People throw thinks? Life’s throes interlink-inert link-inner linked


194446775-e1428343718356When some people throw thinks around, do not let those become permanent things in your lives; for they threw, but whether what they send across serves yours, theirs and one another’s goodwill and well being must be carefully considered and understood.

Why this is said is because someone, somewhere threw across(spoke/stated something) and then thousands of people without rationalizing just fell for that?

Or if some people read something somewhere, started believing so much in that reading that with the intensity of their fascination, they completely eroded all the cherished priceless and values they had been so diligently taught, but why please?

That is why do not let someone’s throwing, throw and keep throwing you all across for a lifetime please; be alert, diligent, vigilant and wise please; God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

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