Children of God! God of Children? Child Brides? Young Children Sexual Abuse! Shattering the Dignity of Life’s Precious Trust

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Some people amongst us, live and behave as normal people? considering themselves as children of God but are dishonoring the trust that God has entrusted upon each and ever human beings shoulders.

They surreptitiously and very most discreetly engage in some of the most horrible  and shameful actions ever known to humankind. Leave alone considering themselves children of God, they are a disgrace to humanity and to creation for they are sexually molesting/exploiting the dignity of innocent children; attacking the precious childhood of children, who are completely unaware and terrified by what is going on and why it is happening to them?

This should stop, completely stop and be prevented; stronger laws and legislation’s must be introduced and ensure that the rule of law is stringently prosecuting any such condemnable disgusting criminal actions. The regulations of the laws must explicitly stipulate the severest penalties and public announcements of any such elements in our societies so that no one ever dare to ever engage in any such repulsive crimes ever again.

Now coming to the captioned titles second part, God of children; indeed, children consider their elders as messengers of God; as the form of the divine, and out of pure love and respect, they trust but when that trust is broken and shockingly shattered, there are absolutely no words that could ever describe or explain how it feels for the child, for the child’d parents, for the child’s family and friends. Sometimes, the children have a lifelong trauma and keep waking up and spend sleepless nights after night almost all across their lifetime due to some of the life challenging sexual exploitation incidents;  But why? Why should some people ever indulge in any such horrific criminal actions please?

Unfortunately, there is also another very most shocking practice going on where children are married at extremely early stages of their lives, it is like they don’t have any consent, any say, they are just married at the behest of their parents? at the behest of their societies? What societies are these that are putting the fragile dignity of the precious children at enormous risks please? When will some of us ever truly awaken to our conscience and ensure that no such despicable actions ever occur again please, When please? God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

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