What happens to the Moment in our Thoughts? Practice Mindfulness, Remain Attuned to What We are Taught, Learning, Teaching and Believing and Not Just What is Thinking Us Anyway and Anyhow Please




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Its the taught’s within the moment by moment that are integrally penetrating far much more deeper than we could have ever imagined.

First, its the taught that submerges and then its the thought that merges with it to emerge with its own interpretation, definition and including its own representation to what’s been taught?

How come? Is this a matter of habitability, of thinking in the typical manner of grooming and patterning our thoughts? Because what has been taught to us all along has been promoting goodwill, harmony and welfare of one and all.

So when exactly did the design of the thoughts ever get tainted or maligned with an mysterious way of thinking?

This is very confounding since when we let our mind free to think about anything and everything regardless of the observance whether it is proper or improper, then some set of thoughts that have been percolating over an intensive long period of time are surreptitiously creating some discrepant set of ideologies that are being believed in and embraced, but why?

Its all a matter of awareness, that is why we are time and again precautioned to practice mindfulness, to ensure that we are disciplining and cognizant with what we are thinking and expressing since sometimes in those gaps of moments that we are just idly letting and permitting anything and everything to creep in and get aboard amongs’t the platform of our mind sets? Its then that we are ignorantly letting somethings far more unwanted and unintentional to languish and gradually keep sub consciously interacting with our mental faculties and re emerge in the form of a malicious intent?

This above information has not been researched, it is something that is being expressed out of a perspective of sadness seeing how two precious souls; Alison Parker and Adam Ward have very most poignantly and far very most unfortunately lost their lives due to the insanity of one of the most shocking crimes; likewise there are so many other times, we are left wondering time and again when something drastic happens and then are only left with an intense set of questions and so many more families bereft of their most greatest preciousness of their lives, which is the cherished presence of their loved one’s.

The thoughts that are running within the mind of a person could be completely taken over by some of the most unimaginable thoughts possibly? Yet again, remember there are many quest in marks along with the question marks seeking resolutions and not questioning the questions themselves; it is speaking from what is being reflected upon to better understand why and why?

But there is time and again the intensity of those flashbacks of noticing how brutality takes over and leave alone speechlessness, there is an absolute wiping away of everything for some time altogether, its like as if the shock penetrates and takes over when we witness how helplessly we were spectators and couldn’t be able to do anything at all?

This need to be in consonance and well aligned with our thoughts is becoming extremely paramount, far = very far much more, since it appears that the disparate thoughts which might be casually acquired by reflecting on different sets of intensified sets of mindsets are detaching our logicality, our humanity and our very divine essence from our very own selves,but why?

Why should we ever allow the thoughts which are supposed to be at our command to overtake anyone of us please?That is why, practicing mindfulness and instilling a healthy way of thinking, of living should be introduced in all schools, colleges and universities so that by the time we grow up as adults, we are knowing by heart the integral values and principles that are our core cohesive essence of being.

We should be taught mindfulness so well that we are at any given moment present in the moment and attuned to what it is that we are thinking and not what is thinking us because then we are dominating and predominating and not allowing any dominant thoughts to dictate and mis lead us on any pathways of our lives whatsoever.

The mind appears to be blindly following what might be some illusive set of thoughts which may have initially started as some small insignificant inconspicuous random set of taught’s and then became permanently entrenched and keep surfacing every now and then? It is our teaching, it is our advertisements, it is our social platforms, it is our networking, it is our media and it is each and every one of us who can and must ensure that we are emphasizing upon the practice of mindfulness to help avert any such or for that matter any contradictory actions to the divine essence of our being.

Let us seek to promote more of our good values, our good principles, our greatness and nourish and plant the seeds of enriching our cultural heritages by each coming forward to contribute each and every day in some meaningful way to one another for sustaining the visions that belong to the goodwill, harmony, oneness, peace, progress and welfare of our societies conscientiously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

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