You See? You hear? Do I Mind? Respect Privacy!


Some people push their way through, complete previewing what’s there and then out of etiquette? courtesy politely ask; If you don’t mind, can I see?

How cool is that? They completed the whole process in a jiff and then want to know whether they can officially see and hear?

What to answer? If you don’t see and hear, can I mind! They leave no choice other than complicating the scenarios.

Only if they could realize what it means to respect one another’s sanctity and privacy for when life puts one in another’s position, the identical scenario unfolds and then voila, we become either the opponent or the proponent.

Whatever it is, the privacy here seeks to refer to sensitive matters which could mean a lot to someone and therefore whoever intends to barge in just like that without respecting the protocols governing civil etiquette, modicum and conventional behaviour must draw the limits, must draw the lines for curiosity beyond certain jurisdictions is considered and regarded as trespassing on private property and and infringement of intellectual matters as well as privacy.

Here although it is person to person, some people are unable to phrase and tell it straight forward to the others, so putting it in one way, this is for those who stretch too far across and beyond the permissible limits of curiosity, to respect in order to be respected, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

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