How deep is our love?


The depth of our love is truly immeasurable for it is aptly situated where the core divine essence of our heart is ensconced and to be able to know this, we would first need to realize our true nature and our true self respectively.

The question is a quest in by itself for love is that which attains us and makes it one with us infinitely. When we love, we love for the sake of loving, not for analyzing, gauging, measuring or statistical purposes at all.

If someone maybe poetically reflecting upon some renditions and trying to impress that they are cognizant with the intensity and the depth of love, let them first reveal forth the graceful splendid knowledge that their higher consciousness possesses regarding this; their divine essence and speak from there, from that realm, for from there only the purity of the truth emanates and radiates ever so brilliantly.

So with all respectfulness the virtue of love is something that is ever gracious in conferring us with the sentimental values and cherished principles of first of all belonging to the divinity within us and then to our loved, near and dear ones as well as to the world around us in our respective capacities, that have been entrusted upon us, doing everything with love and loving everything with doing.

To understand and experience love is something that is realizable but to measure its depth is far beyond even our remotest imaginary transcendental tracts of ever elongating expeditions which would determinedly bring us back true where we belong which is to the acceptance of the love as we truly were, are and will ever be; in infinite love with love’s eternality, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Life Responds as You do; You Ponder, Life Yonders 

It is not there that life thinks; it is right here that life is continually thinking and manifesting, right at this very moment as well; only that we might not be able to perceive the creative process that is amazingly unfolding.

quote-our-lord-god-doeth-work-like-a-printer-who-setteth-the-letters-backwards-we-see-and-martin-luther-121-53-19Just pondering and dwelling upon the intensity of your illusive thoughts will not restrict from yondering, so much so that it is there and yet here at the very same time and able to maintain a meticulous graph of each and every nuance and instance precisionally.

Its not denying or defying life’s proclamations but in acceptance and abidance with the legitimate principles and values of life’s evolution that would serve far much more than just aimless pondering, be aware, for life is, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Words, World and Moments; Well, That is What Life is All About

tumblr_mbijstvIMX1qljfm7o1_500tumblr_m78yektvfB1ro0ysdo1_1280In some moments, we connect to the world. In some words, we connect true the moment.

It is this connection attained through our words that keeps transforming us almost in each and every moment of our lives leaving some of us without ever realizing it?

When we are in conscious alignment with our words, there will come a time when our lives will completely change and we will be fabulously delighted; carefully pay disciplined attention and observe/watch your words; for its the world you are experiencing through your words whether within or all around you, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Whether at Life, Study, Work or Play; While the Stock Markets Leave us Wondering, Never let Wonders leave us Staggering

Fantastic-Warren-Buffett-Quotes images (1) images (2) images (3) -Warren Buffett Stock Market Quotation

Always carefully maintain your sense of well being; inner calm, serenity and focus; do not let matters perturb you intensively or fall out of perspective and propriotionality.

Realize, there are somethings you can control; there are somethings you cannot control at times, but what is utmost important and essential is never to hand over your reigns and control completely to the sway and process of being turned completely upside down or downside up; basically the intention is to remain ever alert; ever diligent; ever watchful; ever prudent; ever tenacious; ever graceful; ever witty and ever vigilant as well as consciously aware and graciously wise; but in and at all times maintain your equilibrium; your balance of well being because whatever may happen around and outside, do not let it shake or disrupt your sense of well being, for within you, your heart knows that it will take time to recuperate and it might be enormously challenging even pondering on the intensity of the process itself, but then seriously think and carefully consider that you have much more at stake and are jeopardizing yourself by being over anxious; over hyper tense and augmenting your fears; try when possible to rationalize and connect to your true source of being, your true nature, your true self and your higher consciousness for the state of well being is ever precious, do not let it ever be out of stock, always replenish yourself with the very best attitudes, thoughts, mindsets and state of well being, be well, take care and God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Take out Your Drawing Book; Draw the Picture of Life You Always Enshrined Within Your True Self


By the time you complete the picture, at times what you drew manifested almost instantaneously or may have already evolved or be in the process of evolving.

At other times, the very thought, the noble initiative and pure intent of reaffirming and rekindling your life long cherished aspirations and desires is what life want’s you to connect true and remain in consonance with that priceless vision.

You might think, drawing at this age and stage? Well, taking our a drawing book means setting aside time for yourself during the early morning hours when you practice your meditative consciousness sessions; it is then that you introspectively keep yourself in cognizance with what you are deeply envisioning.

If you may need time to practice, by all means, go gradually step by step ahead, but please do something constructive, something meaningful, something purposeful and something resourceful for yourself in each and every moment of this graceful life conscientiously, make yourself shine as your life does, be proud of your life and be ever thankful, diligent, prudent, vigilant, tenacious and ever graciously wise in all that you think, do and express consistently, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Learning, The Joy of Spelling a Lifetime

let-there-be-more-joy-and-laughter-in-your-living-joy-quoteMost of us learn’t how to spell during our schooling days. Now, wherever we are,when we try to spell and reflect; the intensity of those words represent the completeness of meaningfulness to us. Then, it was because we were being taught; whereas now it is because of the joy of learning.

Now, why I started this was to briefly come straight to the point. The point is, like how we enjoyed reflecting upon some of those memorable days and inculcating a part and path of our precious learning; could we likewise do this even for our attitude, our behaviors, our pure sense and essence of being as well as our outlook and joyfulness towards life.

Just imagine, there is the child within us who we have restrained and tied up with enormous sets of anxieties, deadlines, schedules, challenges, expectations? Liberate that childlike image that is within you, to be able to sometimes, once in a way when possible, enjoy that ice cream cone; have a few moments to sing and dance; sing those nursery rhymes; speak to nature as you used to;speak to God within you as you used to.

That innocence has not gone away, it has got covered with enormous sets of layers of pre conditioning? re conditioning? and rehearsal conditioning? Its like we are putting on a mask everytime, everyday, everywhere and at any given point in time never cheering or applauding our ownselves; fretting for no given reason all of a sudden? complaining? regretting?

Life has not changed one bit except that our responsibilities and maturity have transformed us towards the way we attend to things; that is completely understandable, our more serious and composed attitude and approach, but with all that seriousness do not snatch away that inner smile of your heart; let your heart smile; let your soul smile; let your consciousness smile; let your mind smile; let your being smile and then you join in to contribute to the smilingfulness by fulfillingly smiling and passionately doing everything with your whole being; then onwards never is there any boring moment; never is there any looking away or looking for a way; but rather an ever ready and ever energetic youthful you who is forever in love with life as life is always ever immersed and in divine union with the love and gracious wisdom of God within us, all around us magnificently.

Then onwards when you look into the mirror, you look and admire yourself, you notice that wonderful smile across your face and your eyes are joyfully twinkling;so who brought all of that to you? Its you, and you and only you who can start to create a greater and more jubilant life where each and every cell of your consciousness is ever aligned with the purposefulness of being, living and fulfilling your life’s greatest potential conscientiously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Lets Create the Human Computer; Calm Pure Ether, Akasha Tattva; The Cosmic Element of our Gracious Wisdom

Chakra-Portal-71235372184_mystical_sun_-_energy_mind_consciousness-2008 waterfallsOnce we align, attune and realize the akasha tattva; space element which is also the etheric energy that is within us as well as all across creation including the cosmos, galaxies, moon, planets and stars, we will be able to creatively harness the phenomenal powers of evolving on the same frequencies as creation and thereby be able to wisely accept and allow the remarkable conduit of the cosmic energies to flow through us.

Regarding the creation of the human computer, it seeks to refer to every aspect that is created is pivotally embodifying, encapsulating and gravitating in accordance with one of the most powerful elements of creation, namely the space element.

The pure intent of referring to computer here is because we have almost each and every aspect of our lives associated with computers in some way or another. Now taking the greater potential of the space element into careful consideration, once we accord the source from where all of creation graciously emanates – giving it, its due significance that it always deserves whether from the elementary; material; philosophical, relativity, scientific and vibrational principles; it is relegating the due credentials back to where all creation comes from to form all that evolves.

Creating the human computer is only a part and path of the process to satiate and satisfy the curiosity and quest that lurks across our scientific mindsets that when we embark upon creating the human computer, it is with the shuddh bhav-pure intent of good willingness; its not to pore through, analyze or study how the neurons operate/function or other factors, but rather to better understand how we are actually utilizing technology and aligning with it to manifest greater good. In some ways, it is intensifying our capabilities when we expand our consciousness, then we can be able to imbue and reflect the relative properties in what we envision with our sacred intent of universal goodwill conscientiously.

Remember, that once we honor the sacredness of one of the elements of creation which is the akasha tattva; space element, that degree of honorability and reverence is amazingly accorded to the other respective elements as well, for as all of creation is inter connected and inter influencing; as soon as we express the shuddh bhav-pure intent, we release forth an energetic resolve that goes across and reverberates and empowers the goodness of being.

After having duly observed the sanctified reverential process of dignifying and elevating our consciousness to the level of the divine light within as well as all around us, we experience a profound sense of contentment and joyfulness and then realize that we are able to comprehend far much more and realize that incredible potential of creation that we have been miraculously endowed with and devotionally utilize it for the goodwill, harmony, progress and welfare of creation.

Its taking from creation and pledging back to creation, always giving the utmost importance and respectfulness of all creation for what emanates from creation flows on the basis of the divine principle that we honor all that we have been given; preserve it with utmost sanctification and then ensure that we are only the caretakers/custodians of what has been bestowed/endowed upon us and whatever we do with whatever that is entrusted upon us is duly honoring and abiding by the cosmic principles and values of creation.

Observing the various discipline of disciplines of creation while being inspired and empowered by the akasha tattva; space element can truly help us realize and experience as well as create/recreate some of the most amazing discoveries ever known to humankind; for anything and everything, we must first of all ensure that we are having the shuddh bhava-pure intent in all that we think, do and express conscientiously, Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Life’s Vitamin; With Amen, With Amin, With Ameen, With Aum in, With Om in, With Shalom in

Amen, Amin, Ameen, Aum, Om, Om Namo Narayana, Om Namaha Shivaya, Om Shanti, Satnam Waheguru, Shalom10676119_10152967043847264_11666243515388738_ndivine-light

Just-let-go.Let-go-of-how-you-thoughtSea Sunset Desktop Background
Life greatest and very most precious vitamin is the pureness of our breath; it is the one element that connects and nourishes us with the most creative capabilities of evolution. The purity of the soul does not belong to any one religion. It is the symposium of the one in the oneness as well as the oneness within the one, forever in divine union with all that was, is and will ever be.

The graceful evolution of our life’s legacy evolves in accordance with the sacred acceptance of God’s will along with the disciplined devotional observance of our primordial duties, cultivation of true respect towards one’s ownself (the divinity within) as well as one another and diligently, prudently, sincerely, tenaciously, truthfully and wisely ensuring implementation of the practice of the virtue of righteousness humbly prevails in all that we think, do and express with a sense of self awareness conscientiously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi