Breaking Point? Brake on Appoint! Remember the Pencil Point

ca97c53df39d04bf1b48a536fe49c26a break tumblr_mqrsutzP7l1scxocpo1_500 tumblr_nd3de5SDlr1tf6pjno1_250  i-am-literally-at-my-breaking-point-over-things-that-shouldnt-even-matter-quote-1 breaking-point-e1422341404225 faced with a critical breaking point? Think very most carefully again and again and again (but do not/never take any detrimental/hasty/impulsive/irresponsible actions), whether the situation is actually imploring to apply the brakes in appointing rather than just allowing divergent sets of thoughts and feelings to cascade and flow through conspicuously drain and make your feel exhausted, but why please?

When you used a pencil and the point broke, what did you do please? You sharpened the pencil right. So well, follow that same theory here in life, by carefully sharpening, honing and empowering/strengthening your wits; your instincts, to become more and more stronger for there is the gracious wisdom that is ever reliantly there to help you in some of the most critical times when no one else maybe there at all.

That’s the time you realize all the threads of life that brought you to that point did not bring you there; you brought yourselves there; so well now, no point in lamenting or deplorably criticizing or self pitying for the world appreciates and admires those who are courageously standing in their respective shoes and doing all they possibly and reasonably can to alleviate their respective predicaments.

When things get intensively difficult and overwhelming to handle, seek professional counsel and guidance/help as relevant from qualified personnel, but never let the point to break, for where the pencil is concerned, its breaking point is totally different from the point of a living being. For human beings, each of us have to carefully realize that we have within us the gracious wisdom and fabulous intellectual virtues that are reliably seeking to guide us through, but as mentioned, where the situation might be critical, seek emergent help as appropriate; however in other circumstances, keep sharpening your fullest potential to facing each and every moment of your lives with belief,faith and trust in your true nature; in your true selves and in your divine essence, while doing everything that you have been entrusted to do in a responsible and wise manner, God bless.

© 2015 Vashi Chandi

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