Most of us know Everything; Do Most of Ever think in the Now Please?


We may have heard this umpteen times; the earnest reminder and request to consistently live in the now in our lives.

When will we realize and truly awaken and responsibly live in alignment with the now in our lives. Why does it have to be some experience first and then changing our methods and attitude please?

Why do we have to go through the bitterness of facing some painful lessons and experiences to improve ourselves please?

It is not necessary to make ourselves go through round about when the route is straight and clear please; be alert, be conscientious, be diligent, be prudent, be tenacious and be wise in all that you think, do and express consistently, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Did you know about Melanin, Truly Amazing

The Beauty of Melanin

Your body has committed itself to creating melanin so you can survive. The melanin in your body is always partial charged. When you look around things like sound, light, sunlight, or colors, the melanin will absorb the additional energy, and recharge itself, taking your body to another level. If you’re around sounds that aren’t good for you your body reacts to it. Your melanin can convert light energy to sound energy, that’s why an entertainer like Michael Jackson, who was a big hit back in the days. What he was doing was using his melanin to convert light energy to sound energy. Now that he is lacking melanin he hasn’t been able to really get a big hit like in the past. People with melanin are walking radios and the very dark skinned people are very sensitive to the different types of radio frequency or thought patterns that are in the environment. So everything you do, everything you listen to, everything you eat affects you. It affects your melanin.

The Written Word has the Writ in Worth


One word could make all the difference. One difference could not make up for all the words.

Before speaking, think well, what you intend to say and then diligently express yourself as if the eloquence of the speeches rendition has been handcrafted for the masterpiece that you are in all that you think, do and express conscientiously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Dressing up? Stressing up to Meet God?


God seeks the garment of simplicity, kindness in speech and devotion to duty please.

No matter how much make up or wear the fanciest of attire and the costliest of accessories; flaunt with the latest gadgets; appear tech savvy or even further more…?, God is not impressed.

If you want to impress God, then seek to be your true self, your true nature, your divine essence and your higher consciousness for within oneness of our divine union, the gracefulness of life evolves, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Shiva Shankara Shakti, To the Moment, Be the Moment

eckhart-tolle-nature-in-english-por-amik-carlitosrangel-13-728 (1)
Eckhart Tolle

The translational definition of Shiva refers to the pure sacred auspiciousness of being; while Shakti refers to the divine cosmic energy and Shankara is bifurcated into two parts.

Shan which is the moment and Kara is the doing element. The moral essence is that as we are matching our frequencies with what we are facing+interacting; an universal sequence of oneness amazingly evolves.

Thereby we are in rhythm with the brilliant creatively intelligent set of faculties of the Universe by submerging, then aligning and emerging with the infinite potential of reflecting the graciousness of creation as oneness; as it is; as we are; so be it, Shiva Shakti Bhava, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

What you did? Untying the Not’s Through Tying the Knots!

c20c7473edde68aff7fb7e23d8436aa5Its not just what you did? Its did you what, for with each doing, we tie another knot so that we could be able to remove the not’s that may have been tied long ago due to our inability to appropriately perceive, recognize, efficiently and intelligently manage as well as to accomplish our respective obligations and objectives accordingly.

Feel glad that you have been able to further accomplish another prestigious milestone of your lives and keep on determinably focusing upon doing what is good for you and others conscientiously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Realize, Your looks? Look, Its Your Reality! Not Just the Outer Picture, But the Inner Pitcher!


Seek the gracious beautifulness of life within you. Quench its thirst that aspires for conscious fulfillment of meaningful goals, objectives and your amazing vision.

At the beginning, between and end of each day, its YOU who faces the mirror, not them; so what you truly think of yourself beams itself forth radiantly; cheer yourself; applaud yourself; believe in yourself and do what is essential as your divine essence is ever observantly witnessing how you are pretending to be tending to what you have been promising ever since; remember along with your higher consciousness, all of nature, the cosmos and universe are all in harmonious consonance with themselves; meaning from the inside as well as the insight out and not just fixated on the outer dressing up and trying to address up what actually remains submerged within some long lost picture of yourself; then when you started, full of passion, you knew exactly how it feels, how wonderful it was, so where is that drive? Awaken to that remarkable magnificence that is always very much there within you and be proud of your heritage, your principles, your values and your gracious life.

Cherish each and every moment of your lives by earnestly, diligently, obediently, objectively, prudently, responsibly, resourcefully, sincerely, tenaciously and wisely by spending every moment as if it were a priceless jewel for it truly it is the most fabulous treasure that you have ever got, your time; always think and arduously strive for what you can do today to further improve your lives conscientiously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi