Who has it?

Its a Matter of our Core Beliefs and Values of Life; Its who is as it

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Everybody who thinks that others have it and they don’t have or deserve it at all, keep remaining aloof and with the bitter feeling of self rejection? But why please?

Then, there are those who graciously acknowledge having the best of everything in their lives and ensuring that they are doing everything within their reasonable capacities to awaken others true their sense of adequacy and contentment.

Now, between the different groups of people; those who are only busy thinking of everyone else having it and remaining in their gossip state of being all their lifetime actually deplete their precious energies, resourcefulness and wisdom; all because whatever they do is lacking, so they attract more and more of the lacking in whatever they focus upon; its their perception, beliefs and state of being, but yet again why please?

Its all a matter of our innate choices, what we are opting from within the divine essence of our being and then if we find fault with all, then all that we attain is all with faultiness as well.

Some people want to live forever? Some others want to only have money? Some others are yearning to have a meal? Some others are striving diligently to be able to educate themselves? Likewise, there are various scenarios, where the amazing individuals are actually amazing themselves or they are trying to maze themselves?

Whatever it is, they create their destinies and fate and wonderfulness for or against themselves; the day they realize is the day they will further create greater sets of miracles and celebrate the very essence of being and remain ever consonantly in divine union with each and every moment of life’s sacredness cherishingly, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

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