Running the Race of Life; Racing the Life of Run

IMG_8326The pace at which our minds think becomes the thinking of the spaciousness that reminds us to diligently calibrate our aesthetic equanimity.

Its a matter of connecting the dots; its the dots of connecting with the matter (pure energy) and further evolving in accordance with its primordial evolution, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Fear Psychology?

dde2a394f76e932881a46a909773346fAre we afraid of our character?

Or are we characterizing our fears?

We need to diligently pay careful attention to what we are doing that is driving us around what precisely for somethings, somewhere and somehow just cannot be allowed to keep emerging and submerging and in their intermittent appearances cause any emotional upheavals please.

Its a matter of self realization which can help us better understand and competently take responsible care rather than just ignoring or thinking that everything is just coming from outside? elsewhere? here, there and everywhere? While actually that surreptitious and mysterious emanation might be radiating from our own mis conceptions and mis interpretation of the real state of facts and actualities please. That might be because we rush to understand and then likewise understand? to rush? Here it is not at all acknowledging the reality, just because we rapidly glanced and mis construed? then we took that as an established reality, how come?

Always remember, whatever it maybe; whether the simplest of tasks or any factors; whenever any detail is well taken care of in its inception, is far more remarkably manageable rather than letting it to keep augmenting and then scrambling to tackle it.

Realize your power and empower your realization that you are greater than your fears and will do all that is righteous and proper as well as responsible and wise to protectively safeguard your goodwill and well being conscientiously, take care and be well, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

When Loosing Someone, Do not Loose Yourselves; Loosen, But do Not Loose Yourselves

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When we are without those who we love the most, we are completely experiencing an immense sense of loss; but as hard as it maybe, those who ascend towards the heavenly abode, do not wish that their loved ones remain in loss.

For the pain and suffering that they experience cannot be put into words. First is that they are suddenly taken away, that is a shock to them by itself, and then when they notice and witness silently and helplessly how their loved one’s are completely lost and yearning for them, they experience a sense of sadness, even though the intensity and the degree of the sadness might be quite different from what we experience on the earthly realm, yet it is far more profound.

They wish that we carry forth their legacies and aspirations in a dignified and responsible manner that will make them proud of us. By all means, when mourning, one has the complete right to privacy and to silently pray and reflect upon the cherishing grace of their loved one’s but then one humble request comes back from their loved one’s is to remain calm, remain serene, remain still, remain within the loosening of the emotional tendencies but not lossening; meaning not to get helplessly lost or overwhelmed that they are not at all aware what is actually going on at all; they need to take charge and move ahead in their lives as a mark of commitment, courage, love and respect for their loved ones and to honor the essence of the divine being of their loved one’s to be consciously aware and thereby remarkably help their loved one’s to ascend to the heavenly abode more graciously.

Grieve by all means; but do not grieve in such a way that it takes you away from your own selves please for the presence of mind, the presence of feelings, the essence of awareness must always be there to help those who are no longer amidst us to witness that we are there for them for always by responsibly and courageously taking care as they would wish for us to do so.

Life of course would never be the same without our loved one’s, they are irreplaceable and the greatest treasure of our lives; however we should honor their sacredness by doing what could best help them in their transcendence and ascension towards the heavenly abode, for they have toiled and diligently strived all their lives for all of us and they truly deserve comfort as well; we can console one another, but how about them please? They can see us, we cannot see them, they wish to speak to us, but we cannot speak or hear their voices; we may sense their divine essence and grace, however in order to truly help them graciously ascend to heaven, we need to demonstrate our courageous potential and honor them by telling and promising them that we will be strong and that we will certainly take care of our respective selves attentively and courageously; they once having this intent expressed from us, experience a great sense of lightness, it is like listening to our self acknowledgment takes them nearer and nearer to their divine light and then they become one with the divine light of the oneness graciously; Peace, Love and Light, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Come out of the Dark and Shadows; Let Your Light Shine Forth Radiantly


Do not tie yourselves; liberate yourselves, set yourselves free from any delusionary/elusive-mysterious sets of self-induced confinements and truly feel the liberation to experience the true greatness, wonderfulness and gracious wisdom of your lives that emanates fr’om’ well insight your higher consciousness/true nature’s oneness of ever commendable being/meritoriously evolving……………. God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Are We taking Our Thoughts Away? Or – Are Our Thoughts Taking Us Someway? – Or – Are We Taking Our Thoughts A Way?

edgr-cayceDon’t just get carried away intensely by your thoughts.Better to remain in charge of what we tend to think and keep contemplating upon earnestly for sometimes the simplest of thoughts could keep on integrating and getting entrenched deep within our thinking and then re emerging suddenly out of nowhere at all to catch us completely by surprise/when we are remaining completely unaware?

But why? Why in the first place itself allow any such disparate thoughts any space or possibilities within the sacredness of our minds please? Mind you, life does not have you, you are life, you are being life, so you have your mind and you are in charge of your mind and can discipline your mind to listen to you through observance of a disciplined and awareness process, and always tackling the respective matters and factors right at the core-right at the source-like a nip in the bud-like it is stated, that a stitch in time saves nine, so do not let one stitch become nine and then nine thousand and ninety thousand…..?

Do not allow any of this at all; since why ever permit any thoughts to take you away from your very ownselves please? Be very strict and firm, for everything is not just about anything; everything needs to be carefully considered and thoroughly scrutinized, investigated and duly verified and vigilantly re checked yet again to safeguard our respective interests please.

Remain firmly grounded+rooted with the disciplined awareness; and consciously as well as diligently of all that you think, feel and express conscientiously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Mind our Heart, Heart our Mind; Discipling the Mind and the Heart

The-eye-never-forgetsHow much does it take for the mind to actually forget? Very little and quite soon.

Now this same question when put forth to the heart, let’s see, what could be the response.

How much does it take for the heart to actually forget? Very most and quite longest?

But why? That is how life is, which means we must wisely safeguard our hearts from any emotional decisions, habits and tendencies that could tend to affect it in any manner or way that is not good for our well being please; remember prevention is better than cure.

Regarding the mind of our heart and heart of our mind; its about the core intuitive intelligence that we all have ensconced within our trueselves; so we need to be graciously wise and tenacious in training ourselves for the different aspects; so that we are never ever carried away with any contradictory attitudes or behaviors at any given point in times of our lives; for it takes a complete lifetime to create our lives and we cannot jeopardize or risk this by letting our guard down or exposing ourselves to any perils, dangers or strategies or any eventualities whatsoever. We have to be firm and disciplined where no means no and if yes, it should be what is truly yes and not just a pleasing yes, for no one wants a cosmetic adjustment; all of us are seeking the complete, whole and fulfilling moments of our lives constantly; remember, we deserve the best, but then have to+true work towards it by remaining ever alert, ever diligent, ever prudent, ever vigilant, ever watchful, ever tenacious and ever graciously wise and responsible please.

Disciplining is a matter of focus; of bringing forth our conscious awareness to what we want to heal; to what we want to improve and to what we want to+true empower and strengthen effectively and sustainably.

We need to do what is correct, what is righteous and what is fair/appropriate; as well as authentic,legitimate and conducive for our self development conscientiously. If we don’t pay careful attention/heed to our well being, then how can we ever expect this from outside please?

Since everything that improves us truly emanates from within the sacred realms of our higher consciousness, our higher selves, our true nature, our trueselves and our divine essence magnificently, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Lee Kuan Yew, Reflecting Upon the Glorious Heritage of Life’s Priceless Values


Every moment of life is truly creative; live life to the fullest and greatest potential of embracing the divine values, the divine vision, the divine will and divine wisdom of living that remains enshrined within the sacred realms of your higher consciousness, your true nature and your true selves amazingly; let your soul blossom, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

The Ever Expanding Brain, The Ever Acts Span Training


The more consciously we train instead of straining our brains, the more effectively our brains expansion will gradually evolve, although in size, it may remain what it is; but its inter-activeness and capability to respond far more swiftly and flexibly is through mindfulness and disciplined devotion of thought stimulating practices; being observant and not just idling or trying any supplements, etc please.

Remember that if you ever try to take supplements, then you are sadly fooling yourselves because the brain is better nourished through the natural faculties and not by artificial means please; so be extremely alert, precautious, strictly vigilant and ever tenaciously wise to ensure that you never ever get carried away by any advertisements or talks or any incentives that entice you with the mysterious brain empowering hype.

If you truly want to help yourselves, kindly ensure to include a few minutes of meditation consciousness practicing every day early in the morning for a few minutes, when you sit down calmly and also repeat this practice before going to sleep in the night; it is chanting the sacred hymns, mantras or perhaps listening to your favorite devotional songs, bhajans, or some holy instrumental music, or even some positive and inspiring talk; whatever it is that is focused upon self improvement and self development and if alternatively none of this or other development oriented activities, sit still in the solitude calm serene peaceful environment in deep silence with your higher consciousness and seek to be a silent spectator, observer of how and what goes on where and when you are watching the ripples of the thoughts gradually subsiding and the stillness being attained, the attuning being experienced; the alignment unfolding your mind like the petals of a lotus and then you are further experiencing a profound sense of belonging and oneness with the ever gracious evolution of nature and creation amazingly.

To carefully understand yet again, it is the training, the disciplined approach of training our brain that is intending to refer to the expansion; meaning that once the brain is able to perform far more effectively, it is due to the disciplined training and integration of a disciplined observance of the noble discipline of disciplines of our life’s nobility; to put it also in another way of looking at this, it is that nothing comes free and there is no quick fix or shortcut, everything must follow the disciplined and meticulous process and must be carefully worked upon and here it demands a greater sense of alertness, awareness and utmost understanding that emanates right from the core essence of our being.

It maybe different kind and types of experiences but it is all natural without depending on any external factors or aspects to induce or ingest – since we are pure and the purity of nature is what our being constantly seeks and humbly needs to reinvigorate ourselves refreshingly. Then with the wasteful and trivial thoughts and the negative emotional tendencies disappearing, the mind being still, it is at that time that in that precious space of a few moments, you could be able to train your brain to think in a particular manner that is self empowering and leading you to achieve greater sense of achievement and purposefulness as well as wisdom of the goodness and pureness of life and creation as well as evolution in all that you think, do and express mindfully, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Don’t Put Rigid Demands on Time; Input the Observant Mindfulness on Timing


The process of rigidly demanding becomes akin to enforcing whereas the observational process of inputting; that voluntary and spontaneous mindfulness that is emerging from within our higher consciousness is aware, equanimous, joyful and serene.

So when we are conscientiously advancing ahead, there is an entirely different impetus altogether that suffuses along with the evolution of nature as well as the nature of evolution; in their divine oneness of the gracious of creation that permits the synchronization of various aspects with remarkable confluentiality, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Adam and Eve; The Atom and The Anatomy; The Gracious Equanmity of Evolution; The Infinity of Eternity

quote-we-cross-infinity-with-every-step-we-meet-eternity-in-every-second-rabindranath-tagore-41-53-86   quote-only-when-eternity-takes-time-by-the-hand-only-when-infinity-weds-the-finite-s-thought-sri-aurobindo-109-87-31  quote-in-the-infinity-of-life-where-i-am-all-is-perfect-whole-and-complete-i-no-longer-choose-louise-hay-71-36-84    quote-without-doubt-god-is-the-universal-moving-force-but-each-being-is-moved-according-to-the-nature-joseph-de-maistre-347221


anatomy_of_an_atom_updated_poster-r618c041fa8ad491399f4876e759efc95_i9gz1_8byvr_1024Every atom, element and particle of creation attributes to our gracious evolution.

What are we likewise ingeniously and truly contributing back to the cosmos and the universe that is within as well as all around us please? God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Qualia and Consciousness; As Humans, We want to Know how Many?

“RobertFuddBewusstsein17Jh” by Robert Fludd – Utriusque cosmi maioris scilicet et minoris […] historia, tomus II (1619), tractatus I, sectio I, liber X, De triplici animae in corpore visione. Licensed under Public Domain via Commons –

As our divine consciousness opinionates; its mainly how; the quality and the integral essence of gracefully awakening to the embodification of the incredible moral values and principles of evolution enshrined within each and every living being’s higher consciousness.

From that plateau and vantage, our perception is absolutely clear and focused, akin to a laser beam and all of this miraculous creative pure shuddh bhav-pure intentions and magnificent intelligence leads us further ahead to a greater understanding of creation, of nature, of the cosmos, of the universe, of the galaxies, of oureselves and others not as we just see ourselves but rather as creation perceive us, for then we are creation reflecting upon creation with the infinite potential of our emerging consciousness that encapsulates the greater aims and objectives of our primordial evolution conscientiously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Remembering September 11, Embracing The Remembrance

quote-some-words-having-to-do-with-the-death-of-the-people-in-the-world-trade-center-attack-had-been-leonard-nimoy-136025In memory of the victims who have left us with their poignant memories on this extremely tragic day. Our embrace and speechless words humbly seek to gently reach across the landscape of thought in time, time in thought;  standing still in complete respectful silence. Courage, Peace, Love and Light, God bless,

©2015 Vashi Chandi

What to do with our time?


The captioned title and every title of life’s moments should be; what to “true” with our time!

Life is ever true to us in its moments; henceforth, we need to reciprocate this sacred trust and reach across to the priceless values enshrined within the realms of our higher consciousness; our true selves; our true nature and our divine essence to be “true; to do “true”; to think “true”; to feel “true” throughout our lives.

All this “trueness” is about being authentic, about being legitimate, about being resourceful, about being in divine union and well precisioned alignment with each and every breath of our lives amazingly, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

God and DNA; The Heart Drive and not the Hard Drive of Humanity; The Creative Magnificence of Genetics, Geniusness and the Evolution of Our Consciousness

Perception is Awareness Shaped by Belief.3eb5f9fb2cbe8e8b1e7b4c617dfe6121 consciousness-from-spiritual-context-of-modern-physics-17-638

bruce-lipton-quote-3 ChakraActivation  BRB DNA DNA9

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secondd  wayne-dyer-best-sayings-quotes-life-happiness


Life doesn’t just form, it informs the cells. The cells do not just form, they conform to the consciousness.The consciousness does not just form, for it is the pureness of our shuddh bhav-pure intentional energy that ever was, is and will ever be.

The sacred energies does not just form, they evolve and keeps evolving with an amazing vibrational frequency that ordains, orchestrates and sustains all aspects and facets of creation and evolution amazingly. If we carefully reflect how within each and every cell, they have their instinctive command and response mechanism that is far more versatile than any computer program or scientific of engineering marvel.

The DNA being referenced here is far much more versatile than we could still ever imagine for  in the fraction of barely the fewest of moments, some of the most fascinating and commendable sets of processes fold, unfold, submerge and re emerge with methodical precision and harmonious alignment. It is the consonance of some of the greatest forms of creative intelligence that time and again can teach us a lot and we can respectfully learn a lot from when we expand our consciousness and raise it to the level of the divine light enshrined within the sacred realms of our true nature during our early morning meditative consciousness sessions.

It is not just meditating with the sole intent to discover or explore any secrets or to come across any revelations; rather it is about earnestly acknowledging the greatness that is already prevalent and learning from it to co create greater goodness conscientiously ;  it is with profound humility to respectfully appreciate and recognize the completeness of the oneness of creation within all as well as the all of creation within one respectively. It is observing and acknowledging, but never retrieving any information or details to expound upon selfishly or unfairly, for whatever is learned during the self realization stage, is to harmoniously awaken humanity to its bliss; to realize that the God we seek all around, all across, remains ensconced within the sacred realms of our higher consciousness and the moment we realize and experience our oneness with God, then each moment of life then onwards becomes a devotional duty in service of the master of masters,our ever loving and graceful God who does not have any religion or caste distinction; it is God who is pure, who is divine, who is ever gracious and ever wise as well as ever supreme and yet so very affectionately showering and suffusing all of creation with remarkable creative intelligence and abundance of peacefulness and loves within each and every living being consonantly.

When having so much working for us, along with us, what are we working for? what we are working along with? what are we creating within each and every moment of our lives ingeniously please? Realize that this life teaches us a lot if we are truly attentive, aware, devoted, disciplined, prudent, tenacious and graciously wise. So its not just about forming, informing and confirming as we may have so far realized.

It is always with evolving, indeed, evolving is the key factor;evolution seeks the pure channelization of itself constantly and conscientiously. There is never a moment that our cells are ever inactive or even where creation is concerned, an actual dormant or inactive phase.

In the calm serene stillness and silence also, a lot of functionalities and organism are further evolving in accordance with their primordial objectives which all make us gracefully realize to embrace our higher consciousness; our true nature; our true selves and our divine essence affectionately, admirably and devotionally;’ for the energy that we derive is also filled with amazing wisdom that provides us remarkable opportunities to fulfillingly experience the completeness, wholeness and the wonderfulness of this brilliantly creative and magnificent life of unfolding wonders, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi