Hold on! On hold? Frozen Moments?

stormbe-strong-because-things-will-get-better-it-may-be-stormy-now-but-it-never-rains-forever-quote-1 20111218-012546fd171750f90f0f1f3848b7f6872f41d0 larger

Sometimes, life suddenly puts us completely on hold? Or actually we do this? By ignorantly giving up completely? In those defining moments, whatever we think, do, feel and express get amplified far more intensively than usual.

That is why, when faced with any such life challenging moments; seek to clarify your perception and remain firmly determined to vanquish the odds by being courageous, being diligent, being focused, being prudent, being responsible, being tenacious and being wise, for whether the test of times or the times of tests; everything has its tide/time patterns/intervals – and when we remain aligned with our respective time frames in a state of optimism, diligent foresight and encouraging conviction, somehow; somewhere, even the most briefest glimmer of hopes means far much more than any words could ever express and represent; so be brave and be hopeful, for the seasons of life keep changing and so do the reasons; but do know your life’s reasons and your life’s seasons are filled and fulfilled with the divine grace and divine will of God, so do your very best and keep doing your very best and be your very best to be in divine union with the very best that’s within as well as all around you; take care and all the very best, God bless.

© 2015 Vashi Chandi

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