The Times In Between, Healing Energies of the True Nature and True Self

25860-future-medicine-will-be-based-on-controlling-energy-in-the-body-1 (1)Some people are unfortunately diagnosed with multiple diseases even after suffering with various ailments from much before already.

Its as if they are deluged with the most fragile health ever? And they know the medicines, the timings of the medicines, the dosages, the name of the diseases, the repercussions and ramifications that the diseases represent?

Its like they almost have an complete encyclopedia of all that is evolving and revolving within as well as around the diseases/ailments? Now the point is, do they ever for even a few seconds, seek to reflect upon their healing?

Of envisioning themselves as recuperating and feeling as well as being far much more better; improving and enjoying a greater degree of good health and wellness. Indeed, the point is that as they know by heart each and every other aspect of the challenges they face, do they with the same passion embrace the potential possibilities of greater improvements relating to their good health and wellness please?

If they themselves are caught up with enormous stress and prolific engagements and needing to take rest and not be anxious, at least thinking good in between the periods that they are resting should be definitely possible.

Since thinking good, feeling good, believing good, imagining good, envisaging and envisioning all the goodness that is there within them; the pureness is emerging forth from within the sacred realms of their true nature and their true selves and fulfilling them as well as making them experience a blossoming health condition.

But the point here is not just for that moment or two and then forget everything; like they have ingrained and acquired mysterious ailments/diseases; then they will have to wisely manage and seek to strengthen their resolve in believing in their good health and wellness as well.

Of course the medical personnel, doctors and other related individuals do their very best and reasonable possible; however when the concerned individuals likewise take remarkable efforts, the complete process becomes far more potentially empowering.

It does not matter if they may not have done anything before because if they brood and regret, what is there could be delayed and affected as well; so why start procrastinating? Let them seek to give themselves the relevant time they truly deserve so that they could along with all the qualified health care, also seek to infuse themselves with their shuddh bhav-pure intent in that they think, do and express conscientiously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Those who Deprive others remain Deprived as well; Sleep Disorders/Syndromes


Others in the captioned contexts actually seeks to refer particularly to some of us ourselves. Many people are depriving themselves of adequate sleep and are then almost dozing/napping in between+during the day?

Staying awake till later night hours far beyond necessary does not impress anyone since they affect their own health, well being and keep feeling mysteriously exhausted?

Well, they are depriving the others which is they themselves; since they are literally treating themselves as someone else; not realizing that its their life, their being and their evolution that is being challengingly affected, but for sure they will resolve and make amends by listening to the wisdom of their higher consciousness to catch up on their sleep by sleeping when it is time to sleep and remaining awake, ever refreshed and energetic as ell as completely focused during the time that they need to work with complete and total attentiveness conscientiously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Once the Wonder, Wonder the One’s

23846272249003414cb584acb5d7e463 (1)Once some of us wondered how far it is and kept pondering.

And then through the diligent initiatives, prudence and our tenacious resolve; the how far it was actually became by itself the integral wonderfulness of our lives.

How time changes and evolution sustains the shuddh bhav-pure intents, good willed efforts along with observance of righteousness in all that is thought and expressed is truly amazing, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi