The Iran Nuclear Deal, Entrusting the Voice of our Soul and Soul of our Voice


Peace is the sacred virtue that we all affectionately cherish. The Iran nuclear deal is one that is focused upon enshrining the peacefulness that is ensconced within each and everyone of us.

At times, we are on the other side of looking at aspects? As pacts do not look, they seek to trust and sacredly strengthen the bonds of true friendship and embody life’s priceless values; so let us likewise honor the bond of values that unites us.

Let us all seek to genuinely come together putting aside our aspersions, differences of opinion, doubts and objections so that we could help build a better future for all of us as us of all, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

All Yours in Ours? All Ours in Yours? It is All Ours in Ours!

ba0eee71da268e737dfe63aca359cc45If we have been constantly mixing up and only focusing on on all yours in ours? and then vice versa, all ours in yours? and overlooking the pivotal essence which is all ours in ours; then the evolution of our lives might be quite mystified.

Where what is ours is ours and what is others is others; the sanctity of life and its primordial objectives cannot be exchanged or conveniently replaced. Each of us have been endowed with ours because only when we truly realize of what we have, then will we be able to actually experience greater joy rather than focusing all the time elsewhere.

When we truly take care of all that is ours, then life takes care of all else that is others for we are the care takers and creators of our own evolution and when we fulfill this, all else gracefully falls into place and amazingly expands itself graciously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Cancer, The Internal Struggle; Can Serve, The In the Will Challenge



During affliction with cancer, the white blood cells play an instrumental role in strengthening the immunity of the body.

In the midst of facing some of the greatest challenges of our lives; when we seek to serve selflessly, that is when the graciousness of life’s evolution unfolds.

God’s will is goodwill; when we practice living every moment in our lives with the firm discipline and devotion of creation, then the magnificence of nature flows through us.

Each cell’s consciousness yearns to be acknowledged and regarded as a priceless treasure; gently treat your thoughts, feelings and emotions with a greater sense of carefulness and thoughtfulness, for within those moments of solitude, you could strengthen the very essence of your life’s formadibility amazingly.

Always believe in fulfilling your life’s legacy that belongs to awakening to the true divine light that shines forth brilliantly from within the echelons and realms of your higher consciousness; of your true nature and your true self incredibly.

Believe in each and every moment of your life as your life truly believes and be+lives in you to help it to attain its primordial ascension of self realization. Realizing that you are a child of God and that God’s grace always shines forth from within you is not only a comforting reminder, it is the very integral bond of love, grace and fulfillment that created you.

Carefully understand that you were created with somethings and then sum thinks you put on together; now in order to remove the layers of any additional emotional baggage or negative tendencies that may have surreptitiously crept in; seek the courageous counsel of your gracious wisdom to diligently suffuse that with its empowering healing light so that you could bask in the joy of good health and wellness infinitely, be well, take care and believe in your true self and your true nature; your divine essence is always within you as you are within the divinity as a part and path of the sacred preciousness of life’s graceful evolution, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Every Smile, A Million Dollars

b3917593f9bde8f191dc98aad91817a6For some of us, who have never smiled in a lifetime; every smile would represent a million dollars.

Seek to enjoy the outer smile as well as cherish to in joy the inner smile as well, for you are the joyfulness of life’s creation.

Sometimes one smile is what everyone else might have been waiting for? While at some other times that one smile awaits everyone else to truly be inner joy with their higher consciousness for the treasure of each smile transcends any known or unknown value, it is truly priceless as you are, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi