Did you know about Melanin, Truly Amazing

The Beauty of Melaninhttp://www.sankofa.ch/texts/Melanin.htm

Your body has committed itself to creating melanin so you can survive. The melanin in your body is always partial charged. When you look around things like sound, light, sunlight, or colors, the melanin will absorb the additional energy, and recharge itself, taking your body to another level. If you’re around sounds that aren’t good for you your body reacts to it. Your melanin can convert light energy to sound energy, that’s why an entertainer like Michael Jackson, who was a big hit back in the days. What he was doing was using his melanin to convert light energy to sound energy. Now that he is lacking melanin he hasn’t been able to really get a big hit like in the past. People with melanin are walking radios and the very dark skinned people are very sensitive to the different types of radio frequency or thought patterns that are in the environment. So everything you do, everything you listen to, everything you eat affects you. It affects your melanin.

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