Few Moments, the Effect of a Lifetime; Few Comments, the Lifetime of After Effects?

736c3016d671d8bf433283018483820aIts about remaining equanimous-balanced and not getting provoked into over reacting to comments.

Like how a few moments remained as the turning point, impetus and inspiration of a lifetime; do not let a few comments to setback an entire lifetime.

Whenever the time comes or maybe, do not get provoked, enticed or mislead into wrongly reacting for once you mistakenly respond; then the sequence of errors unfolds multiple streams of complexities.

That is why beware; be alert, diligent, prudent, tenacious, vigilant and wise in intelligently responding, for our lifetime cannot be equated by comments, it is always the shining star of our priceless moments.

Remember, comments are comments; once instigated and provoked to wrongly over react, there maybe more and more comments thrown across to entice one to pitch and keep pitching without ever being able to focus back on what truly matters.

That’s why, practice mindfulness and ensure to prioritize life’s moments and let go of the comments to the extent that they do not dis empower or disenchant or deviate you from your life’s purposeful and meritorious goals, objectives and obligations respectively, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Who has it?

Its a Matter of our Core Beliefs and Values of Life; Its who is as it

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Everybody who thinks that others have it and they don’t have or deserve it at all, keep remaining aloof and with the bitter feeling of self rejection? But why please?

Then, there are those who graciously acknowledge having the best of everything in their lives and ensuring that they are doing everything within their reasonable capacities to awaken others true their sense of adequacy and contentment.

Now, between the different groups of people; those who are only busy thinking of everyone else having it and remaining in their gossip state of being all their lifetime actually deplete their precious energies, resourcefulness and wisdom; all because whatever they do is lacking, so they attract more and more of the lacking in whatever they focus upon; its their perception, beliefs and state of being, but yet again why please?

Its all a matter of our innate choices, what we are opting from within the divine essence of our being and then if we find fault with all, then all that we attain is all with faultiness as well.

Some people want to live forever? Some others want to only have money? Some others are yearning to have a meal? Some others are striving diligently to be able to educate themselves? Likewise, there are various scenarios, where the amazing individuals are actually amazing themselves or they are trying to maze themselves?

Whatever it is, they create their destinies and fate and wonderfulness for or against themselves; the day they realize is the day they will further create greater sets of miracles and celebrate the very essence of being and remain ever consonantly in divine union with each and every moment of life’s sacredness cherishingly, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Behaviour, Be have hear; Being having here

wtlb-06-07-13Some people don’t have the time to do things, that is understandable, since they need to attend to their respective priorities and delegate the respective to their team to take good care of accordingly.

However, there are some other people, who love to talk and announce that they don’t have the time to do things, while actually the indeed have ample time on their hands and schedule; so it is quite mystifying because they proclaim so much about this particularly.

One point is that they have the time to think, they have the time to do the things; they have the opportunities to keep particularly announcing to express their pretentious helplessness? They remain for a long long time with the similar scenario mainly because they are trying to draw some kind of aid or assistance which would not be forthcoming since people can see through and through and no one is interested in any pretentious behavior or any improper and unprofessional attitudes.

So whosoever seek to keep announcing need to be better aware that rather than keep proclaiming, get earnestly involved to further evolve with what they intend to accomplish; otherwise what they plan to do might remain forever on the pending agenda along with their fervent announcements?

This is only one aspect; there are others who keep proclaiming how unhealthy and poor they are? They actually have a roof on their heads and are able to afford reasonable subsidized medical care as well as three meals a day along with the basic amenities, but for them, they focus too much on the same typical announcing factor to draw attention? What eventually but sadly happens is that they keep remaining more and more in their unhealthiness self projected image in reality also quite along with lack of adequate money as well challengingly.

Did they also achieve anything? No, they really did not, rather in the process of attracting, they detracted and distracted all the goodness that they could have possibly attained through diligently and earnestly striving. Likewise, whatever the situation, learn to be grateful and do what is righteous and proper/appropriate instead of announcing, lamenting, wailing, telling stories to people, holding up people with the pretext of a five minutes conversation and then extending it to well over 2 hours?

No one really has the actual possibilities to be able to accommodate the pretentious or negative tendencies simply because all of us are earnestly fulfilling our respective obligations and objectives in a dignified and respectful manner; so when someone comes along with the intent of seeking attention and creating a melodrama and expecting sympathy, they will be avoided by most people simply because they exude the negative vibration tendencies they have been accumulating over several years and because no one corrected them, so they taught it befit them right to keep exclaiming and supplicating the self pity factor? That’s wrong, since even God would be wondering that this human being is trying to put on and create an act and is going against all the etiquette and norms of life by enacting and creating dramatic scenarios that are not there at all; so that means even the divine within those people gets affected because the divinity within each and every living being is full of purity and grace and nothing else; thereby when anyone seeks to exude their impurities and deceitfulness or pretentiousness, they tend to hurt themselves the very most consistently; that is why know time, now time, the time is now to be letting go of all those dramas and enactments and legitimately embark upon earnestly fulfilling and living one’s fullest potential in doing truly good for oneself and others, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Frequent flier miles to heaven?



Little girl simling at camera with a beautiful expression (portrait). More pictures of this baby at my gallery

04f11d6f68c2428334949f3b44069e40 God is not impressed by your amazing expeditions all across the world including your panoramic imaginary sojourns to heaven.

All that God seeks is the smiles; the graciously wonderful smile on yours and others faces and the true joyfulness, the true happiness that you bring forth in yours and others lives conscientiously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

To too


The above is not intending to hurt anyone’s sentiments or feelings. all it is seeking to reflect upon is the legitimacy and the purposefulness of doing what is right what is proper, what is appropriate and what is the truest and authentic way of doing the needful please.

Life wants us to do what we can truly do, not just to too and keep on attributing one aspect with another; debating, raising issues and then ultimately doing nothing meaningful at all.

When doing something, truly do it and mean it while ensuring of course that it is proper, that it is legitimate and that it is in conformance with the respective rules, laws and regulations governing national and international jurisdictions respectively, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Sometimes, People can answer; Sum times, its dans there



The French translation of dans refers to in. Here it intends to refer to the situations people face. Sometimes, we face it; sometimes others do. We might tend to forget what we faced and get enraged with others who might be facing a similar scenario.

This is why, we must be considerate at times in carefully understanding before venting out and expressing our irritation and resentment please.For what is dans there, who knows? The individual going through what they are going trough know and until we realize, it might be too late.

That’s why, seek to be considerate and cordial instead of forcibly rushing things around or suppressing and deliberately keeping others on an suspended state of not answering?

It does not behove us to behave in a certain manner for that identical behavior and set of circumstances will yet again unfold on multiple instances in our lives as well, so please be diligent of course in protecting and safeguarding mutual interests; but do be considerate and reasonable, when and where possible please, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

One phone call? Don’t tie life


Make yourself so resourceful, so very most valuable, so truly reliable that it does not end with just one phone call or any one aspect altogether please; since the relationships of life are truly some of the greatest treasures that we cherish and appreciate.

It all starts with what we put well into place much before any factor that empowers and further strengthens it amazingly, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Life was made for us and not 4s

20150308-5Indeed we are one but if we keep interchanging ourselves so very frequently and compulsively, then we are not being loyal to our very own selves.

This means that at times we are posing a 4 different entities? Where we are ourselves not sure which hat we are donning after all?

We have to multi task that is understandable; we have to play different roles dexterously and adeptly, that is also understandable, but actually changing our complete identities and characteristics 4 times other than what we truly are? would only contribute to elongating ourselves and expanding our resourcefulness without any purposefulness? But why? Why keep deviating from who we truly are please? God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

What do people want from us?


The actual appropriate question we should reflect upon and earnestly respond to far more importantly is the following.

What do we truly want from our own-selves please?

Since when we are able to truly live our lives to its fullest potential, then we will not go around asking, what people want from us; we will conscientiously focus upon what we want from our trueselves, for it is always attainable, but we need to diligently strive with disciplined devotion and utmost faith and prudent perseverance in our higher consciousness and our true nature ingeniously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Information helps us?

inner-beingIt is inner formation helps us far much more. Inner formation as we are all aware refers to the core essence of our creative intelligence quotient; our magnificent capabilities of thinking, of discerning, of reasoning, of conceptualizing, of imagining, of inventing, of innovating versatile sets and ranges of discoveries and fabulous resourceful methodologies of always improving and doing far better for the better good and so many more factors that are integrally crucial for our self development as well as the welfare of our societies, for when someone asks us something about the news, we might be readily jumping forth with the answers, but when somebody asks us regarding what we knews, we might be wondering, where to start? what to state? how to put things and thinks together? Don’t let that focus solely on gathering information be absolutely everything in your lives please, since know what to do when and where, how and why and what is proper and appropriate is essential and of course practicing righteousness in all that we think, do and express conscientiously,.

We may be knowledgeable but if we don’t use our wisdom then the text book knowledge is not adequate in nowadays life please,God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Please “don’t” get hyptonized by staring deep into some “Strangers” eyes – Glance hypnosis


Some stranger, somewhere if they try to draw your attention, please beware and remain alert, for you need to be consciously and completely in charge of yourselves; not permitting any element or degree of leveraging to ever take place; remember that all that might look good on the surface might remain questionable, since what the other individual wants? is seeking? That’s why, maintain your safeguard, alertness and vigilance at all times very most tenaciously and wisely and responsibly please, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

In Two Minds? Into Minds?

quote-minds-like-bodies-will-often-fall-into-a-pimpled-ill-conditioned-state-from-mere-excess-of-charles-dickens-341376quote-traditions-are-the-guideposts-driven-deep-into-our-subconscious-minds-the-most-powerful-ones-are-ellen-goodman-328639 When faced with a situation and in two minds, don’t ever just keep expanding into several sets of minds.

Rather, seek to practice mindfulness and duly ensure that you are vigilantly and tenaciously as well as diligently+prudently aware of what is being contemplated, envisaged/visualized – expressed and acted upon conscientiously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Taping our Minds? Tapping our Minds

chris-humphries-quote-nowadays-true-job-satisfaction-and-happiness-isSome of us are playing a taped-recorded conversation, dialogue or some other incident that we might have latched onto over and over and over and over again…….? But why please?

Is that which is being re played over and over again an optimistic; an positive self talk? If so, it is good, since self development and constant improvement is wonderful.

But if their internal chit chat/conversation is about any negative tendencies, please erase and let go of that set of talk since you really do not need that kind of recorded conversations or archiving within yourselves please.

Now, there are others that are tapping their ingenious potential by creatively fulfilling their respective tasks in a brilliant manner and are time and again shining forth brilliantly,

This is what the beauty of life is that as we take the responsible and wise initiatives, we are met by magnificent wonders, over and over again, all over again, celebrating the essence of our wonderful accomplishments; each integrally serving as an remarkable impetus across the amazing pathways of our lives, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Listen to the Song; Sing through the Listening

quote-devotion-is-like-the-candle-which-michael-angelo-used-to-take-in-his-pasteboard-cap-so-as-not-to-phillips-brooks-368106We are able to remarkably synchronize along with listening and simultaneously singing along of our favorite songs.

Now where life is concerned, if we genuinely take keen interest and devote our complete attention, then we will be able to likewise attain remarkable results because like we enjoyed singing, what we do true will enjoy us as well; that is the excellence of devotion to whatever we think, do and express conscientiously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Don’t let Feelings Cloud-Clout Your Thinking

35977_20130613_163003_Greetingsquote-a-woman-will-allow-herself-to-be-clouded-by-her-emotions-her-reasonable-thought-becomes-completely-lea-delaria-49035 With all due respect, whether it is Women or Men, we all have the possibilities of getting our feelings clouded by emotional tendencies, so with utmost respectfulness to Women, although the captioned quote states otherwise; one part of it is incorrect at particularly reflecting only on Women’s attitudes in this manner.

Now coming to the main integral and essential point; indeed, do not let your feelings carry you away; cloud or clout your thinking, do not let the feeling dis empower or leave you exhausted or erroneously lead you on any wrong pathways or mode of actions please, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Waiting all our lives? But why?


Some of us spend an entire lifetime waiting? Waiting for what? For what we actually don’t know since we have not correctly understood or defined what it is that we are actually waiting for; so that means, we are constantly kept  in a static/pause mode for no apparent reason and that too completely due to our own intentions?

Here comes the integral point; We shall restart with the captioned title.

Waiting all our lives? But why?

Weigh think, all our lives, there will be less of the why as well as any vie, because when we weigh think, we carefully analyze the respective options; we scrutinize and diligently verify with a vigilant perspective the available options instead of remaining in a closed box type of mode, where we shut down our thinking mysteriously, thinking, that oh no, that is it?

That is not it! This is it, weigh think, not just waiting all our lives; for when we evaluate the possibilities, there will be some possibilities and probabilities and potentialities hopefully identified; but however if we choose to opt for waiting all our lives, then our lives have been programmed to obey our command and all our faculties will lie dormant and keep waiting as to when we will legitimately awaken to the core potential; to the divine essence of our being and take responsible and wise charge of our lives please.

Next time, do not lament if you have been waiting all your lives; rather, carpe diem; seize the moment; carefully analyze and weigh think; think true and through as to what feasible, responsible and reasonable initiatives could be undertaken to help alleviate and ease the burden of attaining and attuning to the appropriate and authentic and precise way of doing things, which is weigh think instead of getting weighed down with the waiting incessantly and then going on burdening ourselves with enormous loads of resentfulness or other negative tendencies please; remember weigh think, for there are always better options and you do not need to remain confined, stuck or caught in a dilemma or in a perplexed state of being and wondering; rise and shine, but then also know where is the ground for don’t just soar or take flight and get carried away; always remain diligently aware of what you are thinking, doing and expressing conscientiously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Why during Birth, Dreams and Death; The Pineal Gland is Most Active?

1bfe4d58d57ffd904ee252db4f7327e3   tumblr_m8q5myDqv51r91f0co1_1280 Actually, we are not here to investigate or explore why only during birth, dreams and death stages that the pineal gland is most active?

Rather, there is one intermediate stage; which is the meditative consciousness stage that we are seeking to align with our pineal gland and reflect upon the channelizing the graciousness of our evolution. It is to be carefully understood that whatever we do, we strive for must be full of our shuddh bhav-pure intent in all that we think, do and express or even imagine for the sacredness that is ensconced within our higher consciousness is the ocean of purity in all respects and reverentialities.

When we awaken early in the morning and with the pureness of our discipline and devotion regularly meditate; expanding our consciousness and raising it to the level of the divine light, we can be able to avail of the amazing/phenomenal capabilities associated with awakening to the divine purpose, the divine vision, the divine will and divine wisdom of our lives.

This means that as and when; once we are able to during our meditation align with our higher consciousness, we experience a state of samadhi; nirvana; bliss; divine union with our divine essence; and then we are not reaching this because we want something; rather it is because we belong to our true nature, to our trueselves and to our higher selves.

Now all our lives, we are being gripped and surrounded; absorbed and clinging onto our egoistic personality, whereas when we reach a state of self realization, then we are in a state of timelessness; from where we are approaching each and every aspect, phase and stage as well as incidents and situations of our lives with greater sense of maturity and gracious wisdom.

So we started with the topic of why and once we ourselves experience the gracefulness of our meditation, we will completely let go of the need to scrutinize the why and any mysterious curiosity because by then, we are one with our higher consciousness and our higher consciousness wants us to conscientiously improve our lives; to fulfill the divine dictates of our dharma (dharma refers to the eternal law of the cosmos, as well as the inherent nature and divine essence of creation).

If someone may refer to something else, some mysterious experiences, please dis regard that since the purpose of our pineal gland is pure divine essence; it is what embodies the divine intelligence and capabilities, all focused upon providing us the cosmic experience of our divine heritage on earth as well as the earthly heritage when back as one with the cosmos.

Always beware of anyone speaking of anything else that they can lead you here, there and anywhere; that is not true, since what meditation provides you is your sacred divine experience and truly belongs true you and not anyone else; for it is your divine communion first with your higher consciousness and then as you gradually expand your consciousness to the level of the divine light, with the supreme consciousness.

Always carefully understand, realize and then respond with utmost diligence since nothing is attained through just an excited rush or outburst, remember everything that is truly pure is found in calmness, in the stillness, in the serenity and the wonderful oneness of our higher consciousness without any dependence on any external supplementaries whatsoever.

We came into this world with purity, that purity is always there within us; so whenever we connect with that pure divine essence within us, we experience a greater sense of belonging and oneness with all that was, is and will ever be, Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi