We run Behind Somethings; They keep Alluring and Eluding Us? Realizing and Settling Down, The Sum Thinks Run Be-hind us?

quote-consciousness-is-observing-your-thoughts-and-actions-so-that-you-can-live-from-true-t-harv-eker-88-11-16At times, if we run behind somethings; they might keep alluring as well as eluding us, then we are exhausted and are fervently panting due to the intensity of the sprinting all across.

However, once we calmly settle down, that and those things apparently come and settle beside us ever so gracefully; is that the devotion of focus, the shuddh bhav-pure intent and the sincere discipline responsible for enticing such much sought after factors ever so remarkably?

Sometimes, we reflect upon some pathways of our lives are left spellbound; wondering why we were chasing so many things and letting go consequently so very far much more, but then this is the movie of our life that we are playing across the screens of our memories; what did we learn and understand?

That before we run behind, let us be logical; let us be realistic; let us be cognizant and well informed; that let us be authentic and legitimate; that let us well clarify as well as diligently scrutinize and vigilantly tread ahead at each and every step of our lives with utmost prudent, responsibility and our ever gracious wisdom conscientiously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

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