Babies, The Amazing Journey from the Uterus to the You True Are Us; Integrating the Soul of Life With Grace


root child 227461_217738125023238_1434955421_n1 Babies are able to experience each and every emotion, nuance and state of being that the Mother experiences when in the uterus.

Its truly amazing how during the formative stages of the babies, so much amazingly evolves all within the pristine silence and sacredness of the Mothers womb.

That is also something to learn from as well as reflect upon. Learning is for the Mothers to be more consciously aware and to certainly avoid any ingestion-intake of tobacco, alcohol or any harmful substances; because that is in turn affecting the baby. Also another point is that the more content, the more happier, the more calm and the more a Mother reads sacred scriptures or other enlightening information; engage in creative activities, it is further strengthening the neurons of the baby as well.

It is integrally affecting the very soul of the baby with the state of gracefulness; of an state of equanimity and nourishing the baby’s cells, vitality and essence of being and thereby becoming during the later infant/childhood and adolescent as well as adulthood/maturity stages of life.

Now regarding the other point, it is relating to reflecting upon the calmness of being. The baby within the Mother’s womb is oblivious of anything that is taking place around or surround; there is the pure joy of being created within the Mother’s uterus/womb that nothing ever distracts the baby from engaging in its graciousness of being. Now where it applies to our everyday lives, if we could be able to connect to this miraculous state of being by practicing this stillness during our meditative consciousness schedules during the early morning hours on a daily basis, we would be essentially rekindling and nourishing as well as nurturing the true divine essence of our being.

We would be experiencing an amazing sense of calm, joy and peacefulness that would help us to further strengthen our perception and interactive capability with whatever we would come across during the day including the peaceful night sleep where we would be also suffusing our sub consciousness with remarkable and vital improvements and developments almost as a characteristic discipline of devotion towards our being and experiencing our evolutionary growth in grace and wisdom conscientiously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

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