Diseases? This Eases? It is Essential to Realize Things for What They Actually Are!

0087f9868ef4fe0e34a6628552c485f2Some people unfortunately suffer from certain diseases due to their ever tightened grip onto the phobia and myth surrounding the particular disease?

They virtually fill each and every cell of their being with just that one fixated thought and nothing else that they are sick, that they are suffering, that they become the self pitying, victim hood?

And when they are all alone, they intensify this process of self arguing and debating with themselves that they are being punished? Inflicting upon themselves guilt of some illusive notions?

It is believed, that even if they changed their lifestyles and diet as well as engage in various physical well being exercises; until or unless they improved their perceptiblity, nothing would actually improve, get better or change at all; knowing all this and far much more,why do they consistently remain ignorant, defiant and negligent where it concerns their well being please?

Somehow, someone, somewhere is undergoing and facing enormous challenges with their health and they are elongating their health and wellness portfolio to integrate it with myriad range of complexities?

So time and again, like in so many other aspects of life, until or unless a person truly accepts the reality and does what is true and right; they would stand to only pile on far much more of the confounding sets of factors; so if they are reading this or may already be knowing well enough, this is a humble request and appeal to them, to awaken to the divine essence of their being and stop living on an automated mode for more than just being human beings, their being human, their being humanity is calling upon them to get up, realize and shine and embrace back the wellness that they always enjoyed on prior instance, wishing one and all the goodness and wellness of being diligent, prudent, healthy, wealthy and wise, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

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