Time is not Waiting, Time is Witting


The intelligence of time is its wit. When we match our wits and keep pace with the evolving frames of time’s sequences, we will be able to achieve far much more than just idly moving along.

We notice many individuals creatively moving along with the equivalent time frame and achieving far much more; is that only their dedication, their commitment, their discipline, their devotion, their courage, their foresight, their vision, their motivation, their work/task etiquette; their encouragement; their passion; their drive and so on and so forth only? The most important and  integral factor and the underlying sustainable factor is the wit, the wittiness, the sharpness since without that one may be gradually limping along while others have hastily sprinted across; so do not let looks deceive or conceive or mis lead, be more and more focused, more and more devoted and more and more wise but wittier as well.

We need to maintain an ever sharpened, keen and observant as well as vigilant attention upon each and every moment of our lives, so that we are diligently treading across the pathways of our lives with utmost prudence and tenacity and our gracious wisdom and wit of course, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

The World hasn’t come in You; You have come in True the Word!


Ever word either takes us closer or far away from the World within as well as all around us.

So pay careful attention to each and every word that you think of and express, whether silently or declaring affirmatively to one another; there is a commitment  that seeks you to honor what you just said to be just (just as in justice); so do not take the words lightly, for the light (energy) of each word is encompassing far more greater potential that you could have ever imagined or realized; be dligent, be prudent, be true and be wise; God bless

©2015 Vashi Chandi

What can I do? its Yours; What can You do? its Mine; Only IF Each of Us could Be Ours!

2_hours_in_natureThe integral point is if we could each actually belong to ourselves authentically, genuinely and legitimately, we would be able to further attain far much more power, grace and wisdom flowing through us remarkably. Be ours humbly seeks to refer to belong to our true nature, to our true self and our divine essence; our higher consciousness devotionally.

But if we keep doubting ourselves and then relying entirely upon someone or the other, we never get to strengthen our roots at all, and then starts the above points, round and around, all around and like a vortex, experiencing a helpless situation, but why?

Why not acquire a better image and vision of ourselves since all is remaining submerged deep within us, but why again? Since whatever we don’t use is rusting and just decaying and having the egoistical layers of delusion overlapping the finer and pure intellectual paradigms that are sharply fine precisioned and able to provide us with an in depth set of informativeness and guidance, so when will we actually awaken to our graceful divine essence please? God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi