Alison Parker and Adam Ward, With every thought in our prayers and every prayer in our thoughts

BlogQuote51 (1)There is nothing that can be expressed other than sadness at how tragically Alison and Adam are no longer amidst us.

What words can we say at all for there really is nothing coming forth; really what to express? All we can think of is reaching across and comforting them and their loved one’s with peace, love and light.

Really sometimes, what happens in life leaves us completely baffled that how some people could ever be this way?  Such individuals are a disgrace to any society for they brutally snatch away the precious lives of other innocent souls, but why? why please? We are living in a society that believes in conducting dialogue and respecting one another as well as safeguarding the values that enshrine us, but this is totally beyond comprehension…………………

It is defying everything that we could have ever known about life, with sadness and in divine union with Alison and Adam, God bless.

Met it? It met? The Dialogue Continues…..

quote-Alison-Bechdel-i-just-met-someone-who-read-gone-117148_2Some of us are so egoistically prone that we seek attribution where it concerns us that we keep driving the point without realizing where it is actually leading us to and yielding no other potential results other than disturbing the peacefulness and causing intense discussions to ensue. This has nothing to do with the above/captioned picture in any way whatsoever; rather it is particularly referring to some needless controversies and arguments or other mysterious pursuits that do not serve one another’s best interests at all.

Its about met it; now met it can mean different things; whether goals, objectives; deadlines; overcoming challenges; successfully accomplishing tasks, etc; Its about who met who; who achieved what and so on and so forth; all from an egoistical standpoint of view? If someone met it, that is all right; or if it met someone else that is also all right; so well, when do we actually move ahead in our lives to the next important step and stage please?

the point is not to get caught in one aspect that everything else is precariously forgotten or overlooked and then that would be compromising on one’s interests far more severely? Just clinging onto the I met it and the “i” factor incessantly is not going to help achieve anything at all for there are many more important details that could be discussed, resolved and further progress achieved by focusing on what matters truly and well.

When people are on the other side of the fence they keep thinking of the opposite side of the fence and letting go of what they could actually transform into far much more better by truly developing where they are instead of acclaiming the same old repetitive song of having met it?

There is also one more point that given the very same amount of time, one can achieve far more greater wonderful set of results if one were to with utmost focus and pure passion work on various other factors in their lives also, rather than just holding onto one egoistical factor and resonating that incessantly? No one is interested in spending anytime arguing and discussing what is not serving purposefully at all; so in fact having met it should inspire rather that inflate one’s ego since its the confidence, the self esteem, the belief that one is recognizing one’s potential and talented capabilities and doing what is essential for their and others well being conscientiously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Knowing Well, Well Knowing

9061d64dd5bfbd7c260fc3755956c260The little that we truly know may help us a lot more whereas the lot we seem to know might not even help the littlest.

Its not just a matter of knowing but knowing well enough to+true be well enough in all that we think, do and express with complete responsibility and in the good and fair interests of one and all conscientiously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Global/World Economy is Crashing? Economic Collapse? Causing Panic? Why Speculate and Spread Negative Sentiments and Outlooks Please?

together-quoute-inspirational-quoteSome news reports are transcending the etiquette of publishing reports that are actually precipitating negative sentiments far much more than could ever be imagined at all?rather than actually contributing to the remarkable good willed efforts by Governments and Financial Institutions worldwide to efficiently manage the respective challenges being faced.

If they publish sensational headlines, they might be able to capture the attention and sensationalize and stir as well as react back controversially or unusually to anyone seeking to refute their claims, but for sure the global and the world economy cannot be determinatively be heading in the direction as being speculatively reported please.

Those who are filing the news reports maybe learned but the are also expressing their own views in what is being published apart from what the ongoing situation’s trajectory reflects; however with all due respect, they must carefully understand and truly respect the commendable efforts and initiatives being taken by Governments and Financial institutions worldwide.

We cannot rush into publishing conclusive statements that might be causing enormous panic and stirring far much more than sentiments alone. The foundations of the livelihood of millions of people are tremendously shaken since they literally live from day to day, where their meager savings are barely able to make it through each and every day.

If those spreading or circulating any such news reports were to study and better understand how so many millions of people are proudly contributing towards the greater goodwill and sustenance of the global economies, they would be completely taken aback and embarrassed since everybody is truly doing their very best from their standpoint of view and capabilities respectively.

Therefore, every reasonable effort and utmost care must be taken in publishing that which is authentic, legitimate and bona fide and not speculative since although who knows what is going to happen, what is going to happen is going true happen; but before anything can actually happen, let us not precipitate and keep mentally and psychologically making millions of people to focus solely on the negative outcome and results; let us focus upon doing the very best in our respective capacities and wish well for one another since we are all in this together and will emerge greater from this/these situations as well truegether, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

The fight is on? There is no fight, There never was any fight! Life is a Righteous Competition? Life is a Calm Petition!

Nubia_group_Godsplan002Fight? Its the fitting within that is seeking to readjust itself appropriately that is being mis construed and mis interested as a duel? (fitting is not intending to refer to mental fitness or any such provocative state of being whatsoever, rather it is about the diligent, prudent, tenacious and wiser approach of managing instead of getting mis lead by emotional tendencies please)

If we well manage thinks within ourselves, then the things that unfold around and beyond us will amazingly fall into proper alignment, management, perspective and understanding as well please.

Fight is something that is a term used and arises because of improper fitting and management of words within ourselves more than others. Imagine, someone is enraged and we engage with the same or higher level of ferocity, what ensues is a greater battle.

Why not introspect and reflect calmly upon the real state of affairs and then maturely do what is appropriate, cordial, fair, legitimate and note worthy with our graceful wisdom; do remember it is sometimes not so much about me winning, it is about us winning together even in one winning over another, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

ie and eg; The Maths and Shape of Life Ahead? Its Within our Heads! What are You Thinking? Think in Well!

107101297359118154_OF4EnX5E_cie and eg as we are all aware are the abbreviated short forms of that is and for example.

People are worried about what’s ahead? Life is worr-“ie”-d about what’s running within and across our heads.

Life wonders at times that we b-“eg”-in with something and then completely forget that we began after all? Here it is directly pointing to our heads; our minds; our vision and our attitudes towards our lives.

To simplify the understanding, it is like this. We put one objective in our heads, run after another objective in our minds and then pursue yet another disparate objective in our vision?

We are beholding multiplicities of divergent goals and objectives that we want to attain. We diligently strive, but in the bargain tend to forget that we are elongating, expanding and stretching ourselves akin to a rubber band, but why?

Then where it concerns “eg”; we want others to set examples, to prove their credentials, whether it is the Government, whether it is the Teachers; whether it is the Lawyers; whether it is the Taxation auditing officials; whether it is the Doctors; whether it is our Colleagues at Work; whether it is our friends at School, Colleges and Universities; whether it is our Family Members at home; whether it is God; whether it is the Engineers; whether it is the Police; whether it is the Weather; whether it is the Cost and Standard of Living; whether it is the Covenants, Commandments, Laws, Rules and Regulations and so on and so forth; it is always being whether others and not whether we? How come? How can we be exempted from being accountable and liable for what is our collective consciousness? When we legitimately endeavor to take charge and tread on the pathways of ensuring the correct manner and procedures of living are duly observed; where we are consistently practicing righteousness in all that we think, do and express; then we are actually setting an example for others, and the impetus that is there will amazingly emerge and evolve by itself without us having to beckon and remind or instigate or taunt, for when we are completing our part of the picture, the picturization will thereafter get picturized fulfillingly on a prioritized basis as nature knows and sows.

That is why if we do not truly know, let us knot just keep riding on the wave of assumptions for that could lead us helter skelter and then we are retreating back to start all over again, but why?

Why not in the first place itself honestly fulfill our respective obligations and do what is truly correct, fair and appropriate rather than being reprimanded, scolded, mocked or feeling a loss of self esteem? Why?

Others did not mean to hurt us with the reminders, it is our way of interpreting that caused the hurt more than anything else, since for example if someone does not do something that they are expected to do and then the responsibility is falling upon our shoulders, the complete blame and carelessness attribution would fall square upon our shoulders, would we like that? No for sure, then why do we expect and put others under the microscope and evade by shifting ourselves away from the true scope of living please?
Let’s be realistic, these few words are not intending to focus on the shortcomings but rather evoking your conscious awareness to awaken before it is too late because sometimes some habits become so ingrained that they keep leading to more and more of those same/similar types of habits and indulgence in all that is self defeating, so regardless of what may have been; this very moment, make a promise that you will improve your lives for the better and be assured that nature, the world and the universe will always be there with you even if you may not be able to actually notice the visible signs of their participation for how things will work out is depending integrally on how you will work in, within your head, within your heart, within your soul, within your being; the beliefs that you hold and the vision that you envision about you and your gracious life, be well, take care and all the best, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Life, We have Come a Long Way? We have Come all Along the Way and Have a Great Loving Way Ahead of Us


Focus on the space, not the pace. Be devoted to the purpose, not the proposal. Be true to your life as life has always been true to you.

Cherish the love you have, are and will always be because when you do things with true love, it is the passion of life’s love expressing itself through you, true you, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

People Spend a Lifetime Belonging to Others? Life Spends the Time of its Life Belonging True Us!

f679cfa21d16e187203722d7995348eeBetween belonging to others and life, until we truly belong to ourselves; all else would be an futile attempt since the true belonging actually emanates from the authentic and most integral belonging, which is true ourselves and then we will notice how ever other belonging and relationship is ever so joyful, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Sharing Life? Life’s Sharing! God is Life

speakyourtruthWhen we contribute, do and give somethings, it is not us, it is life. Some of us think, everything belongs to us?

We are not sharing our moments;we are allocating life’s moments to itself since the joy and peacefulness that we experience in witnessing the happiness brought about in millions of households is not what we created; we only facilitated it through the auspices of our being; it is all life’s doing, we honorably and respectfully served to be able to deserve without seeking any acknowledgement awards, plaudits or recognition, for that is between us and our lives, our life knows and we know, that is what matters for God is life.

It belong true us, all that we do is humbly serve as conduits of life’s amazing flow of the abundance of goodwill, graciousness and ever resplendent wisdom, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi