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In Dreams, We See Our Self Has; In Awakening, We See Our Self As

165925Now between the dreams and awakening states is the state of reinstating certain factors that we are yearning for; that we fervently cherish and earnestly hope to manifest in our lives.

This gap embodies the period where we can issue our statements of our aspirations as only as higher consciousness knows. It all gets synchronized through the auspices of our shuddh bhav (pure intent) that harmoniously integrates the true essence of our being to flow along with the unfolding of some of the most amazing moments of our lives with graceful precision.

Its like as we practice more and more during our meditative consciousness schedules, we will be able to then indoctrinate and integrated within the effortless and speechless process issuance of so much more than we could ever imagine or express in an entire day, because the wisdom of our higher consciousness focused explicitly on what is intentional for our greater ascension in life’s completeness that is already entrenched within the sacred realms of our true self; so this process is basically an awakening to that which is already there within us, as us which is very much within that; we need to realize our selves truly as our self always has been regarding and recognizing us; experience your divine essence, it is one of the most amazingly treasured experiences of a lifetime, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

The Brain Mystery; Mystify the Brain to Enhance Creative Competence Potential Exponentially

face-peering-outThe amazing mystery and capabilities of the brain keeps us wondering.

Let us seek to mystify the brain so that we are able to creatively engage its core paradigms to reveal to us better ways of further strengthening our memory and taks management processes.

Mystify does not mean to challenge or mis lead, or even surprise; but rather about stimulating and evoking our brain’s engagement faculties whereby we are able to attain an more exponential set of results that are all contributing to our greater efficiency in sharpening our thinking and performance as well as creative abilities ingeniously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

With Yourself, Acquiring and Aspiring; Without Yourself? Relinquishing and Retracting?

Quotation-C-G-Jung-life-self-awareness-fate-conscious-Meetville-Quotes-134581As far as you’re with your self, everything else will be with you. However if you let go of yourself, everything else will abandon you.

Self seeks to refer to our higher self, our higher consciousness and everything seeks to refer to the priceless virtues that are always ensconced with our true nature predominantly.

Now, abandon does not mean deserting or just betraying you, it means that you when having everything do not realize to value your values and principles and keep fleeting away and engaging in actions that are against your nature as well as the nature of the universe, tend to precipitate and intensify the disassociation of those priceless virtues for they can only remain where there is shuddh bhav (pure intent) and earnest commitment to experience our divine potential conscientiously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Attention, Falling Out? Attain Shine, Ought Fulfillment!


When we don’t pay attention, things fall out of our hands.

However when we pay careful attention, are devoted, disciplined and intuitively focused; we attain shine and experience greater degree of contentedness and satisfaction.

A slight shift of attention can go off the objective a very long way while a lighted focus on attention/attain shine can go, grow as well as lead us all along the way graciously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi