone considering themselves children of God, they are a disgrace to humanity and to creation for they are sexually molesting/exploiting the dignity of innocent children; attacking the precious childhood of children, who are completely unaware and terrified by what is going on and why it is happening to them?

This should stop, completely stop and be prevented; stronger laws and legislation’s must be introduced and ensure that the rule of law is stringently prosecuting any such condemnable disgusting criminal actions. The regulations of the laws must explicitly stipulate the severest penalties and public announcements of any such elements in our societies so that no one ever dare to ever engage in any such repulsive crimes ever again.

Now coming to the captioned titles second part, God of children; indeed, children consider their elders as messengers of God; as the form of the divine, and out of pure love and respect, they trust but when that trust is broken and shockingly shattered, there are absolutely no words that could ever describe or explain how it feels for the child, for the child’d parents, for the child’s family and friends. Sometimes, the children have a lifelong trauma and keep waking up and spend sleepless nights after night almost all across their lifetime due to some of the life challenging sexual exploitation incidents;  But why? Why should some people ever indulge in any such horrific criminal actions please?

Unfortunately, there is also another very most shocking practice going on where children are married at extremely early stages of their lives, it is like they don’t have any consent, any say, they are just married at the behest of their parents? at the behest of their societies? What societies are these that are putting the fragile dignity of the precious children at enormous risks please? When will some of us ever truly awaken to our conscience and ensure that no such despicable actions ever occur again please, When please? God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Fortune, Are all after it? Who is Fortune after?

For+Tune, Its after all Attuned!

attunement-quotes-1 attunement-quotes-2

Once we attune; observing the disciplined pro active process; the devotionally organized method along with the systematically focused approach; then we realize that good fortune was always there with us, within each and every moment of our lives.

All it took is a little more effort; a little more attention; a little more diligence, prudence, tenacity, vigilance and our gracious wisdom to help align with the remarkable magnificence of life’s creative gracefulness evolutionarily, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

A Permanent Resolution to Alleviate Global Suffering; The Shift of Consciousness; You are Suffering to Create because You were Not Created to Suffer

You are Suffering to Create because You were Not Created to Suffer; IF You are Mistakenly clinging onto the Suffering Mindset, then you are affecting your creative capacity very most strongly!

Because you were NEVER created to suffer, but IF you keep on believing and declaring and condemning yourself regarding suffering, then it is YOU, yes it is YOU that is going on welcoming more and more suffering quite ignorantly, but why PLEASE?

It is straightforward and to the point, you were never created to suffer, but then if you time and again keep going against what nature and creation have for you and keep stating that you are suffering? that you are destined to suffer? and all the negative self talk, you are only adding more and more to your self imposed suffering, for creation does not want you to ever suffer. But then you are struggling to create? you are suffering to create? all because you are trying to rewrite the laws of nature and creation and trying to state that suffering is an integral part and path of your life? But why please?

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410402The following must be communicated to wherever it is essentially required in a cordial manner, since those aggrieved or seeking healing might be already intensely caught in enormous challenges and unprecedented overwhelming set of factors consternatingly.

They must be very most carefully made to understand this false statement; You are suffering to create because you were created to suffer? (This is absolutely false; You were never ever created to suffer, if you are in a challenging situation, the world sympathizes but then expects you to realize what you are genuinely doing to improve you well being responsibly and reasonably at least please!)

And then another statement – that tries to make you realize – but you are focusing only on the “suffering” and not reading anything else? –  You are suffering to create because you were not created to suffer! Once you realize that you have offerings to create, so the sufferings will be gradually replaced by those talented offerings, thereby bringing a sense of achievement and belonging as well as the extremely important factor of self esteem to the forefront.

Wherever, whatever is mentioned about suffering, it is seeking to refer to the personal, one sided beliefs that some of us maybe having about suffering and examining this statement very particularly –  You are suffering to create because you were not created to suffer! What does this mean after all?  It means first of all as follows:-

a) You are suffering to create  – this is the challenging situation you are facing

b)  because you were not created to suffer! – This is pin pointing to the actual fact that indeed you were not created to suffer

c) But if you are holding onto suffering and stating over and over and over and over again that

a) You are suffering to create  – On and On and On and ON with this same statement and belief; then it is as if you are ignorantly practicing to make suffering a part of your life every moment, but why please?

b)  because you were not created to suffer! – And then this reality, that you were not created to suffer, but then you believe you have been created to suffer? So this means that your opinion and belief is suffering? But why please? why and why please? You are having your belief and conviction that you were created to suffer? Whereas life, nature, the universe, the world, the complete creation, the cosmos, everything believes you were created to offer; that you were created to create please.

But if you go against all the laws of creation, then you are defying nature and all that is creation, but why please?

Until or unless you realize that you are challenging the very essence of the laws of the universe, you will keep facing enormous counter reactionary forces and absolute road blocks, all because you keep absent mindedly and ignorantly as well as negligently keep clinging very tightly to that belief and statement that you believe you were created to suffer? and then you are actually attracting more suffering into your life, but yet again and again why please? Do you realize that it is your consciousness that is listening -your being is listening, your mindset is being programmed by some false and completely wrong and unfair statements relating to suffering and this could directly or indirectly related to prosperity, to abundance in all areas of your life including your health, your outlook and well being also please, so kindly be aware of what it is that you are going on repeatedly pounding your self with for within you, all is getting absorbed and integrated within each and every cell of your being please, kindly do not believe or cling onto or latch onto any such hopeless and wrong statements that you were created to suffer please!

That discrepant belief that you are holding and clinging onto is the greater precipitating and more emboldening cause for you to experience enormous suffering that what all of creation could ever bring into your lives, because with every breath, all that you are exclaiming is, alas, why am I suffering? alas, why am I helpless? and so on and so forth, only self pitying and never doing anything meaningful or at least reasonable to help improve and contribute to your dignified welfare at all?

Take the example of the farmer who tills the soil and reaps the harvests works diligently, they work from early in the morning till late in the day, nurturing the crops, harvesting at the respective intervals of the seasonal cycles and not interfering with nature or hastening or duplicating the process at all.

You were created to offer; You were created to prosper; You were created to create, does that sound better, but then what is deep within your consciousness, you were created to suffer? Who told you that? Who made you believe that? Because you are witholding yourself and restraining yourself and penalizing yourself and punishing and judging and condemning and declaring yourself; it is always you, but then you think that oh its nature? oh its that person? on its the government? oh its the economy?; oh its the time?; oh its my horoscope? oh its my destiny? oh, its my luck? and so on and so forth, it is not at all anything of all of that or even anything of that at all; please realize for when you keep on and on with that negative chatter, it exhausts and fills up your mind and being with more and more; and ocean full of impossibilities  and negativities, so even if you go and try to practice something, the negative traits and habits keep overflooding the positiveness? But why? Who started it, You; now who is actually empowering it, its You again, please realize, all of us wish well for You always, but until or unless You authentically and genuinely believe and do what is truly right for you and your life, nothing could really transform, change or improve please.

This may have been told in different direct or indirect ways; in different words or otherwise, but the simple yet powerful reality is that none of us are actually needing to suffer and self pity ourselves or make others do the same. Suffering that has been created and is existent is like an mysterious choice that has been carrying on for generations; is it in the genes? No, it is in the consciousness level, where it is carrying forth through and through, ricocheting and reverberating the complete opposite of what life proposes it.

Life proposes, you were created to create and never the statement of you were created to suffer at all.So time and again, go to the root cause, which is not your Parents, not your Family, not your Country, nor our World, not the Governments, not the Stock Market, not the Financial, Industrial, Economic factors or even anything else that you may have been thinking about.

Change your beliefs and adapt that you are offering to create and never that you are suffering to create. So time and again, it is not necessary to repeat this following statement; once it has been well understood, then its essence could be completed change to read as:  You are offering to create because you were created to prosper.

This is not about any miracle or any positive prep talk or any mantra, etc. It need authentic, disciplined, devoted and dedicated/committed hard and wise work with due diligence, prudence, responsibility, sincerity, tenacity and your gracious wisdom.

Some individuals may remark that what can one statement do? When so much of positive statements could not, well this statement is not about trying to brain wash or indoctrinate or make believe just like that; it is humbly and simply stating once and for all oneness the same integral fact that – You are suffering to create because you were not created to suffer!

So this statement is reaching your consciousness and then your consciousness gradually realizes and detaches itself from the scarcity and dis empowered state of being; it starts feeling and emerging as more infinite and powerful; more creatively potential in all that you think, do and express. That new found enthusiasm did not happen because of the above statement, no; it all happened, happens and will keep happening because you chose to improve your life; as simple and as focused as that, not anything hocus pocus or idle self talk or any magic, it is about the reality, that if we keep stating and beliving the following:- You are suffering to create because you were created to suffer? Then you will keep suffering with everything that you create, why is that so is because the element and initiative of every offering, every aspect of life is overpouring with the virtue of sufferance?

Its like you are believing and speaking to yourself in such as manner and then with that manner your consciousness is coming back to further strengthen the essence of your being with likewise set of factors in your lives, but why? Why choose suffering? Why endure such enormous hardship?

Why not utilize the very same energies to create the best and most reasonable you can, since even if little by little, the scope and outlook of life will change after a certain span of time, but holding onto suffering is like carrying hot charcoal in one’s bare hands and then wondering why one is getting scalded palms?

Why burn and suffer, when actually you know that suffering is painful? Its all more strongly flowing through from your consciousness because you are observing and absorbing more and more of that critical mindset constantly, whether on the Internet, whether in newspapers, whether on social platforms online and even with interactions with one another, the more you keep focusing on lack, then that is what surrounds and the more the negativity, the more the self pitying, the more it intensifies, but why?

Why not at the consciousness level, seek to further improve and strengthen the nerve cells, neurons, your attitude and behavior to believe you truly deserve far much more better in life please?
And most importantly do not harbor any negative tendencies or keep indulging in any self talk or opinions that are reflecting poorly on others for actually that is going deep within yourself and creating more poverty, more ill will for you itself, the mind may make you believe that you are inflicting someone else, but that is never to be, because nature is fair and just, there are laws, rules, doctrines, tenets and principles as well as pristine/pure values that are governing all of creation, so the instant that you think that your karam (action) is going to generate a contradictory karma (deed), shun away from the very thought, for that is actually going to embroil and get you entangled in the complications all together, do not think that anyone just got wealthy just like that; do not think that anyone just is healthy just like that; they have taken remarkable care of themselves; do no think that anyone is just happy just like that; they have also been facing enormous hardships, but then faced the real true essence of their lives and did everything reasonably possible to live their lives with a sense of discipline, focus, devotion and contentment as well as their gracious wisdom; likewise, whatever it maybe, do not rush to conclusions or indulge in any negative or contradictory self talk or any such malignant behavior or attitude please.

Now, whether it is health, whether it is beauty, whether it is success, whether it is courage, whether it is esteem, whether it is confidence, whether it is passion, whether it is ambition, whether it is determination, whether it is goals, whether it is sports, whether it is engineering, whether it is your career, whether it is managing your finances, whether it is your thoughts, whether it is your ideas, whether it is whatever it was, it is and may ever be; IF, IF and IF you keep repeating absent mindlessly the following – You are suffering to create because you were created to suffer? Change that statement completely”You are suffering to create because you were not created to suffer; now further shift from this and state as well as firmly believe with focused conviction that You are offering to create because you were created to prosper.

Also, there is another factor which is the negative talk, the complaining nature, the criticizing/blaming nature; always reflecting on each and every aspect of life deficiently? So even nature would likewise fill more and more of deficiency because you are virtually breathing all that is against, all that is going completely against; whereas you might be thinking, oh it feels good? it feels comfortable? actually it is an delusion, it is like a mirage in the desert, there is no oasis further ahead; it is a total illusion which mysteriously misleads you since such type of mind set also makes other people stay away from you, because all that you do, day in, day out is complain, complain and only complain, always finding fault with everyone else?

There yet again, again and again, over and over again, this statement –You are suffering to create because you were created to suffer (This is absolutely false; how many ever times you repeat that – that much more times you actually multiply and expand your suffering, because you are dictating to your consciousness that suffering is you? Whereas you aren’t suffering at all.

And then this statement – whether twisting the words or trying to rephrase the words, whatever way you put it, the meaning focuses on suffering – which is not true at all – You are suffering to create because you were created to suffer?

Let us even take a simple example of someone who has to do some work, some task, they keep doing other things than that particular task; so then time and again, when the time comes to submit the projects; they say oh I am suffering with so much, no time; no time? Suffering?

What they did was all along engaged in chatting, in whiling away their time in idle browsing and gossiping rather than truly devoting their required efforts and time as well as precious attention to the task on hand, and then time and again, it would always be the same result, no time, no time, no time; whereas if they genuinely and authentically took charge and took responsibility, then it would be know time and now time and never no time, maybe sometimes genuinely no time, but not always the no time answer any longer for the same way for anything in life, if we try – if you try to fool life, you are not fooling life, you are fooling your  own self please; it is you who are depriving your own self of the greatness of the joyfulness and fulfillment of life, for you may pretend but that is of no use, because when life delivers the results, there is no mask, there is no camouflage or disguise; everything that comes, comes absolutely straight to the point and hurts, hurts and keeps hurting, so what does that add up to? It affects the confidence level, if affects the morale, the esteem level, but why did you ever deviate and shift away from the moral values and the true morality of life please?

Cannot keep harboring and engaging in that reckless for it is you who are causing so much and so much more and then expecting others to help fix and then again re starting all over again? This way, whoever is helping will run miles away whenever you approach all because your vibes, your vibrational frequencies are full of negative tendencies and impulses? But why?

There are so many factors, but this factor of the t –You are suffering to create because you were created to suffer (This is absolutely false! and then the other statement – You are suffering to create because you were created to suffer? Remember there is a question mark, you were never created to suffer at all. Until or unless you realize and put your life and matters in order, there is really very little anyone could be able to do, and very most carefully remember and importantly realize that prosperity is never only about money, richness and finances, it refers to different areas and states of being of one another’s lives please; its like everything is connected, inter connected and some how or the other affecting you and yours as well as others, for everyone wants to see you happy, but if you cannot be happy, then what can anyone else do please? At least please try even if a little bit, to truly improve your life, littlest also is most welcome, for that little by little joy that comes into your lives will further encourage you and make you shift your mindset and shed those contagion of negative tendencies; that plethora or misguided beliefs are not helpful, try little by little to expand your conscious awareness and make yourself to accept and adapt to the more proper, true and real way of living your life, and whether it is the smallest and simplest of thoughts or the biggest of decisions, always call upon your higher self, your arch angels, your farishta, your devata (angels), your parents gracefulness and your gracious wisdom and of course the grace of God to show you the righteous way of thinking, doing, express and committing – while of course time and again ensuring that you are truly devoted and fully attentive, alert and vigilant and diligently attending to all that you are doing at any given time and place please.

It is to be carefully realized and well understood that prosperity can be interpreted and mean different to each and everyone; to some it maybe to be able to have enough to survive; to others, it maybe enough to have and let have and gratuitously contribute resourcefully; then to some others, it might be the ability to go on a vacation; and yet to some others, to feel well and healthy; and then to some others; to be able to achieve and excel in their respective objectives and tasks; the list can go on and on, so prosperity is not tied to just one aspect or facet of life, it is abundance that fulfills one area of life that then spreads across and remarkably fulfills many other areas of one another’s lives; let us be true and focus on what we are doing for if we just keep doing anything and everything just for the sake of doing, without any actual interest, passion or purpose, then whatever value is derived would be values less, it would be like a monotonous, mechanical and energy draining rhetoric process that actually we are ourselves imposing upon our very ownselves incessantly; let us expand and raise our consciousness to the abundant level, to the state of well being and self contentedness, for we are blessed as we bless; for we are complete as we complete and for we are nature as we nurture, be well; take care and prosper abundantly, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Life has Got the Clue, the Cue as Well as the Concrue; Concure and Concurrence of Evolution


How well do you know, now your life? While we may not have a clue of whats next, life has the amazing capacity of unfolding some of the most scintillating moments of our lifetime in an brilliant sequence. Realize that life knows you well, once you will know your life, then you will live each and every moment of lives graciously in the now, the present moment of your lives, presenting and representing the vital essence of creation.

Once we are attuned to the nature of our lives, the life of our nature will completely transform and prepare us to harmoniously create a better and greater life for us as well as all around us, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

When I am there, I feel Empowered? Wake Up, Whether Here, There or Anywhere, Its Aim Powered!


You are empowered wherever you truly are being! Indeed, its aim powered; living a purposeful life with due diligence, prudence, responsibility, sincerity, tenacity, trust and your gracious wisdom conscientiously.

Maintain your focus upon your vision.

Be devoted to your discipline of disciplines.

Enshrine your value of values, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

World Humanitarian Day, Being Divine is The True Essence of Life


God speaks to us through the breath of our lives. During your meditative consciousness early in the morning; immerse within the pure passage of your breath to eavesdrop upon the sacred conversation of the creative intuitive magnificence of life.

You have been born to create your destiny as your trust in thee has been sustaining you amazingly through your divine values, divine vision, divine will and divine wisdom conscientiously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

India’s Independence Day; Creation’s Continuum of Light; The Brilliant Creative Magnificent Light of our Consciousness; In Oneness, We are The Creative Symposium of Pure Divine Light

Light WithinThe completeness of the divine light within us connects itself with the completeness of the sacred light all around, as well as beyond us; enabling us to experience the graceful radiance of creation’s oneness that sustains our wonderful evolution as being divine to the humanity as well as being human to the divinity that abundantly galore’s and permeates each and every element, part, particle and pathway of life ingeniously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi