EU Refugee Crisis; Dear Refugees, All of us have Problems, But we do not Focus Only on the Problems Please


Dear Refugees,

With all due respect and concern regarding the life challenging situations that you’ll face and struggle to cope with each and every moment of life’s being; the following is a humble appeal to you all.

Please do not keep embarking upon dangerous voyages and transcending territorial borders that is putting yourselves at enormous risks and challenging the very essence of human values please. Everyone wishes well for you all and enormous initiatives are being implemented to humanely help in every caring and reasonable way.

However, please do not endanger your precious lives and most importantly have courage and faith in yourselves wherever you’ll are for God is with those who are truly with themselves. If we ever run away from our own selves, we are betraying the trust of God in us; we should seek to honor the sacredness of the divinity that is enshrined within our true nature and our true selves.

Since you’ll may not have the privilege, opportunity or mindset to read a lot due to the extremely pressing issues; please particularly note the following please.

Please do not solely focus on your problems;  for they will tend to intensify and keep expanding. Rather, do what is lawful, what is legal, what is appropriate and what is just (just as in justice) and righteous by shifting your focus from the problems towards the goodness and the goodwill as well as harmony that is already there please.

Because life seeks to empower and shower its fortunes on those who diligently, devotionally, faithfully, nobly, responsibly, righteously, sincerely, truthfully and wisely obey the sacred commandments of being true to theirr nature as well as nature to their truth please.

You are all ingeniously creative and can actually do far much more better for sure where you already are with the highest priority of course being relegated to safety and well being on an integral priority basis; but the one humble point time and again is, seek to do what best you can within your circumstances to help yourselves truly as well, for God is always with us at each and every stage of our lives when we are truly with ourselves.

With all good wishes and goodwill, please take care and all the best; please kindly remember, not to only focus on the problems, seek to focus on the goodness of what is already there and ensure to comply with the respective rules, laws and regulations please, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Being there, The Integral Part and Path of Being Here


Indeed, by truly being here we could remarkably contribute to being there in some meaningful way as well because we are fulfilling our primordial objectives and thereby engineering the dynamics of nature to take appropriate care of what’s there by being truly here as we have been ordained to, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Its all in God’s hands


It is earnest thanks in all that we have got; and of course dutiful observance of our respective objectives and obligations with a perspective of discipline, devotion, due diligence, faith, goodwill, prudence, responsibility, resourcefulness, tenacity, trust, our incarnate truthfulness as well as our ever gracious wisdom, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Where and When do we Experience and Realize God? The State and Statement of God Consciousness

god_quote_2 (1)sourceIt is not through our feelings and thoughts; but rather when we experience our contentedness; our completeness; our joyfulness; our fulfillment of being; that is precisely when onwards, we are experiencing and breathing the grace of God within each and every cell of our being consonantly, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

What to do? What to to?


When you are thinking what to do? Life is then thinking what to to? Be specific so that life could be able to specify as well; since just beholding vague notions and incomplete factors will further lead to entanglement of mysteriousness that would be expending your precious energies for no meaningful reason at all, but why be so illusive or elude your own clear and lucid definition of what it is that you intend to convey please?

Give your life a sense of belonging, a sense of objectivity, purposefulness and divine fulfillment in all that you think, do and express conscientiously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

How God shows us the way? How the way shows us God?


It is how God shone us the way and how the way shone us Godliness. A lot unfolds within as well as all around us through the auspices of the divine light.

It is amazingly empowering and strengthening our faith and devotion towards the graceful divine essence of life’s wonderfulness that keeps shining ever so gloriously throughout our lives as well as far beyond our imaginary paradigms could ever envisage, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Amount of time? Amount of life? The mount surmounts

courageously-surmount-each-obstacleWhen we reflect upon the amount of time we spend in our lives. When we further analytically and introspectively consider the amount of life we spend on time, it is truly amazing.

Everything seems to be almost like a miracle many a time; whether it is the time, whether it is our lives and whether it is the mount we surmount or even conversely when we surmount the mountains of creation.

It is all the greatness and grace of creation where through effective channelization of our precious energies, we are able to intelligently discern and capably as well as resourcefully bring about an harmonious alignment with divergent forces all because of the gracious wisdom of our true nature that remarkably guides us all along the way when we ingeniously intend to create greater good for all of us conscientiously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

See how God plays? See how God prays? Nope, Not possible because…….

terry-pratchett-391361Because we cannot see God, we can experience God within as well as all around us; however seeing God is attainable when we are bereft of our ego and immerse ourselves in divine union with our higher consciousness; our true nature; our true self and our divine essence.

It is then that we are endowed with the divine vision whereby we are able to avail a glimpse of God; remember glimpse, not even a glance, but a micro fraction of a second and not even a macro fraction; that is because God’s sacred image is enshrined within the pure divine realms of each and every form of God’s creation, so it is not we who see God, but God who see us through our own trueselves.

Now where it relates to seeing how God plays; God does not play or orchestrate any plays or dramas or scenarios; all that we think, do and express remains liable for accountability; it is not God who intervenes or curtails; the divine grace is always there with us when we earnestly embrace and explicitly observe the virtue of shuddh bhav-pure intent of righteousness in all that we think, do and express conscientiously.

More than being curious to see how God plays or God prays, let us take genuine interest in devoting ourselves completely to whatever it is that we are doing for in that doing, we are doing for God and creating for God and pledging to God.

Indeed, we are serving other human beings or God’s gracious creations in one way or another and how, when, where and why the scenarios unfold and we endeavor to serve is the amazing graciousness of the cosmic rhythm of our lives, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Life is Yearning True Be You! Happiness is Not found by Changing the Job; The Joy of any Job is Happening True the Change


Do the work you love, love the work you do. Work is worship; worship the work so the work may likewise reciprocate your devotion and become your ardent devotee.

Do each and every thing down to the littlest details with total passion and explicit observance of a shuddh bhav-pure intent in all that you think, do and express conscientiously.

What you think and imagine as there is what’s actually here; right here, right now; right at this very present moment of your lives, so when you truly be here as the oneness of your lives, then that there will emerge here as well. Now it appears to be submerged? and covered with illusive beliefs and random vacillations that the far away fields looking green are the greenery within the imaginative paradigms that are focusing on the greenery there>? Why not be gracious in generously sprinkling some of that abundance of the harvest of greenery that is there right into your lives here as well please.

Fulfill each and every moment of your lives with a sense of belonging, enthusiasm and purposefulness for life is yearning true be you, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

If everyone is going, life is gone?

quote-the-smile-that-flickers-on-baby-s-lips-when-he-sleeps-does-anybody-know-where-it-was-borne-yes-rabindranath-tagore-333939Life  is eternal and does not go or let go; everyone is growing in proportion to the level of their consciousness along with observance and fulfillment of their primordial sacred duties, objectives, obligations and life’s cardinal calling devotionally.

Some of us ascend, some others crescent and then keep radiating like shining stars across the cosmic heart of creation infinitely, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

As we point, life either appoints or disappoints, so what’s your point?


Every points sets up its appointment or disappointment. Be consciously aware of the point you are making, aligning with and fervently holding onto; it maybe the catalyst/impetus as well as conversely the  obstructing factor?

Do not let your ego get in between the delicateness of the connection between your higher consciousness and its point of points; align with your gracious wisdom to seek to strengthen and prudently empower the infinity of your cherished appointments by diligently striving to work towards your goals and objectives in an methodical/orderly/responsible/tenacious and wise manner for every think you do, does your everything, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi