Divine Communion and The Networking Universe

5d-jungAs we need, so do others.As we meet, so do others.As we live, so do others.

Let us seek to earnestly understand the principality, values and evolution of creation to make our world fulfilled with the abundance of goodness, greatness and sustainable progress conscientiously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Bindi, Be in Thee, Bindiya, I Love My India

Wear a Bindi

Bindi in Sanskrit refers to a drop. In Hindi it refers to a decorative mark; a small auspicious particle dot that is applied between the eyebrows and is widely regarded as a traditional  mark of honoring the customs, the cultural heritage and the sacredness of the Aagya Chakra (the commanding energy zone) by Indian Women graciously.

With reference to the captioned, it evokes our conscious awareness to introspectively immerse within our higher consciousness and then re emerge with the infinite potential of our being to the surface where we are thereby able to radiate our gracious beautifulness and wisdom amazingly.

Its the inner smile, where our complete being is joyfully content and smiling; celebrating the pure divine essence of being within as well as all around us in its oneness of creative magnificence conscientiously, I Love My India, Shiva Shakti Bhava, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Prashn, Uttar, Utter; Question and Answer


The translational definition of Prashn refers to Question and Uttar which is also referred to as North is also having one more meaning which is Answer.

The point is when we utter, we uttar; what we utter is itself encapsulating the answer but we mysteriously persevere to seek validation?

So in our daily lives, sometimes we have the keys in our pocket but are searching all across? Then at other times we have our reading glasses safely tucked in our shirt pocket and are yet furiously searching where did we keep them?

Many a time, the uttar keeps uttering, but since its whisper is barely audible, we keep wandering from pillar to post and then when our gracious wisdom identifies the respective clue, we are mystified that all along we knew the logical answer and resolution, but were aimlessly going round about?

That all going about was to teach us a lesson, to remain ever in connection with whatever we are thinking, doing and expressing; for once we distance ourselves, this stance might get separated far apart, and then we are sporadically racing across the hallmarks of time to be able to connect the bridges of time with the aim of breaching more and more deeper? Delving sometimes for some questions, quite deeply elsewhere, while all the solutions, resolutions and simplified lay submerged very much within the sacred realms of our true nature, of our true self and of our higher consciousness amazingly, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Laugh along With and Not Upon Others

c91e913dcff7aa105fb6f6318019585eThe principle of life is that those who ridicule others face likewise set of incidents, predicaments, scenarios and situations.

That is why, be wise, laugh and enjoy with others, but do not mock or ridicule them; be wise and be vigilant, for life and time are witnessing and then will firmly demand accountability, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

God’s Arrival


kundalini_truthinsideofyou (1) architecture-of-god1  When God came within us, we just clasped our hands? However, when God came out in front of us, we gloriously clapped and kept clapping our hands? Why not before, when knowing God is already there within us, why not that same level and degree of true joyfulness please?

Imagine, God came within us and is so very much within us and continues to be within each and every one of God’s creations; but no applause? no clapping hands? no cherishing? no cordial greetings? This is not intending to refer to all of us, it is some of us who tend to overlook the divine within and only remember God when something goes wrong?

Why do we need God to appear in physical form for us to be elated, joyful, jubilant and to express our celebrativeness?

The divine grace and form of God is ever prevalent in all of God’s creations; God does not need to appear virtually to strengthen one’s faith or authenticate,testify, legitimize, prove or validate the divine credentials of God.

One glimpse of God within us reveals to us what we are looking all around, all our lifetimes; that is why time and again, the sacredness of our true nature; the purity of our true self; the sanctity of our higher consciousness truly are the realms of the divine essence and presence of God that was, is and will always be there with us.

Its likewise for various aspects in our lives, where we demand the bonafide evidence; the solid proof of various aspects to be shown to us; that is another matter, but for God and the divinity that is within us, when we will be able to have a glimpse of the divine is when we clarify our consciousness, since when we look with our divine vision, we will be able to see God within us as well as all around us in all of God’s creations gloriously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Hello, Life is “Living” With YOU and Not Just Leaving With You; Practice Respectful Awareness Please


Some of us are living on an automated way with life? Everything on auto pilot mode?

Our life is not mechanical, it is the precious creation of the divine that is within us, seek to regard it with profound respect and utmost diligence, prudence and your gracious wisdom, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Life; Some of us Rejoice and Joyfully Exclaim, Well Received! Some Others, Just Shrug their Shoulders and Disdainfully Express; Huh, Received Well, So What?


Your attitude won’t help since who are some of us trying to impress or put off?

Our own selves and no one else; for if some of us behave with life like that? Then life will likewise have us being that itself, but why?

Why be so excessively proud and haughty with our lives and others? Why not practice diligent, prudence, humility, discipline and the devotion of our characteristical righteousness in all that we think, do and express conscientiously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Who wants to meet God, put up Your hands


You just did it, putting up your hands is putting aside your and’s. No more of this and that and that much more and that that much more and and and?

God notices the gracious palms of our outstretched hands willingly welcoming God into our lives but then our minds keep racing in between with the vibrational tendencies; and God, I want this and God I want that and God I want that much more and God I want everything for me??????? and so on and so forth.

Then the divinity within us also wonders since we earnestly like little children put up our hands gleefully to meet God, to have an audience with God, to have that priceless glimpse of the Lord, but as soon as the divine grace appeared; we were in that span of a few seconds engaging in our mystical calculations; aha, I will seek this from God and that from God and that much more and and and and and and and…..???????? So the hands were put up for the and’s and not in pure faith and devotion to be able to witness God’s graciousness?

When will some of us realize that God is not someone we call upon to come and intervene and grant us another set of and’s but rather the creative magnificent divine grace of our lives who once beholds our hands, remains with us forever because then we know that we are in God’s hands and do not have any of the whimsical deluge of and’s connoting divergent desires and personal gratification at all; then our hearts are oceans of compassion; our work is the worship through the devotion of duty and our living becomes the divine essence of God’s gloriousness.

Whether this time, that time or at any other time; remember and carefully realize that the divine Lord who created us does not need us to keep focusing upon our lack or complaints; rather God wants us to conscientiously, diligently, devotionally, prudently, responsibly, sincerely, tenaciously and wisely strive to attain to with complete and totality of our focus attend true and accomplish our respective, agendas, assignments, chores, commitments, duties, objectives, obligations, responsibilities, studies, tasks and vocations to the very best of our capabilities and always with the highest degree of profound vigilance, gratitude and oneness in all that we think, do and express conscientiously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

God Has Been/Beam Look”in”g For You! As We Enshrine Our Core Values Divine Essence – the Ardent Thoughtfulness of God Appears and its Infinite Taught’s of Godliness’s Endear-me(a)nt Meritoriously Evolutionizes…….


We are in essence the h’uma’nity of d’ivi’nity as well as altruistically the divinification of h’uma’ism; cherish the sacred pinnacle of your pure divine nature’s awareness consciousness and cherish/realize its pure divine graciousness enshrined insight your true nature’s oneness of being; Durge Devi NamoStute; Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat, God bless.

©2018 Vashi Chandi

Blaming Destiny? Fate? Luck? When Nothing Ever Seems to Get Better?

poorme 8e3b7e2408519b517bda8686e7a7b494cheryl-moore-quote-after-denial-they-go-through-anger-they-take-on-a

When we keep feeling that the time we had been given has turned around and betrayed us; that is delusional thinking and is one sided defeatist attitude for time did not turn around at all; all that occured was that our awareness was not there, it was completely missing, but why?

This is it, the conscious awareness factor must always be there regardless of time, place and space; because when we are consciously aligned with what we do, think and express; we would be fulfilling the respective gaps of time very most amazingly.

Its like then, we are no longer complaining or just giving up at all; we then on-wards realize its upto us factor and roll up our sleeves as well as diligently strive towards attentively, prudently, vigilantly and wisely towards fulfilling our respective objectives in an orderly manner.

So there is no real meaning or use in blaming any factors for the claimant as well as the acclaimant is we ourselves; can we be able to render justice by putting a bucket into an empty well to draw out the water? This is the attitude, the well is never dry, it is always abundantly full and replete with the freshest and purest water that can satiate our thirst as well as nourish our neurons so that we effectively perform, but due to the negligent attitude and nefarious tendencies of indulging in self pitying or delusional procrastination, what is there is like a mirage, there as well as not there? But why, are we colour blind then? No, we are not blind in any way whatsoever, that is our egoistical haughtiness disclaiming, proclaiming, feigning, pretending and deluding us to keep believing in one excuse/pretext or another that could save us for the particular moment in time, but how long could that ever go on elongating please?

Wake up and remain awake as well as honestly in alignment with your true purpose of your lives, your true nature, your true self and your divine essence by practicing the goodwill of your divine vision, your divine will and your divine wisdom in all that you think, do and express conscientiously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Life, We want to Reserve tomorrow? Well, How we Serve Today with Re Serve Tomorrow

0f6a46913093048984ffb11e2b1dd39eSome of us want to live forever in another place and time?
If we ignore this moment and all its commitments, the moments will elapse but they will take far much more than just these moments; they could literally affect all those other moments further ahead as well and then there is no action replay; no rewind button or second chances to re do what we should have done yesterday or long before.
That’s why, be present to the ever and every present moment of our lives as it is ever present true us, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Giant Turtles, Living Hundreds of Years, Abdominal Breathing! The Depth of Your Breath; Do You have Enough Time to Breathe? Practice Mindfulness

focus_on_your_breathingDo you have enough time to breathe? Then you will have enough breath through time.

Regarding the deeper breathing, its not about rushing and just trying to pant and gasp; but rather truly breathing and enjoying each and every breath; inhaling deeply and then exhaling deeply out, whereby its like we are joining along with nature in breathing ourselves.

All along, it is nature that was breathing us; now with our conscious engagement, we are enjoying the nature we breathe and nature enjoys us all the more and also then with regulating our breathing, we are able to intensify our focus, our concentration during our meditation consciousness schedules in the early morning hours.

Whether you prefer yoga or even some simple breathing exercises, always be consciously aware of the breath, of the moment and allow the complete being to be in alignment and harmonious consonance with the amazing process of each and every breath.

Look at the giant turtles, they live for hundreds of years; it is estimated that a human being breathes about fifteen times every minute versus the giant turtles breathing only about three to four times every minute.

It does not mean to restrict or restraint your breath; no, that is not being intended, rather it is about being relaxed with the flow of your breath, but then endeavoring to breath little by little when during the early morning hours, when practicing our meditative consciousness; to experience each breath and its pureness, as well as to focus upon it as it is what has been with us ever since, energizing us and providing us with remarkable energy.

Remember, the idea is not only age orientation; but about the greater wellness and well being of one and all for when we are joyful and having everything better managed, we are able to perform more better and be the true source of joy for ourselves and others; our productivity, our concentration, our focus, our resourcefulness and out attitude is  more devoted towards the value of our values; we then do not rush to do anything just like that; rather, our thinks and things gravitate us towards better and greater opportunities and synchronization of aspects, events, serendipitious co incidences due to the virtue of our being true to our nature as well as nature to our truth; as well as being consistently focused upon our thoughts, actions and expressions and bringing them all in line; aligned with the true divine essence of our being conscientiously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

When Hurt, Let it Be; Do not Be its; Hurt People, Hurt People; But You Can Choose True Be Different!

10-most-inspiring-personal-development-quotes10Something hurts, when you are it. Sum think’s it, when you’re hurt. When hurt, do not focus solely on the hurt, for that keeps empowering the anguish, the sadness and the distress all the more.

Seek to focus on the calmness, the peacefulness, the serenity within you as much as possible for at that given moment; more than reflecting upon thoughts of confrontation, revenge or indulging in any ill will, all your focus must be upon concentrating solely upon being completely in command of your thoughts, feelings, actions and expressions.

If agitated thoughts come or if any strange thoughts come; realize, they are some thoughts that might be radical or converse to who you actually are and be; so do not get carried away with those thoughts, for in those few moments, the complete landscape of your lives may change altogether and fall beyond control?

Put all the intensity of your feelings, of your vision and of your imagination only and only focused upon your goodness, upon your well being, for when hurt, the amplification of each thought, each feeling, each emotion and each action is having its pulse, its impulse, its vibrations and its effect oriented towards draining oneself of all the potential energies that one actually is very much in need of.

However, the very same feelings if carefully managed and maturely reflected upon could become a source of strength and purpose, in helping to see what one needs to see and not that listening to others opinions, one gets carried away. Remember when someone speaks to you when you’re hurt and tries to instigate and provoke you, that individual is not your well wisher, they are your ill wishers, they mean ill will for you, for they are trying to pit you against a dangerous situation and just watching; how do they truly know how it feels, the look on their face could be misleading; the emotion of their voice could be pretentious just to get you agitated and revved up and completely mis lead.

Remember that your life has taken a lifetime to reach this point and there are enormous promises further ahead but you need to remain the promise to your life; which is to avoid hurting others or yourself whether in thoughts, deeds or any actions whatsoever, for like begets like where it concerns doing good, but where hurting is concerned, this law does not apply; for when hurting someone, the person who inflicts the hurt is actually punishing themselves for multiple sets of lifetimes; they later on realize that they have got caught in a karmic dilemma and try to atone and make amends but to no avail because nature is fair and demands the most stringent retribution and accountability from those who hurt and tread on the wrong side of the laws and regulations; be alert, be diligent, be prudent, be responsible and be wise, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi