Who can tap us? What do you mean? Its like Putting the Bell Around the Cat’s Neck?

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Our infinite potential is for us to earnestly stimulate, invigorate and awaken to its true essence.

We cannot expect someone else to come and do or to remotely control or activate what is sacredly within us please.

Remember, until or unless we diligently strive and utilize our legitimate prudence, tenacity and gracious wisdom; the span of our lifetime will keep ebbing away and then there is no point crying over spilt milk.

The analogy of cat and mice is not about anything hilarious, it is the stark reality, that what others can see, we tend to overlook because of our egoistical outlook?

When will we truly realize  and awaken to the infinity of our being and experience our true self, our divine essence and our true nature please? God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Remembering Dada Boolchand; Cherishing 94 Years of Brilliant Creative Magnificence

Dada God bless

Dada has always been a sparkling symbol of God’s divine love and gracious wisdom.

We humbly thank him for his remarkable contributions, thoughtful guidance, intelligent vision and priceless values.

Wishing him eternal joy, peace, love and light. With admiration, gratitude, love and respect, God bless

©2015 Vashi Chandi