Before, We Used to Spend our Days; Now our Days Spend Us?


Its our attitude. Its our perspective and our outlook of life that creates what we experience.

Therefore, as we envision, so likewise life provisions when we conscientiously, diligently, devotionally, prudently, resourcefully, sincerely, teanciously and wisely align with our gracious wisdom in all that we think, do and express vigilantly, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

All of Us, Us of All; Sharing the Universe, The Universal Share

The-universe-finds-a-way-Quote-Blog-PinterestAll of us share one body, that is the space.

All of us share one family, that is the oneness of being.

All of us share one mind, that is the cosmic consciousness.

All of us share one vision, that is the divinity ensconced within us.

All of us share one belief, that is nature expressing itself through the be leaf of life.

All of us share one aspiration, that is the cosmos.

All of us share one discipline, that is the virtue of devotion.

All of share one courage, that is the passion true live.

All of us share one wisdom, that is the observance of our values.

All of us share one vision, the foresight of our creative magnificence.

All of share one desire, that is to achieve and excel.

All of us share one religion which is the purity of creation; practicing righteousness in all that we think, do and express conscientious; that is the sustenance of the visions that belong to the goodwill, harmony, progress and welfare of our universe.

All of us share one colour, the colour of true love for all of God’s creations.

All us share one breath, the pure divine essence of being.

And so on and so forth with utmost honor, profound respects and enshrined sacredness.

Whenever referring to all of us, it humbly seeks to attribute itself to us all all, our collective consciousness.

All of us is a limited field whereas when we express us of all that very same expression becomes empowered and fulfilled with an enormous goodwill potential that blossoms with the greatness of our respective values and gracious wisdom amazingly, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Thinkology; How We Put Back Things; Likewise Let us Put back Thinks Where they Belong

The-key-to-growth-is-theSome of us keep carrying the baggage of enormous set of thoughts all along, all the time, so intensely, that even during our sleep or when we get up, we are ever gripped by some thoughts that might not be helpful for the goodwill, the evolution and wellness of our being, but why carry such an huge plethora of negligent and wasteful thoughts please?

Did acquiring those sets of mindsets and thoughts ever help in any constructive and resourceful way please? Be honest to yourself, no one is listening, your conscience is; your consciousness is wondering what you intend to do after all?\

Be clear, be specific for every moment of your life is extremely precious and is not meant to be spent running from pillar to post; or in gathering parchments of mysterious set of notions and suppositions which have no actual or factual belonging to your life.

Your life was, Your life is and Your life will always be truly pure and interesting as well as promising; now what you bring to your life, through your egoistical tendencies, vibrations and attitudes is another thing altogether, since then it might be going from yond to far beyond.

Kindly do not treat your lives as if it is an option that can be treated however; regarded however; twisted however and reciprocated however; your lives truly deserve utmost respect and faithfulness; discipline and devotion; courage and your gracious wisdom in all that you think, do and express conscientiously.

If wondering still, take the simple example of things; when we take things from somewhere, we put them back where they belong, so that when we need them again, we maybe able to retrieve them conveniently.

Now, adopt the same process with your thinking; arrange as many sets of storages as possible but not too many that you get over caught with enormous sets of folders; simplify your lives by putting away the negative thoughts; perhaps if you resist with the negative thoughts, they may gain more strength? Like it has been said, that what we resits, persists; so be far much more wiser, in witnessing the negative thoughts, impulses and vibrations without getting swayed, attracted, fascinated or carried away by them. Remain ever aware, ever alert, ever diligent, ever prudent, ever tenacious, ever vigilant and ever wise when and where it concerns anything and everything that concerns your thoughts, feelings, actions and expressions please.

The point is that as you know how to put things where they belong and then likewise put particular sets of thoughts where they belong instead of incessantly carrying them,. clinging onto them and gripping them as if they are treasures, you will experience a sense of relief and experience tremendous improvements and a lighter load, since you are not carrying just about any and every thought, gossip or whatsoever.

You the become like a creator of your thoughts, whereby the frequencies and the amazing volume of positive and inspirational; realistic and meaningful sets of thoughts are always there; that then onwards you are ever alert and not in some distant place and time, day dreaming and doing nothing construction; all that is begone; pushed away gently as if it were not there, because when those negative thoughts came, you strictly observed them, but never got obsessed or entangled with them at all.

You then on-wards began scrutinizing and accommodating more and more goodness in your lives all because you are truly good and whatever was before was before; that was then, now you are a better thinker, a better creator and a better organizer and experience remarkable wonderfulness in all that you think, do and express conscientiously.

Perhaps you might wonder that if it were so simple, why did this not occur before? That when we know about things and classify them and place them appropriately in their places, so why not with so many hours of wasteful thoughts that almost permanently created a space for themselves across our minds and hearts? Well, if you again start analyzing that why, perhaps due to the affiliation, the association, the alignment and the engagement, some of those sets of thoughts may yet again re emerge in your lives and that is not what you want right, so let it be, let it be, let it be and let you be ever graciously yours amazingly, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Once upon a Time, We had Life? Hello, Where are You? Once Appointed Time, Life has Us as Us

5639399Life is straight forward and absolutely to the point and always well on time; no fairy tales or story telling where the authenticity, the genuineness, the legitimacy and its reality are concerned.

Life lives us really, so realistically live life; not that trying to focus on some bygone time/era or weaving some set of illusive references to points far beyond logical comprehension would ever help to sustain the evolution of our life’s responsibilities please.

That once upon a time is now;the ever present moment of the now in your lives from which all other moments emanate; earnestly fulfill your respective obligations and objectives to your fullest potential ingeniously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi