If someone Hates you, Its their Choice, Not Yours. If someone Likes you, The Choice Creates Us

312397_420152474735179_848731929_nThe point is don’t make your choices others and neither should you make others choices yours.

Be your choice as your being has chosen you; honor your purposeful living and every opportunity to create a better world for all of us.

So when they like you; nature through its amazing energies, elevates and transforms; Do your part and then life will play its path as well, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Diseases? This Eases? It is Essential to Realize Things for What They Actually Are!

0087f9868ef4fe0e34a6628552c485f2Some people unfortunately suffer from certain diseases due to their ever tightened grip onto the phobia and myth surrounding the particular disease?

They virtually fill each and every cell of their being with just that one fixated thought and nothing else that they are sick, that they are suffering, that they become the self pitying, victim hood?

And when they are all alone, they intensify this process of self arguing and debating with themselves that they are being punished? Inflicting upon themselves guilt of some illusive notions?

It is believed, that even if they changed their lifestyles and diet as well as engage in various physical well being exercises; until or unless they improved their perceptiblity, nothing would actually improve, get better or change at all; knowing all this and far much more,why do they consistently remain ignorant, defiant and negligent where it concerns their well being please?

Somehow, someone, somewhere is undergoing and facing enormous challenges with their health and they are elongating their health and wellness portfolio to integrate it with myriad range of complexities?

So time and again, like in so many other aspects of life, until or unless a person truly accepts the reality and does what is true and right; they would stand to only pile on far much more of the confounding sets of factors; so if they are reading this or may already be knowing well enough, this is a humble request and appeal to them, to awaken to the divine essence of their being and stop living on an automated mode for more than just being human beings, their being human, their being humanity is calling upon them to get up, realize and shine and embrace back the wellness that they always enjoyed on prior instance, wishing one and all the goodness and wellness of being diligent, prudent, healthy, wealthy and wise, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

We run Behind Somethings; They keep Alluring and Eluding Us? Realizing and Settling Down, The Sum Thinks Run Be-hind us?

quote-consciousness-is-observing-your-thoughts-and-actions-so-that-you-can-live-from-true-t-harv-eker-88-11-16At times, if we run behind somethings; they might keep alluring as well as eluding us, then we are exhausted and are fervently panting due to the intensity of the sprinting all across.

However, once we calmly settle down, that and those things apparently come and settle beside us ever so gracefully; is that the devotion of focus, the shuddh bhav-pure intent and the sincere discipline responsible for enticing such much sought after factors ever so remarkably?

Sometimes, we reflect upon some pathways of our lives are left spellbound; wondering why we were chasing so many things and letting go consequently so very far much more, but then this is the movie of our life that we are playing across the screens of our memories; what did we learn and understand?

That before we run behind, let us be logical; let us be realistic; let us be cognizant and well informed; that let us be authentic and legitimate; that let us well clarify as well as diligently scrutinize and vigilantly tread ahead at each and every step of our lives with utmost prudent, responsibility and our ever gracious wisdom conscientiously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Babies, The Amazing Journey from the Uterus to the You True Are Us; Integrating the Soul of Life With Grace


root child 227461_217738125023238_1434955421_n1 Babies are able to experience each and every emotion, nuance and state of being that the Mother experiences when in the uterus.

Its truly amazing how during the formative stages of the babies, so much amazingly evolves all within the pristine silence and sacredness of the Mothers womb.

That is also something to learn from as well as reflect upon. Learning is for the Mothers to be more consciously aware and to certainly avoid any ingestion-intake of tobacco, alcohol or any harmful substances; because that is in turn affecting the baby. Also another point is that the more content, the more happier, the more calm and the more a Mother reads sacred scriptures or other enlightening information; engage in creative activities, it is further strengthening the neurons of the baby as well.

It is integrally affecting the very soul of the baby with the state of gracefulness; of an state of equanimity and nourishing the baby’s cells, vitality and essence of being and thereby becoming during the later infant/childhood and adolescent as well as adulthood/maturity stages of life.

Now regarding the other point, it is relating to reflecting upon the calmness of being. The baby within the Mother’s womb is oblivious of anything that is taking place around or surround; there is the pure joy of being created within the Mother’s uterus/womb that nothing ever distracts the baby from engaging in its graciousness of being. Now where it applies to our everyday lives, if we could be able to connect to this miraculous state of being by practicing this stillness during our meditative consciousness schedules during the early morning hours on a daily basis, we would be essentially rekindling and nourishing as well as nurturing the true divine essence of our being.

We would be experiencing an amazing sense of calm, joy and peacefulness that would help us to further strengthen our perception and interactive capability with whatever we would come across during the day including the peaceful night sleep where we would be also suffusing our sub consciousness with remarkable and vital improvements and developments almost as a characteristic discipline of devotion towards our being and experiencing our evolutionary growth in grace and wisdom conscientiously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Sukhmani Sahib; The Peaceful Happiness Treasure; Enshrining the Moral Values of Creation


Seva means selfless service; as we live our lives in divine union with our higher consciousness; the blissful state of contentment that emanates from within the sacredness of our being further replenishes us with an infinity of abundance in all of the true wealth of goodness that creation beholds.

It is living in a state and consciousness of divine oneness with all of God’s creations. In the calm and remarkably serene solitude that prevails within our complete being; our mindfulness experiences an amazing  feeling of fulfillment in striving for and attaining some of the most precious objectives that we could have ever imagined and the most integral part and path of every endeavor reflecting the divine essence of our being, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

God’s Secret, The Greatness Secretes

I-AMThe secret is the pureness of energy, divine principles and divine values.

Whatever we strive to attain; it is through the auspiciousness of the energy along with our moral courage, true faith, devotion, discipline, determination, diligence, prudence, tenacity and gracious wisdom.

It all begins, continues and is remarkably sustained by that pure reservoir of infinite energy that is already within each and every form of God’s creations.

So, whether we do whatever, whatever will likewise do us back with+in that same/similar frequency, for we are emitting; transmitting the particular set of vibrations that must match with another set of vibrational frequencies and will then bring back in due course of time and in accordance with our meritoriousness objectively.

Don’t ever raise your hands towards the sky and exclaim that God never gave you anything; even to raise those hands up in the air, it is the pureness of energy that you need otherwise, even that could not have been ever possible.

Think carefully and realize, that the complete divine essence of our being regulates of entire lifetime amazingly and we notice some of us achieving phenomenal advancements whether in their personal or professional realms and then others are curious to know; what’s the secret? what’s the secret?

The secret is beginning with seeking great; the greatness that is already within each and everyone of us with focus and commitment; because the pure energy will follow as directed and will then directly flow towards its primordial pathways in accordance with the Universal laws of creation.

Be appreciative, grateful and resourceful with the pureness of energy that you have got for with that life creates, evolves and expands conscientiously; so this time, next time or at any time, realize that the secret is secreted within you and that sacred place is your higher consciousness; your true nature; your true self and your divine essence consonantly.

Perhaps you might think that this is something that appears mystifying but the mystery is that you are yourself a mystery to your own self, since without realizing your true self, you might be going about from one source of information to another? from one practice to another? from one process to another?

Stay devoted and loyal to where you are and with what you are for the purity of energy is about the sacredness of being true to ourselves. So when we are sincere and legitimately observe the covenants and commandments of our higher consciousness that always seeks to earnestly sustain the visions that belong to the goodwill, harmony, progress and welfare of the Universe.

We will in some remarkable ways by contributing to the greatness of the Universe experience our own true greatness whereby the abundant flow of the pureness of the energy within us will elevate us to the pedestal of the divine light that shines within (the shuddh bhav – the pure intent – the pure energy) as well as all around us as the shining brilliance of priceless values; and thereby enabling us to align with our infinite potential to create a wonderful World for all of us gloriously.

Its not a secret or seek great alone or even just secreting; it is the pure divine essence of being, for from that realm, state of mind; state of heart and state of being our soulfulness, we will be consonantly in divine union with the harmoniousness of creation ingeniously, jubilantly, joyfully, radiantly and wisely; Shiva Shakti Bhava, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Think, Unthink; Learn, Unlearn; Immersing, Emerging & Evolving with Life’s Gracious Wisdom of Our Infinite Potential


As we think, life unfolds. As we fold, life un thinks. Seek to think all that truly fulfills you.Seek to un think all the overfills you with what does not actually serve you at all please. Realize everything flows and grows with its calibrated precision as well as observance of a disciplined process of evolution and not just haphazardly please.

Whether a bucket of water, a telephone battery, our being or for that matter anything at all; when we overfill, all that occurs is going against what must go along with; so kindly do not defy, but learn to graciously embrace and live the ever promising values of life’s divine essence conscientiously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Stats? Look who is Keeping? Keeping who is Looking? Score Keeping, Keeping Score?


Keeping stats and tracking, who has how many followers? Who is more popular?

Or even otherwise in any field of life, we are distracting and either encouraging or discouraging ourselves with an illusive possibiliity, whereas when we focus and channelize that very same shuddh bhav – pure intent and energy into being completely focused upon what we are doing at any given point in time, we attain far more higher and prestigious states and statements of joyfulness of our lifetime because it is then we are approving ourselves and not living in conformance with others ratings and evaluation of ourselves.

How could you let someone else rate or evaluate your worth please? You are a masterpiece of the cosmos and the greatest creative brilliant magnificentt essence of the divine oneness of who we all as well are, the oneness of evolution seeking to grow with its infinite potential of grace and wisdom.

Life statement is firmly stating to the point, to focus upon our life’s purposeful living with conscientiousness, due diligence, prudence, sincerity, tenacity and our gracious wisdom.

Life’s wisdom resonate the integrity of our lives, the trust that we implicitly place upon our trueselves, our true nature and our divine essence; that remarkably evolves and blossoms once we diligently and with utmost focus, alertness and the strictest discipline and vigilance input.

Its about being truly aligned and devoted to whatever we do; its being in love with life as well as in life with love, for true love is the very essence of who we are. So when we do our very best, life will do the ever rest, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

You, Me, We; All of Us; Emotions Touch Parts of our Lives that Become Pathways of our Life; Realize the Reality!



Emotions seek to bring forth the expression of the aim of our shine in the right perspective as well as right across our lives with the righteous attitude of awareness.


It is beginning with the I am; then the I aim and subsequent the actual totality of our collective consciousness as true who; We are!screenshot_2014-12-14-04-06-37-1

detach3 (1)


Between emotions, introspect and think as the cosmos, think as the universe, think as the world, think as creation, think as nature, think as your gracious wisdom; remember and carefully realize that your higher consciousness intends that you exemplify the divine essence of your being by living your light; by being true to your nature as well as nature to your truth; permitting the graciousness of creation to flow through you and then you further contribute to the magnificence of creation by humbly aligning your priceless values and virtues along with the brilliance of the cosmos true attain the aim of shine of the emotionality of life which is ever content; which is ever harmonious, which is ever attuned; which is ever consonant with the divine will, with the divine vision and with the divine wisdom of the grace of God that shines forth splendidly in our lives, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi