From the Reel Word to the Real World


From cinema to real life, realize the reality that is facing us right in front of us and not across the screen.

For that cinematic projection was on a 70 mm screen but this scene in matrix potential is live and happening right now, this very moment; so please be+ remain alert, diligent,  prudent, tenacious, vigilant and graciously wise in carefully understanding and reciprocating with the joy of watching the cinema at the cinema hall and then availing the the enjoyment of watch in the scene in max across our lives with a sense of keen interest, enthusiasm, utmost attentiveness and responsibleness please.

What is enacted on and across the cinematic screens is completely different from real life at many a time; although it may seek to inspire, it does not give the liberty to emulate and copy without due diligence and the relevant observances please. Do remember carefully not to mix that with this and neither this with that; for what is faced in real life is really live and what is on the cinematic screens cannot be emulated or copied for sometimes somethings need to be precautiously attended to; and not just getting carried away with any stunt scenes or even otherwise for regular scenes; for life is life and cinema is cinema; each merit their respective considerations, but cannot become a mix n match or a free for all to try as however one may feel or deem please; there are certain restrictions that apply; there are certain etiquette’s, modicums and observances that need to be diligently adhered to and determinatively complied with where real life is concerned; so on and so forth, wherever and whenever, do not mix up and get carried away, but remain alert and vigilant; ever ready and ever poised to graciously attend to the wonderfulness of life’s calling to live your light and living life to the fullest potential, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Life Waits? Life Awaits Four You; The Four Universal Forces of Creation


There are four fundamental forces which are referred to as the universal forces where now also there is reference being made to the fifth force as well. However until now, the four forces are the electromagnetic force, the gravitational force, the strong nuclear force and the weak nuclear force.The fifth force being attributed to the universe’s additional dimensions, details of which are extensive and are not being referred to herewith; since the intention of this post seeks to refer to deriving the positive and inspiration from the universal energies particularly.
Its the following. Life doesn’t wait for you, it awaits four you. Indeed, with all of creation attributing itself for having emerged from the cosmos, thereby comprising of the remarkable elements and particles of universality, therefore whenever, wherever and howsoever the instance; life and creation cherishes the universality that is yours; the four you; the four universal forces that are an integral part and path of your gracious evolution beckons you to expand your consciousness to the level of the divine light within as well as all around you and true experience your oneness with all of life and creation magnificently; Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.
©2015 Vashi Chandi

The fear of loosing your job? What to do?



Please do not keep giving power to your fears; be realistic, be wise and be courageous please.Carefully understand that many a time, it is actually you who is holding on, clinging on to fear rather than fear that is gripping you; it is your intention that is grasping and virtually forcing fear to remain and confuse you? But why please? Why drain away your precious energies, focus and purposefulness towards living your lives with the gracious wisdom and courageous potential and intelligent wisdom please?

If faced with the most challenging, unpredictable and uncertain scenario of looking your job; your employment; do not despair and loose the focus or in the desperation scatter away the preciousness of your potential energies to be able to hold onto the positive factors as well, the realistic factors and the encouragement, inspiration and belief in your true selves please.

First of all and always accept the reality, the state of affairs as they truly are and then make a list of the plan of action of how you intend to protectively safeguard and empower/strengthen your interests and work in a decisive manner.

The above of course is a very minuscule part since understandably you might already be doing all and far much more of observing the conventional practices/safeguards; however sometimes being the midst of confounding challenges, the vision might inexorably get extensively blurred and the intensity of the fear might be strangely influencing some contradictory alignments and peculiar sets of behaviours? Which is what we need to carefully avoid, that is why the humble reminder to yet again, focus, focus, focus, focus and ensure discipline, discipline and utmost discipline since the point is not to panic, because panic amplifies the fear far much more and its radius within and all around sends the weakness that is not conducive to affirming or attaining a healthy and balanced potentiality. The self talk that is always ongoing needs to be carefully observed and monitored to ensure that there is practicality , realistic approach observed but also that negativity is not encouraged or taken upon as a consolation or refuge please.

Carefully realize that sometimes even if one is not destined to loose one’s job, just constantly engaging and focusing too much on the fear instead of actually focusing on doing the job well will apparently lead to a sudden dismissal? being laid off and employment abruptly terminated? But why please? Why indulge and give strength and power to such negative tendencies please? You know you have a job, you job is true have your job as your has job truly has you, which means no nonsense or trying to play around and be everywhere, be loyal, be faithful, be obedient, be sincere, be devoted, be legitimate, be authentic, be integrally focused on how you can bring greater value to your job; since those who love the work they do, do not really have to find a job or be dismissed, they are truly employed for a lifetime and are the most sought after employees; they are like shining stars, they are known to be working in their respective posts for decades and always improving, remember always improving and not just working to prove themselves, for they know by heart every part and path of the process is constantly evolving and they do not just get involved, they get evolved by keeping themselves well in alignment with the prevalent trends and pre requisites of their respective jobs, not that they were reminded, but because they loved their jobs so much that they took utmost care and faithfully served their jobs, their employment duties remarkably well; that is the love of what true love is, being in love with the job true and through, not getting panicky or suffusing or accumulating any negative tendencies, what if, and what if not?

That is why time and again, despite all the odds and evens, be courageous, be diligent, be prudent, be tenacious, be responsible, be wise and have faith in your trueselves and your true nature, for the more you fear, the more you are actually feared by those opposing tendencies which are the positive sets of tendencies; why project a negative set of pulses and impulses please? You know what you are truly capable of and what the reality is, but never panic or loose hope or constantly remain discouraged or defeated even if the news reports or whatever other announcements might be; for in the midst of all the upheaval and emotional turbulence and overwhelming factors; carefully and wisely endeavor to identify the calm serenity of maintaining your impeccable focus and determined vision for attaining the very best for you and your; may success be yours, ours and for all of us, Shiva Shakti bhava, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Texting and Driving? There is NO Message Greater than Life

NHE-16394_300 31-Good-No-Texting-and-Driving-Slogans

Think as life; live as its taught that keeps resonating the critical importance of observing the respective laws, rules and regulations explicitly.

Why put yours and others lives at risk please? It really is not worth it, for any message, no matter how urgent can wait as it has to wait please, for you cannot jeopardize yours or others safety and well being just to please someone else please; God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Problems? Four Options

d92f5567-f174-4b4f-b561-97e8e89e9817The four options are only of course a very small part and particle of the complete process and the various efforts and remarkable initiatives being undertaken to effectively confront what is being encountered and manged; since when faced with a problem, any and every element is truly far more priceless that it may just seem to appear.

F – Face it with due diligence.

O – Orientate with it from a perspective of keen awareness and genuine sense of attaining resolutions.

U – Understand the essence of what you plan to do particularly before implementing or taking any particular actions.

R – Realize the potentiality of your alertness, prudence, tenacity and wisdom for it is sometimes the undervaluing of our capabilities that only exonerates and depreciates what we are truly capably of achieving; do not get sarcastic or self oppositional.

All the best and God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Occupy your Life, it Belongs True You

540_293_resize_20130401_58a2dc20907182cd3a9f320c9e6c8694_pngBelieving-is-Seeing-300x229 consuymesDon’t get carried away by any statements or announcements that speak of anything else such as occupying or belonging to anything else please; for you belong true yourself and yourself belongs true you.

Do what is proper, do what is appropriate, do what is authentic, do what is legitimate, do what is relevant, do what is earnest,do what is essential, do what is true, do what is righteous, do what is integrity, do what is the very divine essence of your being and so on and so forth, for whatever is correct and fair and not-never ever contravening any rules, laws, regulations, principles or values specifically.

So well occupy yourself humbly seeks to refer to the presence of mind; the magnificence of our conscious awareness, of ingeniously attending to each and every breath and moment of our lives evolution graciously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Meye Phone, i For One


Millions of people are ever enthusiastic and ever keen to own the latest models of the smartphones and electronic devices; it is quite interesting to note their passionate aspirations and ever amazing enthusiasm.

i humbly seeks to refer to the gracious symposium of our collective consciousness. Now, when will people precisely belong true themselves as well please? The Meye phone humbly seeks to refer to the inner sacred divine vision whose conversation emanates from our higher consciousness that consistently reminds us to belong true ourselves; but the outer fascination of so many aspects of our lives keeps distancing us from our very own selves?

When will we ever truly realize that by belonging true ourselves, we are not detaching ourselves from the world at all; rather we are graciously complimenting the very integral essence of our presence in the world within as well as all around us.

By being in divine union with our higher selves, we are far more maturely reflecting upon the various aspects of our lives and remarkably shouldering the respective tasks and responsibilities assigned/entrusted upon our shoulders brilliantly, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

When we let go, Life let’s go, Life’s light glows as well


Let go of the negativity, the anger, the jealousy, the envy, the resentment, the suppression of your emotional tendencies, liberate yourselves and experience the gracious freedom of breathing with the true joyfulness of who you are; believe that life always cares as much as you truly care, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Women Teach Us, True Each of Us Belong True Ourselves

*Silvio Mazzarese of Ornament Studio in Jeffersonville flying for the first time (see above). At the Cambridge Music Festival I met many community members in mid-air. Here is a favorite photo as Silvio’s daughter looks on (she went next). I flew over 20 people that day. What a great day!

Truly belong true yourselves as your true selves for ever belongs and proudly represents you.

The amazing power ensconced within your true nature, your higher consciousness and your divine essence is the infinite endurance of creation’s gracious wisdom, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

Alone? All One, You are all One as Oneness is All with You



Never ever experience loneliness and isolate or seclude yourselves please.

Realize that the amazing grace of God is always with you and so are all of God’s creations inspiring and encouraging you to diligently strive and attain your fullest potential; to live and be true to your purposeful calling of life’s greatness ingeniously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi

The Stock Market of Life’s Intentions; The Bourse? The Browse? The Brace? The Grace of Each Moment


Every moment of our lives is truly precious. What are we investing our options upon please? Its not about buying or selling stocks/shares, since life is truly priceless and so are its fabulous moments.

Think well, for it is these very same magnificent moments that when well invested, when wisely utilized will re serve us resourcefully.

Wherever you maybe; whether at home, whether at work, whether at study, whether at vacation/travelling or otherwise; never let even one single moment be spent aimlessly; just in speculatively awaiting what the next moment is going to bring.

Rather, awaken to the gloriousness of your amazing heritage, your true nature, your true self and your divine essence in bringing and compliment each and every moment of your lives with the creative brilliance of your gracious wisdom ingeniously, God bless.

©2015 Vashi Chandi