The Times In Between, Healing Energies of the True Nature and True Self

25860-future-medicine-will-be-based-on-controlling-energy-in-the-body-1 (1)Some people are unfortunately diagnosed with multiple diseases even after suffering with various ailments from much before already.

Its as if they are deluged with the most fragile health ever? And they know the medicines, the timings of the medicines, the dosages, the name of the diseases, the repercussions and ramifications that the diseases represent?

Its like they almost have an complete encyclopedia of all that is evolving and revolving within as well as around the diseases/ailments? Now the point is, do they ever for even a few seconds, seek to reflect upon their healing?

Of envisioning themselves as recuperating and feeling as well as being far much more better; improving and enjoying a greater degree of good health and wellness. Indeed, the point is that as they know by heart each and every other aspect of the challenges they face, do they with the same passion embrace the potential possibilities of greater improvements relating to their good health and wellness please?

If they themselves are caught up with enormous stress and prolific engagements and needing to take rest and not be anxious, at least thinking good in between the periods that they are resting should be definitely possible.

Since thinking good, feeling good, believing good, imagining good, envisaging and envisioning all the goodness that is there within them; the pureness is emerging forth from within the sacred realms of their true nature and their true selves and fulfilling them as well as making them experience a blossoming health condition.

But the point here is not just for that moment or two and then forget everything; like they have ingrained and acquired mysterious ailments/diseases; then they will have to wisely manage and seek to strengthen their resolve in believing in their good health and wellness as well.

Of course the medical personnel, doctors and other related individuals do their very best and reasonable possible; however when the concerned individuals likewise take remarkable efforts, the complete process becomes far more potentially empowering.

It does not matter if they may not have done anything before because if they brood and regret, what is there could be delayed and affected as well; so why start procrastinating? Let them seek to give themselves the relevant time they truly deserve so that they could along with all the qualified health care, also seek to infuse themselves with their shuddh bhav-pure intent in that they think, do and express conscientiously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Those who Deprive others remain Deprived as well; Sleep Disorders/Syndromes


Others in the captioned contexts actually seeks to refer particularly to some of us ourselves. Many people are depriving themselves of adequate sleep and are then almost dozing/napping in between+during the day?

Staying awake till later night hours far beyond necessary does not impress anyone since they affect their own health, well being and keep feeling mysteriously exhausted?

Well, they are depriving the others which is they themselves; since they are literally treating themselves as someone else; not realizing that its their life, their being and their evolution that is being challengingly affected, but for sure they will resolve and make amends by listening to the wisdom of their higher consciousness to catch up on their sleep by sleeping when it is time to sleep and remaining awake, ever refreshed and energetic as ell as completely focused during the time that they need to work with complete and total attentiveness conscientiously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Once the Wonder, Wonder the One’s

23846272249003414cb584acb5d7e463 (1)Once some of us wondered how far it is and kept pondering.

And then through the diligent initiatives, prudence and our tenacious resolve; the how far it was actually became by itself the integral wonderfulness of our lives.

How time changes and evolution sustains the shuddh bhav-pure intents, good willed efforts along with observance of righteousness in all that is thought and expressed is truly amazing, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Human Being, Being Human, The Enduring Potential

Layout 1A human beings endurance is remarkably sustained by being human.

Realize that attaining to be pure, to be divine, to be amazing and whatever other respectful states of being cannot be achieved until or unless we first of all complete being what we truly are.

Its like stages, once we successfully traverse one stage, then another pathway remarkably unfolds to provide us with the foresight and amazing vision of further venturing ahead very most magnificently, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

No one likes you? Think again! Like you, there is no one

1af699522faa1703e05a1282fd360600Indeed, you are a masterpiece, you are unique, you are a sparkling gem and precious diamond.

So when you think no one likes you, banish those thoughts; for the essence is that there is no one, like you because you are you; there is no comparing you with anyone else.

God has created all of us as the masterpieces of creation; we should seek to truly like ourselves firstly in order to be able to avail of other’s liking graciously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Chasing shadows?


If some of us are creating and chasing what’s not there? Then what’s here mysteriously gets overshadowed as well? But why?

That’s why, gain a better perspective and be able to observantly distinguish between what appears to be and what’s being true appear wisely rather than having to go through myriad sets of confounding experiences elusively, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Life, The Ever Widening Gap? Gaping at The Mystery of The Stances Across Distances

7b5a260338872386bc805cd6f45d1e1bWe are all making efforts to be with others? Life is all making efforts for us true be with ourselves. For when we are firstly one with ourselves, so then only could we actually ever be with others with that degree of authenticity and genuineness.

This is not intending to hurt anyone’s sentiments or passing any judgments upon anyone or seeking to reflect from a contradictory standpoint of view but an humble appeal to encourage us to realize the divine essence of ourselves as well.

We travel thousands of miles to attend conferences; keep commuting across various distances and do so much to impress others so that our image is intact and we are the ever gracious symbol of cordiality, progress and values; all is well appreciated, however our higher consciousness yearns for us to spend, to allot, to allocate a few minutes for our ownselves on a daily basis as well, when we are able to meditate and introspectively reflect upon the greatness, the graciousness and the amazing wealth of wisdom and creative magnificence that remains ensconced within the sacred realms of our true nature and our true self conscientiously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Speak as You’re Spoken From?


It is that we speak as what we’re spoke in (speaking within) forms. There is a constant dialogue that is ongoing within our minds, which intends to s reflect our opinions.

Let us endeavor to nurture pure thoughts that further leads to pure intents; which thereby empowers and sustains our purified set of actions conscientiously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Since thousands of Years, We’ve been Telling Ourselves? Its Tilling, Instilling Values

The Installation? the Instillition Continues; Consciousness, Meditation and You

images (5)images (6)5978d8c02d5d0913b167117d77b7d85cbcea906ba65aa193a2b33f170100b165th-1392071d4b6b07af91b613d618c7cb934






PeeringQuote2Sm1 3283216_origAll across the thousands of years, human beings have been and continue to tell themselves over and over again; to carefully pay more stricter attention; to diligently heed, honor and observe respectfulness towards the cherished doctrines, scriptures and tenets enshrined integrally within the sacred realms of our higher consciousness.

However, even despite all the remarkable practices and procedures, what eventually seeks to attain and establish its indelible transformational crossroad/turning point in our lives is when we actually practice and awaken/emerge from with to experience the unfolding of the revelations that dawn from within our true nature and our true selves amazingly.

Its like the divine essence within us witnesses us doing anything and everything else other than actually devoting and awakening ourselves each and every day? However, once we start our daily early morning meditation practice, in a matter of few devoted minutes every day, when we intend to be one with ourselves, in the calm serenity and tranquility of our being, we start experiencing a greater outlook of looking at things in and right across our lives and this is likewise for things looking at us as well, for it is then that we are approaching each and every aspect of our lives from a remarkable sense and perspective of maturity.

It is not the thousands, but the thous sense of here’s awakens which is not through the repetitive telling but through the tilling, the stilling – the instilling; when we experience our self realization as we expand our consciousness and raise it to the level of the divine light within as well as all around us to experience our oneness with our higher selves; with our true selves, with our true nature and with our divine essence conscientiously. Installation is a definition that we may have come across far much more later on but instilling – the instillition process has been predominantly precedent ever since time immemorial and will continue to creatively prevail and magnificently sustain the divine essence of our conscious awakening to our amazing alignment and oneness with creation consonantly, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi