Alison Parker and Adam Ward, With every thought in our prayers and every prayer in our thoughts

BlogQuote51 (1)There is nothing that can be expressed other than sadness at how tragically Alison and Adam are no longer amidst us.

What words can we say at all for there really is nothing coming forth; really what to express? All we can think of is reaching across and comforting them and their loved one’s with peace, love and light.

Really sometimes, what happens in life leaves us completely baffled that how some people could ever be this way?  Such individuals are a disgrace to any society for they brutally snatch away the precious lives of other innocent souls, but why? why please? We are living in a society that believes in conducting dialogue and respecting one another as well as safeguarding the values that enshrine us, but this is totally beyond comprehension…………………

It is defying everything that we could have ever known about life, with sadness and in divine union with Alison and Adam, God bless.

Met it? It met? The Dialogue Continues…..

quote-Alison-Bechdel-i-just-met-someone-who-read-gone-117148_2Some of us are so egoistically prone that we seek attribution where it concerns us that we keep driving the point without realizing where it is actually leading us to and yielding no other potential results other than disturbing the peacefulness and causing intense discussions to ensue. This has nothing to do with the above/captioned picture in any way whatsoever; rather it is particularly referring to some needless controversies and arguments or other mysterious pursuits that do not serve one another’s best interests at all.

Its about met it; now met it can mean different things; whether goals, objectives; deadlines; overcoming challenges; successfully accomplishing tasks, etc; Its about who met who; who achieved what and so on and so forth; all from an egoistical standpoint of view? If someone met it, that is all right; or if it met someone else that is also all right; so well, when do we actually move ahead in our lives to the next important step and stage please?

the point is not to get caught in one aspect that everything else is precariously forgotten or overlooked and then that would be compromising on one’s interests far more severely? Just clinging onto the I met it and the “i” factor incessantly is not going to help achieve anything at all for there are many more important details that could be discussed, resolved and further progress achieved by focusing on what matters truly and well.

When people are on the other side of the fence they keep thinking of the opposite side of the fence and letting go of what they could actually transform into far much more better by truly developing where they are instead of acclaiming the same old repetitive song of having met it?

There is also one more point that given the very same amount of time, one can achieve far more greater wonderful set of results if one were to with utmost focus and pure passion work on various other factors in their lives also, rather than just holding onto one egoistical factor and resonating that incessantly? No one is interested in spending anytime arguing and discussing what is not serving purposefully at all; so in fact having met it should inspire rather that inflate one’s ego since its the confidence, the self esteem, the belief that one is recognizing one’s potential and talented capabilities and doing what is essential for their and others well being conscientiously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Knowing Well, Well Knowing

9061d64dd5bfbd7c260fc3755956c260The little that we truly know may help us a lot more whereas the lot we seem to know might not even help the littlest.

Its not just a matter of knowing but knowing well enough to+true be well enough in all that we think, do and express with complete responsibility and in the good and fair interests of one and all conscientiously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi