In Dreams, We See Our Self Has; In Awakening, We See Our Self As

165925Now between the dreams and awakening states is the state of reinstating certain factors that we are yearning for; that we fervently cherish and earnestly hope to manifest in our lives.

This gap embodies the period where we can issue our statements of our aspirations as only as higher consciousness knows. It all gets synchronized through the auspices of our shuddh bhav (pure intent) that harmoniously integrates the true essence of our being to flow along with the unfolding of some of the most amazing moments of our lives with graceful precision.

Its like as we practice more and more during our meditative consciousness schedules, we will be able to then indoctrinate and integrated within the effortless and speechless process issuance of so much more than we could ever imagine or express in an entire day, because the wisdom of our higher consciousness focused explicitly on what is intentional for our greater ascension in life’s completeness that is already entrenched within the sacred realms of our true self; so this process is basically an awakening to that which is already there within us, as us which is very much within that; we need to realize our selves truly as our self always has been regarding and recognizing us; experience your divine essence, it is one of the most amazingly treasured experiences of a lifetime, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

The Brain Mystery; Mystify the Brain to Enhance Creative Competence Potential Exponentially

face-peering-outThe amazing mystery and capabilities of the brain keeps us wondering.

Let us seek to mystify the brain so that we are able to creatively engage its core paradigms to reveal to us better ways of further strengthening our memory and taks management processes.

Mystify does not mean to challenge or mis lead, or even surprise; but rather about stimulating and evoking our brain’s engagement faculties whereby we are able to attain an more exponential set of results that are all contributing to our greater efficiency in sharpening our thinking and performance as well as creative abilities ingeniously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

With Yourself, Acquiring and Aspiring; Without Yourself? Relinquishing and Retracting?

Quotation-C-G-Jung-life-self-awareness-fate-conscious-Meetville-Quotes-134581As far as you’re with your self, everything else will be with you. However if you let go of yourself, everything else will abandon you.

Self seeks to refer to our higher self, our higher consciousness and everything seeks to refer to the priceless virtues that are always ensconced with our true nature predominantly.

Now, abandon does not mean deserting or just betraying you, it means that you when having everything do not realize to value your values and principles and keep fleeting away and engaging in actions that are against your nature as well as the nature of the universe, tend to precipitate and intensify the disassociation of those priceless virtues for they can only remain where there is shuddh bhav (pure intent) and earnest commitment to experience our divine potential conscientiously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Attention, Falling Out? Attain Shine, Ought Fulfillment!


When we don’t pay attention, things fall out of our hands.

However when we pay careful attention, are devoted, disciplined and intuitively focused; we attain shine and experience greater degree of contentedness and satisfaction.

A slight shift of attention can go off the objective a very long way while a lighted focus on attention/attain shine can go, grow as well as lead us all along the way graciously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Children and Us; From the Words true the World; The Outlook or the Lookout? A Matter of Gracious Wisdom!

13af3118cf9409521ff2a0347a8d0969What do children see that we don’t? Children see the world, we keep intently seeing the words on and on; ever scrutinizing and vigilantly trying to wade through the dictionary of life?

And then by the time we actually complete our analytical odyssey, the world has gone by far ahead? God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Three Options; Ease, Cease or Seize; The Side, The Sight, The Insight, The Foresight; Between Options, Opting Be the Win

images (2) tumblr_nrzotwCA3r1rcqoo7o1_500

authenticity-mask-quoteThere are three options that face us in any given situation. If there might be more, it is always preferential to align with the positive, the optimistic side and sight please.

It is eases, ceases or seizes. Eases is the perspective of focusing upon the greater possibilities. Ceases is reflecting upon the negative outcomes and being fraught with intensified negative tendencies(in fact cease is fear oriented, so it will keep augmenting and intensifying the level and degree of fear prolifically), but why please? And then the seize attitude is trying to force any and everything to fall in line with our commanding? (seize is like intruding, trespassing and by force, which is also a negative trait since it is trying to overcome when it is not an emergent situation; if an emergency, it is understandable to carpe diem, seize the moment and protectively safeguard, but not always please!)

Now, know that we are facing a situation and the more earlier we resolve it, the more better all of us feel and be; why not earnestly do what is considered in the best interests rather than erecting multiple sets of conflicting forces within as well as all around us please?

Its a matter of realization, carefully understanding, that as we are plying around with our beliefs and words, we are sending across likewise sets of signals and frequencies; vibrational tendencies for or against the hopeful outcome that all of us truly cherish, so why not be focused upon doing what is authentic, what is genuine and in the very best and safest interests of all concerned please, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

What You Look at is Looking Back at You as Well, Be Mindful

BsB_cwtIYAAP9rnPeople look at the heart and keep looking. Life looks at the art and looks keeping.

The sight of the beholder is considered to be the pivotal factor in determining the values we derive out of each and every moment of our lives.

Now, here art as well as heart are both precious to us, however we need to look forth and consider each with greater appreciation and not engage in the comparison game.

It is this comparing between one another also that keeps us constantly engaged in focusing upon someone else’s progress in life and overlooking our own achievements?

When will we realize that what we focus upon expands; so here we are intensely looking – oh, that person, they are doing so well; but how about me? Why am I so back, when will I reach that affluence and be more privileged?

And nature, the universe and the cosmic wisdom will notice that this person is a complainer and is more interested and focused upon others progress and depreciating their own goodwill and well being? So be it, and voila, the person envying and mindlessly interfering in and treading upon others sanctity and earnest achievements, keep falling back in their careers and efforts, but why please?

The Universe has an abundance of amazing opportunities for those who focus intently upon their works, not necessarily upon envying, gossiping or speaking ill about others. Admire by all means, appreciate by all means, be grateful by all means; but then put a check point and ensure that you are disciplined, devoted and focused upon your work, upon fulfilling your respective agendas, assignments, chores, commitments, duties, objectives, obligations, roles, responsibilities, tasks and vocations respectively.

Regarding the captioned title, its true that whatever we do, we are answerable to and not that we can just evade and drift away in thinking anything, doing anything and expressing anything; we need to be constantly mindful, alert, diligent, prudent, tenacious, vigilant and wise in all that we think, do and express conscientiously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

How Quickly do We Age? Creation Age is Us

masaru-emoto-love-gratitude-quoteMy personal belief is age creates us as creation ages us. Once we are in harmonious alignment with the nature of creation within as well as all around us, age is ageless, for then we are growing more in grace and wisdom.

It is then that we realize that we create whatever is good for ourselves and others almost out of nothing at all.

So when are we going to awaken to that divine nature and state of our being please? For then, it will no longer be age, or how beautiful we look, and so on and so forth; we will then be the masterpiece of creation enjoying the creativity of masterpiecing the craftsmanship of creating evolution and evolving with creation, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Mind is the Stool we Sit upon while Heart is the Tool that sets Appoint


The point here is neither the stool or the tool particularly and also neither the sitting or the setting or even the appointment; rather it is about the wisdom of the heart that is able to discern far much more than the mind.

With the mind, one may be fixated and that’s it; like as if frozen in one particular spot/space in time whereas with the heart, there is an amazing freedom, the gracious liberty of expanding and graciously managing and developing ourselves when we know the heart of living in alignment with our true nature and our true self conscientiously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Screaming my guts out? Get out of my Streaming the Lungs Plead!

maxresdefaultSome people scream almost all their lives at others? They do not realize the harmfulness they are actually inflicting upon themselves as well as others. They try to shatter the morale and courage of others, thinking they dominate, so they can call the shots?

Well time will tell, for when one completes screaming one’s guts out, the end result for everyone is an actual zero; because even the lungs, the vocal chords, the being, everything is over stressed and keeps getting more and more weaker over a few years of intensified screaming; when will some people ever realize?

There is also another aspect regarding the hampering of a person’s productive efficiency, forgetfulness and disarrayed assignments; its like all of a sudden a person’s complete focus, harmony, goodness and well being is literally torn apart and when this is done on a every day basis; throughout the day, it could probably become detrimental to the well being of the screamer as well as the listener; God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

We have been Carrying time on our Shoulders? If only we would Truly Care, Time would Carry us on its Shoulders!

tumblr_mppndy8w6l1sth0kjo1_1280Its about the element of awareness. Once we truly bring the disciplined focus of our conscious awareness to anything in our lives, it heals, it improves and its incredibly transforms; realize that for its the true essence of our lives, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chand

Defeated? Giving Up? Lost? Struggling? When there is no other? Know Ether! Etheric Energy, Realize that You are Pure Consciousness!

fireworks-mj-quoteWe are never alone, apart from God’s grace, vision, will and wisdom, there is ether; the akash tattva (the space element)

Once we are aligned with one of the primary five elements of creation which is ether; we then thereby are able to spaciously expand and better manage our respective situations with a better frame of mind.

Never loose courage, hope or faith for at every given instance, the graciousness of the divine is ever present within you and so is all of creation, always wishing you the very best is a matter of time; the very time is a matter of the best.

Meaning, that someone else won now; its all right; someone else is ahead of you; that’s all right; be joyful for others and be truly glad that you are alive, that you are having incredible opportunities to further achieve and excel; always believe in your true self, in your true nature, in your divine consciousness and in the grace of God that is ever present throughout this truly magnificent life amazingly; be well, take care; be alert, diligent, prudent, tenacious, vigilant and wise; God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Some People, Media, News Channels, Publications say One Thing Thousands of Times? And then Thousands of Things at One Time?


Finally, all they say and said principally remains far much more with them? then with anyone else for no one is interested in just repeating without objectivity and purposefulness and authenticity and genuineness please.

If they truly believed in what they were stating, then everyone else would be able to share their beliefs provided it was logical, meaningful, rationale and in conformance with the ethics of the Universe.

We notice this in some advertisements, social media web sites as well as sometimes on certain news channels and other forms of media/publications; whether online or offline also, they repeatedly focusing upon what happened without realizing the tragedy that others involved in the conflict, the tragedy and the disaster might be going through.

Its as if they want to just capture the attention of the viewers and the audiences globally without considering what impact and repeated reinforcement of emphasizing something that is already so painful for those involved, but why please?

Then there is also the publishing of negative news, crime and other incidents that always get the front page headline news? Why again please? We are not programmed to receive any such negative information at all; we are all good at heart and have pure intentions that emanate from the core essence of our being please.

If there are some elements in our society that are trespassing the rules, laws and regulations; then sensationalizing their cases as if that is all there is and over shadowing all other positive news and developments; remarkable efforts being taken by millions of noble souls, is that fair please?

One time can hurt a lot of times if it is mindlessly repeated please, kindly be conscious of what is being communicated please, take care, be well and kindly do not misunderstand, for surely there must be some protocol, some guidelines, some restraint on the repeated intensified loop of over playing of disastrous news and crime and hate; our societies are evolving towards creating greater good and not just interested in only gleaming and reflecting upon the ill will or the negative tendencies so vibrantly please, with good intentions and good will, envisioning greater progress for one and all, God bless.

Disclaimer: My intentions are not seeking to offend anyone whatsoever, all that it seeks is that we are conscientiously focused upon sustaining the visions that belong to the goodwill, harmony, progress and welfare of our World, God bless. If anyone interprets this as offensive or mis understands, then please accept my heartfelt apologies for it is principally the positiveness and the goodness and developments and progress for one and all that we yearn and cherish as you all do as well please.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

The Akashic Records, The Cosmic Repository of Life, The Shiva Shakti Principle




maxresdefaultAkash means the sky. Before life, we were. During live, we are. After life, we wear what we were+are and then so on and so forth, it continues.

This means, we are carrying the cloak of several lifetimes within that part and path of ourselves that is ever present within us.

Do we want it to be or do we want it true be? This is about living each and every moment of our lives as a precious jewel that has been entrusted to us with the highest degree of alertness, diligence, prudence, tenacity and our gracious wisdom.


When we are in this world, there is a lot we can do; for when we complete our earthly sojourn, then all we can do is glimpse and in a cosmically retrospective reflective mode dwell upon the pulse of the impulse of; oh how I wish I had? But then there is no rewind, playback or return button or process, it is a realm where we cannot do anything other than reflect and witness, so why only wait until that stage where we are helplessly beseeching? When we have been endowed with that pristine capability with the now in our lives, why not do that good now; in the present moment; or at least initiative the righteous process that we have been waiting for all our lives?

Remember this is not some fairy tale, but the actual essence of our lives that as we go about doing each and every thing, let us be conscientiously aware, that everything is being journalized and archived and shall forever be there.

Sometimes, we feel as if there is some part of us that is trying to express itself but have been unknowingly suppressing it? That suppression or resentment if not carefully expressed, could perhaps further evolve and represent a blockage whether in the form of a disease or mysterious sets of experiences?

It is written with a question mark since what we try to elude does not elude but seeks us for us to fulfill what is righteously expected to be done by us since we have been conferred and endowed with a purposeful life whose essence encompasses the amazing wealth of priceless wisdom and once we are able to connect with that core congruence of our higher self, of our higher consciousness, of our true nature and of our true self; we are able to experience an remarkable sense of calmness, peacefulness and serenity like never before.

Why and how did all of this happen? Was it a miracle? Yes, it was, is and is always the miracle of who you are; it is your divine essence that is seeking to express itself through you, the Shiva (the pure sacred auspiciousness) along with Shakti (the divine cosmic energy) principle is one of its gracious representations.



have faith in the universe for it always has faith in you.


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Why one of its is because with each and every one of us, we may opt to refer to the divine within us with a preciousness that we believe and know ever since, which is perfectly all right; for the divine within us is all about the purity, all about the shuddh bhav (the pure intent) of our being; so with whatever name we call upon the divine within as well as all around us, the divinity is ever present; however as a mark of respect and grace, we need to ensure that we practice the heart of living in harmonious consonance with our higher consciousness, which is our true nature and our true self; for from that realm of sacredness the greatest wealth of our lives emanates and suffuses us with the graciousness of being complete and fulfilling our completeness; Shiva Shakti Bhava, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi