Getting irritated? Let life rate it! Let your ray shine; Let your irk enshrine tolerance


At times, the more irritated we get, the more we get surrounded by the irritation on an intensified basis, but why?

Is our dislike further precipitating and gravitating more and more of the irritability? Perhaps to some extent; for we are focusing without realizing far much more on the irritation than we actually should.

Seek in some ways to experience peacefulness within us, then in the midst of that serene calmness and tranquility, the vibrational tendencies that exude may hopefully pacify that which is agitated around us to some possible extent.

Remember, its not us; its our life’s way of doing this as it knows best; that’s why the captioned title specified, let life rate it; let life deal with it; let us deal with what we can, in the very best manner possible.

Sometimes, we might still not find a resolution or conclusion, but then it is certainly better than getting incessantly irritated for in the process of getting irritated and getting flabbergasted and venting our anger upon others, we are actually hurting and deflecting a lot of our precious energies very ignorantly far away from us.

Why not use those very same energies to focus upon earnestly attending to some useful endeavors and empowering ourselves or even perhaps listening to music or keeping ourselves occupies with some constructive tasks; the point is to shift our attention away from the irritation in a reasonable and meaningful manner, not avoiding it to cause a greater void, but voiding it well beforehand through the auspices of mindful ignorance; meaning, we know that its there, and that we have done the best and reasonable best we could, then we know that, that is better than getting consecutively annoyed and reacting angrily, God bless.

© 2015 Vashi Chandi

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