Why during Birth, Dreams and Death; The Pineal Gland is Most Active?

1bfe4d58d57ffd904ee252db4f7327e3   tumblr_m8q5myDqv51r91f0co1_1280 Actually, we are not here to investigate or explore why only during birth, dreams and death stages that the pineal gland is most active?

Rather, there is one intermediate stage; which is the meditative consciousness stage that we are seeking to align with our pineal gland and reflect upon the channelizing the graciousness of our evolution. It is to be carefully understood that whatever we do, we strive for must be full of our shuddh bhav-pure intent in all that we think, do and express or even imagine for the sacredness that is ensconced within our higher consciousness is the ocean of purity in all respects and reverentialities.

When we awaken early in the morning and with the pureness of our discipline and devotion regularly meditate; expanding our consciousness and raising it to the level of the divine light, we can be able to avail of the amazing/phenomenal capabilities associated with awakening to the divine purpose, the divine vision, the divine will and divine wisdom of our lives.

This means that as and when; once we are able to during our meditation align with our higher consciousness, we experience a state of samadhi; nirvana; bliss; divine union with our divine essence; and then we are not reaching this because we want something; rather it is because we belong to our true nature, to our trueselves and to our higher selves.

Now all our lives, we are being gripped and surrounded; absorbed and clinging onto our egoistic personality, whereas when we reach a state of self realization, then we are in a state of timelessness; from where we are approaching each and every aspect, phase and stage as well as incidents and situations of our lives with greater sense of maturity and gracious wisdom.

So we started with the topic of why and once we ourselves experience the gracefulness of our meditation, we will completely let go of the need to scrutinize the why and any mysterious curiosity because by then, we are one with our higher consciousness and our higher consciousness wants us to conscientiously improve our lives; to fulfill the divine dictates of our dharma (dharma refers to the eternal law of the cosmos, as well as the inherent nature and divine essence of creation).

If someone may refer to something else, some mysterious experiences, please dis regard that since the purpose of our pineal gland is pure divine essence; it is what embodies the divine intelligence and capabilities, all focused upon providing us the cosmic experience of our divine heritage on earth as well as the earthly heritage when back as one with the cosmos.

Always beware of anyone speaking of anything else that they can lead you here, there and anywhere; that is not true, since what meditation provides you is your sacred divine experience and truly belongs true you and not anyone else; for it is your divine communion first with your higher consciousness and then as you gradually expand your consciousness to the level of the divine light, with the supreme consciousness.

Always carefully understand, realize and then respond with utmost diligence since nothing is attained through just an excited rush or outburst, remember everything that is truly pure is found in calmness, in the stillness, in the serenity and the wonderful oneness of our higher consciousness without any dependence on any external supplementaries whatsoever.

We came into this world with purity, that purity is always there within us; so whenever we connect with that pure divine essence within us, we experience a greater sense of belonging and oneness with all that was, is and will ever be, Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

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