Social Media; Planet Smartphone; Electronic Devices Universe


Social Media; Most of us are Living on Planet Smartphone and the Electronic Devices Universe?

So shalt me thee here; aligned with our greater insights and creatively ingenious potential.

We need to carefully reflect upon how we can positively influence this trend of our interaction with our smart range of electronic devices ingeniously; since every aspect of creation and life has its brighter side and potential significance; what we need to truly do is to awaken  from our brittle outlook to re focus upon the better competencies which could help all of us achieve greater progress together, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

People throw thinks? Life’s throes interlink-inert link-inner linked


194446775-e1428343718356When some people throw thinks around, do not let those become permanent things in your lives; for they threw, but whether what they send across serves yours, theirs and one another’s goodwill and well being must be carefully considered and understood.

Why this is said is because someone, somewhere threw across(spoke/stated something) and then thousands of people without rationalizing just fell for that?

Or if some people read something somewhere, started believing so much in that reading that with the intensity of their fascination, they completely eroded all the cherished priceless and values they had been so diligently taught, but why please?

That is why do not let someone’s throwing, throw and keep throwing you all across for a lifetime please; be alert, diligent, vigilant and wise please; God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Your Story, Their Story, Where is Your Focus?

3984-we-write-to-taste-life-twice-in-the-moment-and-in-retrospectWhat others are doing is their story. What you are doing is your story.Now, you need to be absolutely clear whether you are here to write your own story or get distracted as to what others are writing in their story book?

If you use that curiosity, keen interest and passion in writing your own story, then it will be a masterpiece by itself for all of us cherish originality, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Far Away? For a Way

inspirational-quote-death-gerard-wayWhen things are far away, we wonder.When thinks are for a way, life’s wonderful.

Make every thought focused on developing your life to its fullest potential since its far away so nothing can be done; but then for a way has opened up, so now let aside the disgruntling and complaining; seek to earnestly work towards the essential improvements; to empower yourselves for a way that’s there all the way ahead, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Convincing Others?

james-de-la-vega-artist-quote-believe-in-yourself-and-stop-trying-toSome of us are trying very hard to convince and impress others? Life strives heart true make us realize that we need to believe in ourselves and stop running around to convince or seek others permission for our own happiness.Remember that if you don’t believe in yourself, then how can you ever expect others to believe in you please?

Our gladness, our happiness, our joyfulness and all that is ours belongs true us, so why give away the ownership of ourselves to others please? Realize, for this is your life and truly belongs and truly deserves you,be well, take care, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Talk to Yourself as if You are Talking to God; Listen to Others as If God is Speaking to You


All of creation is the magnificence of the divine.

Regarding the above conversations, they humbly seek to refer to the dialogues taking place between the higher consciousness’s with the supreme consciousness; as well as one another.

It is not just about anyone saying anything and just listening without discerning, reasoning, rationalizing and verifying. Since when our higher consciousness is intuitively conversing with the supreme consciousness and also then with other higher consciousness’s;there is the exchange of the shuddh bhav-pure intent; whatever is conversed is without any words spoken, for that conversation takes place within the auspices of the divine light ensconced within the sacred realms of our true nature, of our true self and our divine essence amazingly, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

SuryaNarayana, Offering Water to the Sun, Offering Sun to the Water

tumblr_neeuops9kc1rcf10co1_500surya-utsav 5361054_orig

Surya refers to the Sun while Narayana to the collective consciousness of humanity.

As we offer water to the sun, we allow nature. the oceans/tributaries of the greatest rivers to gracefully flow through us amazingly. As we humbly clasp the rays of the sun in our palms and bestow then gracefully onwards to+upon the flowing stream of water, we allow ourselves to pass through nature devotionally, God bless

©2015 Vashi Chandi

I’ll be there; True, be here


All that life seeks from us, wherever we are to truly be there.So if we are here,be here; if we are there, be there; it is truly being wherever we are.

Then we fulfill our part, life’s path unfolds and it states, I’ll be there, for we meet life and experience some of its greatest creative moments, whenever, wherever, we are truly here or there with ourselves amazingly, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

God’s Newsletters, Did you Subscribe?

49e8772ea4047db5158f457a435f5512Everyone wants to inscribe and describe God; how about subscribing to God please? God’s newsletters are ever nourishing our consciousness, minds, hearts and souls amazingly. The main imperative theme, topic and essence of the newsletters focuses particularly upon one specific subject very most objectively; which is the moral values, moral principles and righteousness of living.

However, there is a pre requisite to be able to decipher and interpret as well as to actually read, realize the true meaning and significance, for the newsletters are written with the divine light and script of creation; henceforth, we will need to attire ourselves with the divine vision, with the divine grace and with the divine gracious wisdom that is magnificently ensconced within the sacred realms of our true nature, of our true selves, of our higher consciousness and of our divine essence conscientiously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Everybody has a thought? We all know that, but did we know; Every body as a taught!


Carefully understand that we are not thought, thought, thought, thought……………………….

Realize that we are taught, taught,  taught,  taught, taught,  taught,  taught,  taught,  taught, taught, ……………………………… and no matter how much more we cherish and ingeniously strive to learn, we will be amazingly taught more and more.

Every time, everywhere; it is; oh, so what is your thought? Why not, so what is your taught please? Why not make us submerge within the sacred realms of our higher consciousness and thereby re emerge with the remarkable spectrum of our fabulous taught’s please?

Just emphasizing on thoughts as if life is all thoughts and nothing else? Life is taught and so much else as well; has well; it is as will, has will as well; the will of the goodwill of our lives and the gracefulness of creation.

We all know very well that our bodies are full of the pure divine energy of creation and are able to perform some of the most amazing functions ever known to humankind. So why relegate this just to thought level please? Why not align with the core creative intelligence of the body and thereby expand our field of creativity, knowledge and greater understanding and represent life in a more dignified and gracious manner other than just thought alone please.

There is truly so much to this, that I can keep writing as my intuitive faculties are renditioning but first let the first imperative point be well and firmly understood that we are taught and not solely thought please, for when we declare we are taught, we are aligning with the cosmic forces of creation to consolidate our evolutionary ascendance in gracefulness and wisdom very most charismatically and characteristically, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Life has a gender, Engender it

dc16915050e360d4c311a44654c82dccIt should actually be as follows.Life has a gentler.In gentler it; indeed, we do not realize how much we keep overbearing and overwhelmingly give importance to stress-fullness in our lives.Its like hyper tension has become the in thing? If you are not tense means, you are not upto it-the mark of aristocracy and success and competencies? Who says so?

We were not created to abuse ourselves or indiscriminately make use of ourselves in any and every way please. Just because our ego is dominating the scene does not mean that others voices cannot reach you, suffuse you and inspire you to please be gentler with yourself, for this is your greatest gender and agenda please, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Life is just like that? Just like that, life is


Life is following our likes and dislikes, so we need to be aware for when we say life is just like that? So well, then life understands, just like that is being sought by the chooser, and then voila; so be it?

Don’t casually say just like that, for that just like that statement is recorded by your consciousness, by the cosmos, by nature, by the universe and then depending upon your diligent efforts and meritorious initiatives, you will be living life just like that or conversely where if you say just like that and do not put in any meaningful efforts, then all else will be lost.

So just refers to just as in justice; and therefore, when stating just like that, think, it is your liking that you are appending to the just, so the result therefore will subsequently ensure on similar alignments, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Recommendation Letter for Heaven? Life and Creation isn’t Between You and God

C.S.-Lewis-Big-Words6833109_f520 Happiness-44i-believe-9-1000x800

God is the Referee and not the Referee of the Reference Letter

Life and creation is truly between you and got; between what you have got and not what has got you; for you have to consciously awaken and duly take diligent, prudent and responsible charge of your lives in ensuring that it is in conformance with the worldly and cosmic laws and regulations of creation since what hurts others, hurt us and if we keep stating that we have not got; it has got us?

Indeed, God wishes that we chant God’s name and sacred hymns with utmost adoration, love and respect whether during our prayer time or even silently otherwise when our heart yearns, however we cannot keep bringing God into the middle of each and everything in our lives; for that we have been endowed with our remarkable discerning and reasoning powers as well as our amazing wisdom. If we take the authentic, genuine and legitimate efforts and righteous initiatives, a lot of resolutions will be identified, but for that we cannot say oh God? Rather, we can maturely reflect upon the reality and recognize/realize that we owe God, indeed we owe God a better and greater world than we have inherited, the world belongs true us as much as we belong true the world.

God’s divine intervention is when God deems appropriate and God knows what’s best, but meanwhile, you have got life and creation completely with you, so what are you going to create today and further ahead that is going to make God proud of you please? Never harm anyone of God’s creations, whether in thought or deed; solely focus upon your goals and objectives in a righteous manner that is co creating right from the very essence of core creation, for everything is absolutely right in its respective place when we truly are likewise in conformance with observance of the virtue of righteousness within as well as all across our lives.

Then we are misleading our very own selves, for somewhere, somehow or the other, whatever we are experiencing in our lives is what we have actually attracted through our respective deeds and the amazing vibrational  frequencies that emanate from within the sacred realms of our higher consciousness and all of this is being governed by the “will”; so the will power that we have is truly divine and if well understood and respectfully aligned with, can bring forth amazing wonderfulness into our lives.

Its what you have got, be wise and resourcefully manage all that you have been endowed with and make God, make creation, make the cosmos, make the universe, make the world, make yourself and make everyone proud of you by doing what is righteous; by ensuring explicit observance and adherence to the practice of your shuddh bhav-pure intent applies in whatever you think, do and express conscientiously.

Your report card, your performance report, your marks sheet, your exams paper, your true worth, value, principles and values are all here, right here within this world, where you need to earnestly live your life’s fullest potential, be true to your calling; to your higher purpose in life by living a purposeful life with conscientiousness, compassion, due consideration, due diligence, focus, prudence, priorities, righteousness, responsibility, sincerity, truthfulness, tenacity and your ever gracious wisdom vigilantly.Realize carefully that whatever you wish for, you can duly attain it by diligently striving and not just sitting back and expecting or thinking that everything will automatically fall into place, you have been born and created for a greater purpose, to create greater goodwill, harmony, progress and welfare for the Universe.

Regarding the recommendation/reference letter for heaven? This isn’t done, you have to fulfill your respective duties meritoriously without ever focusing upon attainment of the fruit thereof for your duty is your duty; its your worship; its your love and devotion; your passion to celebrate each and every moment of your life as creation does by earnestly contributing in a dignified, devotional, sacred and noteworthy manner; where only the incentives and rewards are not all, for that itself will cause enormous dwindling for once you satiate yourselves with one pleasure, then another set of pleasures and devious escapades may further engross and take away your precious opportunities and moments to good, righteousness and true for yourself and others which means that it is better and wiser to be like nature is, which is being true to your nature as well as nature to your truth; your evolution thereby symphonizing the eternality of your lives ever sow graciously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Lord Krishna; Rama O Rama, Life isn’t a Drama, Life is Dharma


lordshrikrishnagetting rid of negative energy3


One of the definitions of dharma refers to the eternal law of the cosmos, as well as the inherent nature and divine essence of creation.

Indeed, life is is the divine symposium of our magnificent intellectual faculties which we can constructively, intuitively and wisely utilize to experience our cosmic evolutionary growth in grace and wisdom conscientiously.

Shri Krishna Govinda Hare Murari, He Naath Narayana Vasudeya. Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare; Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare; Radhe Govinda; Om Namo Narayana, Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi