The Iran Nuclear Deal, Entrusting the Voice of our Soul and Soul of our Voice


Peace is the sacred virtue that we all affectionately cherish. The Iran nuclear deal is one that is focused upon enshrining the peacefulness that is ensconced within each and everyone of us.

At times, we are on the other side of looking at aspects? As pacts do not look, they seek to trust and sacredly strengthen the bonds of true friendship and embody life’s priceless values; so let us likewise honor the bond of values that unites us.

Let us all seek to genuinely come together putting aside our aspersions, differences of opinion, doubts and objections so that we could help build a better future for all of us as us of all, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

All Yours in Ours? All Ours in Yours? It is All Ours in Ours!

ba0eee71da268e737dfe63aca359cc45If we have been constantly mixing up and only focusing on on all yours in ours? and then vice versa, all ours in yours? and overlooking the pivotal essence which is all ours in ours; then the evolution of our lives might be quite mystified.

Where what is ours is ours and what is others is others; the sanctity of life and its primordial objectives cannot be exchanged or conveniently replaced. Each of us have been endowed with ours because only when we truly realize of what we have, then will we be able to actually experience greater joy rather than focusing all the time elsewhere.

When we truly take care of all that is ours, then life takes care of all else that is others for we are the care takers and creators of our own evolution and when we fulfill this, all else gracefully falls into place and amazingly expands itself graciously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Cancer, The Internal Struggle; Can Serve, The In the Will Challenge



During affliction with cancer, the white blood cells play an instrumental role in strengthening the immunity of the body.

In the midst of facing some of the greatest challenges of our lives; when we seek to serve selflessly, that is when the graciousness of life’s evolution unfolds.

God’s will is goodwill; when we practice living every moment in our lives with the firm discipline and devotion of creation, then the magnificence of nature flows through us.

Each cell’s consciousness yearns to be acknowledged and regarded as a priceless treasure; gently treat your thoughts, feelings and emotions with a greater sense of carefulness and thoughtfulness, for within those moments of solitude, you could strengthen the very essence of your life’s formadibility amazingly.

Always believe in fulfilling your life’s legacy that belongs to awakening to the true divine light that shines forth brilliantly from within the echelons and realms of your higher consciousness; of your true nature and your true self incredibly.

Believe in each and every moment of your life as your life truly believes and be+lives in you to help it to attain its primordial ascension of self realization. Realizing that you are a child of God and that God’s grace always shines forth from within you is not only a comforting reminder, it is the very integral bond of love, grace and fulfillment that created you.

Carefully understand that you were created with somethings and then sum thinks you put on together; now in order to remove the layers of any additional emotional baggage or negative tendencies that may have surreptitiously crept in; seek the courageous counsel of your gracious wisdom to diligently suffuse that with its empowering healing light so that you could bask in the joy of good health and wellness infinitely, be well, take care and believe in your true self and your true nature; your divine essence is always within you as you are within the divinity as a part and path of the sacred preciousness of life’s graceful evolution, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Every Smile, A Million Dollars

b3917593f9bde8f191dc98aad91817a6For some of us, who have never smiled in a lifetime; every smile would represent a million dollars.

Seek to enjoy the outer smile as well as cherish to in joy the inner smile as well, for you are the joyfulness of life’s creation.

Sometimes one smile is what everyone else might have been waiting for? While at some other times that one smile awaits everyone else to truly be inner joy with their higher consciousness for the treasure of each smile transcends any known or unknown value, it is truly priceless as you are, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

A Lot of Us! Allot of Us? Faithful Companionships


A lot of us might have been expecting allot of us instead of the usual a lot of us, thereby leading to an infinite set of perpetual disappointments.

Imagine, how could we ever classify individuals as objects please? It is overlooking the very essence of dignified values but allocating and regarding many of us just as allotments and objectives, rather than precious assets and treasured acquaintances.

Sometimes, it might be mysteriously the converse; where we allocate all our divestment’s, entrust our greatest endowments within one individual’s hands and then if and when something goes wrong, we are jeopardizing the very sustenance of many of us altogether just because we sought to  blindly trust without exercising the essential due diligence, prudent verification procedures and vigilant scrutinization, but why? Do not just go by face or phase value, ensure that whosoever it maybe, they need to measure up and qualify without being granted any special privileges or exclusiveness or provided any exceptions; where laws, rules and regulations are concerned, no one is above the law, whosoever it maybe!

That is why, until we value the persons, we would not be able to personalize the values; for each and every being of creation is a magnificent treasure of nature that is yearning to be appreciated and is ever grateful to be able to serve and deserve the bountiful graciousness of life’s magnificence conscientiously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Pre think, Pre do, Pre true; The Pre Pairing of Conscious Expression

7579a64586b6380901131a0e50ea9b57Before doing anything pre think. Before thinking any think, pre true.

Pre think and Pre do are like a conscious reminder, a gateway, a gentle reminder to be truly there with what we are thinking, doing and expressing conscientiously.

Remember, we prepare and pre pair (verify) as well, so pre do and pre think is intending to observe the very same process of preparation except that it is prior to embarking upon any endeavor as a pro active review of what we are intending to set and send forth accordingly, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Value the Values, The Glorious Tributaries of Creation that Flow Through Us

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quote-Elvis-Presley-values-are-like-fingerprints-nobodys-are-the-1061241 Living our lives in conformance with our values right from the very inception of our lives is a priceless treasure.

That is the hallmark of a truly glorious life where we celebrate our heritage with each every breath of our being.

Its all the axiom of of living our values, for once we live our values; once we value our values, thenceforth, our life becomes enshrined with some of the most amazing milestones of prestigious accolades we could have ever imagined.

The commandments, doctrines, tenets and very essence of creation embodies, encompasses and encapsulates the sacred observance of our pristine values.

So when we value the values of creation, we humbly become a precious part and path of the greatest tributaries of evolution’s largest transcendence that has been flowing through each and every one of us ever since time immemorial with amazing graciousness, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

One Hour, The Oneness of Being Us and Truly Ours

8db137d775c31a14bd9aaaa46aa8c62a (1)Give every hour, its one our. We will then be given likewise one hour, every our. It is no addition, no computing, no division, no subtraction; nothing other than earnestly being absolutely focused upon and in alignment with whatever it is that we are doing respectively.

As we discipline ourselves, then we will find so much more time for ourselves, for attending to so many more aspects of our lives that may have been pending ever since………?

The hour belongs to its hour and we have been entrusted with the privilege to fulfill it as it should; which is being the hour to the our as well as the our to its hour; the oneness of being truly us and ours, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Announcing Life, Every Ounce in Life, The Birth of Water


How we manage ourselves with water is how what’s there will help us manage what’s here.

Once we understand the true element of water and be water; we give birth to the consciousness of our life’s evolutionary growth in grace and wisdom accordingly.

If only, we could accord the sacred importance to water in our lives, then we would be endowed with the capabilities to better understand and co create along with water, what water intends.

However, if we just regard water as something to be utilized solely for our nourishment, sustenance and habituating, it will then likewise serve us precisely.Regarding the captioned title where it refers to the birth of water, it earnestly seeks to introspectively reflect upon the divine principles and values of water. When we acquire the greater understanding of this, we would be amazed that how water creates through all of creation that we would be humbled and curious to learn how we could be able to better serve and thereby deserve what we are+have already so gratuitously conferred with.

Its our higher consciousness know what can be attained through aligning with the purity of water and once we realize; from there onwards the ocean of life will become an radiant shining reservoir of illuminating gracious wisdom that encapsulates the creative intelligence quotient of a myriad set of platforms and placid formations that are intently and resolutely focused upon remarkably developing the scope of creation amazingly, Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Be Now Happen!



None of us know till it happens. None of us happen, till its now. Therefore be now, be happen to know what’s happening.

There might be certain instances where we may not be prepared for what’s unfolding, but for all other majority of the instances, we are well prepared and well aware of what’s precisely happening in our lives, because we are in the now, we are with the now and the happening knows and the now happens.

It is the be, the being that gravitates and accelerates and intensifies our synergistic capabilities in better accepting and accommodating what is being sought of us rather than depleting our precious energies in trying to be awakened from a reactive mode to a responsive mode; a pro active mode which is the alert mode towards a responsive mode would not be scattering away our energies, we would be determined, focus and tenaciously vigilant, like how they say, be the hawk, the eagles eye/vision that is able to detect and notice far much more than we could ever see; which obviously means and honestly dictates to be absolutely and truly focused and devoted towards whatever it is that we are doing, so that even if there are any surprises, we are there confronting the respective matters with a more defensive approach instead of an offensive reproach please.

It is a proactive mindset whereby we are grounded and very much in resonance with all our thoughts, actions, expressions, vibrational frequencies, emotions; absolutely everything that is being orchestrated and emanated from within our being, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

From the Thread to Rope Psychology? But Why? Practice Meditation Consciousness & Stillness

6zogm1a1c2c795c007555ae3ee435504900652Sometimes, some of us expand the thread of life and make it re appear as the dread of living through the illusive mis interpretation of construing a mere thread as a rope and then going on and on with this pattern of thinking and applying in and across each and every facet of one’s life?

When the thread actually transformed into a rope and then more ropes and then the tying and the mysterious expedition of entangling various other sequences into one’s life into consequences? All a multiplicity of one’s own errant way of thinking and predicting what was never there at all to forcibly be there? Why expand when the need to remain focused and still could achieve far more better and clearer sets of results please!

Its the vocabulary of the mind; the idle chit chat turning into illusive jitters? The thread of life is what it is mean to be the gracious thread and truly represent remarkable courage, hope and gracious wisdom in being steadfastly with us in whatever we think, do and express respectively.

Now, we cannot blame the mind, our conscience, our consciousness, our heart, our soul our fate, our destiny, our circumstances, our situations and various other factors for mis interpreting what was precise to prise eyes?

Remember as we all know very well, prise refers to force apart and eyes here does not refer to the vision of our sight but the insight of our vision; our percepitibility. We look at one sequence and then hastily declare one consequence after another without ever diligently analyzing, rationalizing, scrutinizing and vigilantly treading, but why, its our life, so why do we keep augmenting the intensity of announcing divergent outcomes, results and scenarios please?

To simplify this and particularly specify the gist of this mystifying process; it is the following that; if we put too many things; we add too many thinks; we include to many suppositions and propositions onto something that has barely been established at all; then at the very inception/seed/embryonic stages, itself, we are implanting the virtue of excessive fearfulness and dread?

Its like, right from the very roots, we are interspersing and embodifying every element and facet of our thoughts with a particular way of thinking, feeling, believing and anticipating? Our emotional tendencies are at an heightened degree, ever poised to jump at the slightest pretext to retort back fiercely? That’s an anxiety frame of mind? An terrified state of mindset? Or any overworked and exhausted state of mind?

There maybe various other scenarios; it depends upon person to person, this particular topic is seeking to focus upon requesting those who are fraught with incessant fears in all that they think, do and express to better understand life; to practice meditation; to experience the calmness and serenity as well as believe in the grace of their true nature, their true self and their divine essence.

The point is, day in and day out, they live with their silent fears and illusive phobias; they are not expressing themselves at all? But silently multiplying innumerable instances, predicting enormous scenarios that have no factual evidence or connections at all. Well this is intended for them to kindly realize that at times when they get into predicting and the habitability mode/process of fervently expecting certain converse (without ever realizing at all) set of results, they tend to keep attracting and experiencing the mystifying set of failures or erroneous results all so very much because they sought to vibrate certain frequencies with an enormous intensity that whatever was or wasn’t got polarized into being rekindled akin to what they were thinking, feeling and expressing? But why? Does it make sense, to keep challenging one’s ownself because of the wrong mind vocabulary and way of thinking, feeling and expressing?

Apparently, there might be no one even interested in ever engaging with such individuals because they are exhibiting strange tendencies of  an isolation attitude; well this is an humble request to them to consciously awaken, believe and have courage, hope and to trust their higher consciousness; for it may all have started with something that may have gone wrong? Or something that may have been mis interpreted and then wrongly engaged with, thus the converse/contradictory set of results.

Remember the thread to rope psychology, that when there is a thread, it is a thread, do not entwine it mysteriously and create rope or ropes and then do not tie yourself with that very same set of illusive ropes. Untie yourselves from those delusional and illusive ways of thinking, feeling and expressing; seek to be rationale, grounded and absolutely well aware that whatever is going on in and across your mind “at sometimes only” might keep intensifying and making you think more and more of certain consequences without any connections or sensibility at all; so do not latch or cling onto those emotional tendencies; those errant patterns and ways of thinking; remember and realize you are in charge of your life, command your life to live a life of discipline where even your thoughts obey your command by stilling the mind, this is attainable through meditative consciousness when we expand our consciousness and raise it to the level of the divine light and experience remarkable clarity in our perception and response; our attitudes become more mature and then onwards where there is a thread, it remains a thread and not a rope and wherever there is something, it is something, that is it, and not sum think else; take care, be well and alert as well as diligent, prudent, tenacious and wise in all that you think, do and express conscientiously, Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi