The Titanic; What was the Captain Thinking prior to the Unfortunate Collision of the Ship with the Iceberg?



A Poignant Reflection, With Respect, Not Intending to Offend Anyone’s Feelings or Sentiments Whatsoever Please

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It is impossible to obtain any answers for the captioned, which whenever reflected upon leaves us with an never ending mystery as well as profound sadness.

Trying to delve deep within the intuitive realm, one of the most challenging aspects emerge which is alarmingly the following.

It is that “sometimes we get so lost in our thoughts, that we sow loss in what’s taught?” Whether this was then, now or at any given time, the intensity of the thoughts that keep augmenting and occupying the spaciousness of our minds is unimaginable at some times. Take the example of the captain, what he might have been doing is something else; but what he might have been thinking; the thinking, the presence of mind critical factor; whether there completely with the task on hand?

It is not seeking to reflect from a blaming standpoint of view at all; but rather to gleam upon one of the most tragic disasters from a preventive and more careful understanding so that nowhere ever should any such or even other tragedy ever recur.

Coming back particularly to the thoughts engagement process; indeed, sometimes we are attending to some tasks and then get so intensively aligned with the prolific thinking that its almost as if we are on another plane and planet altogether?

That is not helpful since devotion, discipline, unstinting focus and commitment does not demand that one gets detrimentally absorbed or enveloped in the/upon the task on hand, lest we are overtaken by any sudden illusive eventuality that may either surreptiously unfold or be in the process of developing towards such a scenario, but why please?

Let us endeavor to be in command of our thoughts to the extent that they do not take us so distantly away from our own selves that we are scrambling to find our bearings or presence of mind and in the process of the panic a lot more could get jeopardized than it ever was.

Why risk ours and others safety and well being please? Be alert, be diligent, be prudent, be tenacious and be wise; take care and remember that thoughts may not belong to us, but neither do we belong to them to such an extent that we are lost and reacting with a more greater loss of being? But yet again, why please? How can we let the random thoughts to keep gaining power and over empowering us please?

Let us remain ever vigilant and watchful regarding what we are thinking tri-tenaciously(tri referring to tri-three dimensionality – so if it is one thought, we have another subsequent deterrent taught counteractively and defensively safeguarding our interests and likewise for the second, third, fourth or more set of thoughts; all being effectively and pro actively counteracted and neutralized by the effective sets of taughts strategically), God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi


You have been found? Congratulations!

9fa914e9eae5b0946c9e93af3567f30bIf you have spent half of your life in finding yourself? Well then that is good, you have been found, congratulations. Now, get started, roll up your sleeves, be focused and serious in your outlook towards life and not just in exclaiming, i have been found, i have been found, i have been found!!!!!!! (sorry for the rigidity, since if we keep announcing and spend most of our time in proclaiming and doing nothing potentially, then the prospective moments of our lives will become empty sort of vacuums, like hyper inflated? But why do that? Why not define the purposeful and promising lives for ourselves please?)

Everyone knows you have been found and have conveyed their good wishes and felicitated you upon your prestigious realization and gracious attainment.

Now earnestly get devoted and focused upon finding the meaning of your purposeful living by practicing righteousness in all that you think, do and express conscientiously as well as ensuring to let your divine light shine through you in all that you be earnestly, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi