Programming Ourselves; Programming Others?

8155-honest-self-reflection-opens-your-mind-to-re-programming-changeWe can counsel, inspire, motivate and remarkably improve ourselves.

However where it concerns others, let us not trespass the sacredness and respect their privacy, to let them likewise improve themselves; do send them the good vibrational frequencies through the auspices of your higher consciousness please but do not seek to go beyond that such as interfering in their lives or overbearingly intruding into the very essence of their lives.

Use your complete focus and energy upon truly improving yourselves and vigilantly monitoring and regulating the purity and quality orientation of your thoughts, feelings and actions conscientiously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi 

Hit and run accidents

Please be very strictly alert, diligent, mindful and vigilant when crossing anywhere please

Where We Look Quote

Before proceeding ahead, those who drink alcohol and drive (or ingest any illicit drugs/substances whatsoever), please beware, it is illegal to drive when intoxicated or even otherwise if under the influence of any illicit drugs/substances please.  Please do not endanger yours and others lives!

Sometimes, some of us are running across and then unfortunately some of us are run across. This is extremely sad, but we cannot overlook this since rushing across to catch something? reach somewhere? meet some schedule? or for that matter whatever it is, please do not risk your lives for others who are awaiting you or expecting the related results are not seeking for you to endanger your lives please; be precautious and extremely alert and responsible please, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi 

Do you know who I met?

the-immortal-self-aaravindha-himadra-quote-love-english-conscious-concert-ireland-spiritual-retreats-europe-yoga-holistic-sacredRepeat the captioned yet again (Do you know who I met?) to emphatically draw forth the accentuating point that is relating to this. The intention here is to solicit the spontaneous answer, I met myself, the higher divine consciousness that dwells within the sacred realms of my higher self.

“Remember the complete point here is going to focus upon emerging forth with the same joy, the same enthusiasm, the same passion, the same joyfulness and the same wonderfulness when we meet ourselves as we experience when meeting others”. Why only that joy and wonderfulness when meeting others and ignoring our own selves please?

This is seeking to refer to the joyful exclamation when we meet someone that we want to celebrate the meeting as if it is one of the greatest miracles of our lives. Its good to meet and truly be joyful but now comes the main point why this is being specified.

We meet and are within ourselves all our lives; have we ever even once gracefully acknowledged the divine essence of our being and joyfully exclaimed that how immensely and incredibly glad we are to have been bestowed this precious life and then graciously welcomed our higher consciousness and our being as the most greatest preciousness of our existence?

Do you remember having done this? Well if not done, no regrets; now onwards, mark it and make it a point to always welcome yourselves, to be extremely glad to have your own selves, to have met your selves and true be thankful and then also remember to applaud-cheer yourselves for all your lifetime, your higher consciousness; your true nature, your true self and your divine essence have been silently and wisely supporting you, that part and path of your divine oneness truly deserves meritorious and gratuitous acknowledgement please, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi 

Are we having issues? Or, are issues having us?


Its the way we responsibly look at and carefully+responsibly handle and manage our affairs.

Let us not belong so much to problems that we are literally only anticipating problems/issues; rather strengthen our focus and discipline ourselves so very firmly that we are well equipped potentially to vigilantly face and overcome and well as wisely heal through the root of the issues/problems like a laser beam, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi 

Lord Krishna; History, Science & Evolution; The Essence of Creation & The Infinity of Happiness


The above translates as follows.

History informs us that yesterday was happiness.

Science informs us that tomorrow will be happier.

However, Evolution informs us that if the mind is true and the heart is pure (shuddh bhav – purely intentional), then everyday, as well as each and every moment of life will  remain gracefully in the realm of the joyfulness of infinite happiness, Jai Shree Krishna, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Dying? Change your Vocabulary Please


Remember life, our consciousness does not differentiate between the actual, literal or virtual meanings of words. You speak in a particular manner, that is interpreted by the cosmos, by the universe, by nature, by your cells, by your being as completely something else.

So don’t use any jargon, shortcuts, flashy words or trendy phrases. IF at all you feel like exclaiming, state; ahh, I was living to and then yet again, oh wow, I was living true and so on and so forth, remember you are smart but your consciousness is far much more smarter, send it the correct definition of aspects you intend to unfold in your lives please, take care and be well, but please be diligent, prudent, alert, vigilant, tenacious and wise; remember and realize always to cherish and celebrate each and every moment of your lives for your life is truly worth it and so are you, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

EU Refugee Crisis, The Land, The Love, The People


United Nations Foundation
1750 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW,
Suite 300
Washington, D.C. 20006

The Secretary-General of the United Nations (UNSG), Ban Ki-moon,

European External Action Service
1046 Brussels

High Representative
Federica Mogherini

European Council on Refugees and Exiles (ECRE)

Rue Royale 146, 1st Floor
1000 Brussels

Your Excellencies,

Every global crisis has brought the World together as One. At this fragile moment in history,  while remarkable efforts are being taken by various Governments to carefully find and swiftly implement measures that could help alleviate and decisively resolve this overwhelmingly critical situation; have we ever far more seriously considered to reach back to the root cause of all of these unfortunate sets of events please?

Millions of families are fleeing from their countries all because of the intensified conflicts; these very same people truly love their lands and their countries and would certainly love to live there for their lifetime if a peaceful accord is established and they are able to avail of at the least the most basic most amenities to resume back their much needed life with a sense of courage, a sense of dignity, a sense of purpose, a sense of passion, a sense of promise and the essence of divine values and principles please.

The resources that are being focused upon salvaging could also be the resourcefulness that could amazingly contribute back to these very same loving people who are passionate and patriotic about their countries and have been forced to leave their wonderful lands challengingly. They never opted or sought to transcend their territorial jurisdictions in such desperate ways all because of the enormous dangers to their lives, but if there is peace at home, then that same very peacefulness could further shine and bring about greater joyfulness to the world.

To every human being, their land is their Mother and they cherish and treasure their respective cultures and uphold with profound dignity and pride that they belong to the very essence of their Motherland. How great it would be to gift them; to present them back with the treasured opportunity of continuing to live where they already are; as well as the vital opportunities for those who have fled to return back to their precious heritage and re focus their priorities upon building and estbalishing their wonderful communities conscientiously.

The true joyfulness would be actually found when these loving people acquire a sense of belonging; of being able to belong to where they truly belong since wherever they go, they take the heart of their lands and their countries along with them; so while they make every remarkable effort and diligent initiatives to adapt where they are provided the gracious opportunities to integrate; there truly is never something like home; we all know that, when we want to go home, we are able to; however for these loving people, they want true go home, there is a deep yearning not to flee; there is a cherished desire to return back to where they truly belong and an ambitious aspiration to sustain their livelihoods with utmost gratitude and the greatest joy of humanity; of being one with their oneness of life, which is being back home, where they truly belong and long true be, God bless.

With cherished hopes and an ever fulfilling vision,

Vashi Chandi (on behalf of concerned supporters)